You do not know how to read POSTNET or
PLANET postal barcodes

The postal barcode you are trying to read is designed for WABCR readers. It is encoded using a pseudo-binary 2 of 5 code. If you are human, you may experience parsing difficulties.
Please try the following:
  • Click the refresh.gif Brain upgrade button, or try again after college.

  • If you are a Wide Area Bar Code Reader and scanned a USPS barcode in the address block, be sure your software supports 11 digit POSTNET and PLANET codes.

  • Regardless of your Privacy Settings, the destination barcode identifies a mail piece delivery point. If you would like to learn how, click the Search automation Bibliography button for postal automation articles.
  • Use the free postnet page logo Online POSTNET / PLANET decoder to read PLANET and POSTNET barcodes.
  • If you have a tracking confirmation number, click Search automation About my mail piece to determine the current location of your mail. Otherwise, click the Panic menu; the United States Postal Service processes over 500,000,000 mail pieces daily.

  • To become a Wide Area Bar Code Reader, click the USPS menu, and then click Going Postal Options. On the Postal Automation tab, click WABCR. The settings should match those provided by your local postal facility.

  • POSTNET barcode specifications are described and defined in the USPS Domestic Mail Manual section C840 POSTNET barcoding standards for letters and flats

  • Postal automation documentation is not included in postage stamp purchases. You must purchase it separately. Click the Postal automation Booklet button for an eccentric postal automation research study.

  • Click the refresh Mental refresh button for support and assistance; rest assured, few people can decode POSTNET / PLANET barcodes.

  • Click the crashed logo Bomb button if you are overwhelmed by postal acronyms or need a postal glossary.

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