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JAVA TEST (0.38-all) by Douglas Boynton Quine

This web page was created to illustrate the information that can be obtained from your computer through the use of JavaScript code. Each section tests different JavaScript code and reports different information to you. It is useful when trying to obtain information about your own computer. I do not record or track any personal information at this web site. IF you are NOT running Internet Explorer, our Advanced Javatest site can report the plug-ins installed in your browser.

A: IP Address Location Powered by IPAddressLocation.org

B: Screen Size Check

C: Flexible Browser Report By Website Abstration, 2013

D: Old Flexible Browser Report

E: Common Browser Report

A basic browser information report.

F: O'Reilly Textbook Browser Report

A more extensive browser information report from the O'Reilly Textbook.

G: Full Browser Report

My most extensive browser information report. Here are the dynamically generated JavaScript results from your browser - the decoder code was provided by "http://developer.netscape.com/docs/examples/javascript/browser_type.html"

Basic Data

Version Number

Browser Version

Spoken Language

JavaScript Version


HI: Try different backgrounds ... Move your mouse over the colors

A simple demonstration of the ability of JavaScript to change your web page background color.

Orange ----- Green ----- Blue ----- Purple ----- Black

J: "No Script" Test; Obsolete Browsers Display Text Below F: and Above G:

K: Java Jump

A JavaScript that allows you to jump to my various web pages including Beatles songs, W V Quine philosophy, and USPS POSTNET barcode decoder.

[Shortcut - Java Jump]Select and jump directly to a Quine web page a pull down menu is visible above if your browser supports JavaScript

L: Cookie Tests

Each section creates a simple cookie on your computer to view on your next visit to this web page (or a web page reload).

Cookie #1

Cookie #2

Cookie #3

Cookie #4

animated construction

M: End of Java Test

N: Live Feed (working from web not locally)

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