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Beatles Guest Book Part 1

Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book part 1 - May 7 1996 to March 31, 1997. Each guest book item includes initials of the sender, the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. Click on the icons below to visit my home page or any of the sites in my Web Site Ring.

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Douglas Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 1

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  1. DS 96-05-07 --- Hi there, I have just been browsing your web site- visitor #179, I am impressed. I am printing out that Beatles list presently.
  2. PO 96-05-10 --- I need some help if you could. I like to play some songs on the piano and I would like to know where I could find some sheet music on-line for Beatles songs. If you know where I might find such a thing please help. Thanks. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  3. SM 96-05-15 --- I liked your list for the Beatles. I have been a fan of theirs since I was born (maybe even sooner). On your song list you missed one song. That is the album version of "And I love her". On the album version, Paul's voice cracks -- on the CD it doesn't. I never hear the album version anymore -- For your amusement I've now identified the following sources of that song - I wonder whether all but the CD are the non cracking voice version:

    45 - July 20 1964 Capitol 5235

    LP - June 26 64 Hard Days Night UAS-6366

    LP - July 20 1964 Something New Capitol ST-2108

    LP - Apr 2 1973 Beatles 1962-1966 Apple SKBO-3403

    LP - Oct 21 1977 Love Songs Capitol SKBL-11711

    LP - Mar 24 1980 Rarities Capitol SHAL-12060 "There are two common versions of this song - one with Paul's voice mostly by itself and the other with Paul's voice overdubbed. However, on the German "Something New" album the song appeared (with the overdubbing) but unedited since the guitar riff at the end of the song is repeated 6 times rather than 4 times. That extremely rare version is offered here."

    45 - Nov 30 1981 Capitol Starline A-6283 (rerelease of 45)

    LP - early 1973 Alpha Omega (volume 1) Beatles - Audio Tape Inc ATRBH-3583 (4 record Beatles greatest hits unauthorized sold on TV)

    LP - Aug 4 79 Collectors Items Capitol SPRO-9462

  4. CM 96-05-20 --- I have photos of the Beatles at Shea Stadium that my wife took when she was a part time writer for "Teen Beat" and a stand Display of Ringo that was a promotion from Heinz Ketchup. How would I find a bulletin board or other area to display these items. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  5. SM 96-05-21 --- You are missing 2 Beatles CD collection albums. -- With your comments, I did update the song list to include two albums that I'd missed before (the compilations Beatles 1962-1966 and Beatles 1967-1970). I also downloaded and updated a comprehensive listing of vinyl and CD record releases and song lists. These updates have taken many hours but comments such as yours provide a motivation to keep improving. Both of these are now available at my web site.
  6. SP 96-05-23 --- Sorry to bug you. The song "Ain't she sweet" is also on the CD titled "The Early Tapes of the Beatles". A fellow Beatles Fan, -- yes - this is the name of the Tony Sheridan record
  7. CM 96-05-23 --- Thanks for all the advice and tips. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks again!
  8. FA 96-05-29 --- Thanks for the reply. I'll follow your advice and will be sure to send over any addresses I may find that you might enjoy as well. If you like Dylan stuff try this one: https://fciav3.bsd.uchicago.edu/~jrr
  9. MP 96-06-03 --- Hi! My name is MP, I'm Italian. You must apologize me because this is my first time with the e-mail system. I think that your list is brilliant! Could you answer me as soon as possible in order to understand if I did everything all right? thank you very much!
  10. PM 96-06-05 --- Ciao Doug, how are you? I found your Beatles site by reading Internet pages two days ago. So I decided to write you because I'd like to talk with other people who love the Beatles as well.
  11. PA 96-06-07 --- Was the Album Yesterday.....and Today first released in the U.S. with a cover depicting dismembered dolls and raw meat ? -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  12. PA 96-06-11 --- Thank you so very much...
  13. TA 96-06-19 --- Nice Home Page. I'm surfin' for info on the Beatles Anthology 3 release date and song list. I'm a lifetime Rolling Stones fan who also appreciates the Beatles. I have only recently purchased Anthology 2 and think it is very insightful as to how the Beatles recorded their songs. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  14. JE 96-06-27 --- What song has a lyric like "Please don't where red tonight, because red is the color that my baby wore...." What album was it on, and is it still available in the stores?. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  15. AM 96-07-30 --- Hi. I like your Beatles site and as you are a Cornell grad (as is my brother; I'm a Smith girl myself), I am hoping that you will be able to help me. My husband's family is in the wallpaper business and we have some carefully preserved Beatles wallpaper from 1964-65. IF we wanted to sell it, what would we ask for it? Thanks for your time.. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  16. CL 96-08-03 --- Dear Beatles Fan, After seeing how popular The Beatles have become among today's generation, I decided that something needed to be done so that their music lives on into the 21st Century. I created a web-page dedicated to bringing the music of The Beatles to a new generation, and hopefully, it will have the same effect that their music did in the Sixties. The Beatles' music has a wide variety of sounds and textures that today's "rock" just doesn't compare to. Also, some of today's music portrays a negative message. The songs of The Beatles have a deeper meaning. I hope that my small effort will bring their music back into pop-culture. After all that, now comes the important part.... My idea! To see my idea, visit https://www.angelfire.com/pg1/BeatlesNow/index.html and check out what it's about. If you like the idea, please copy the "Bring Back The Beatles" image and put it on your home page. Also, a link back to my page would help spread the word. Thank you for your time.--- clayk (at) coredcs.com; the web site is: https://www.angelfire.com/pg1/BeatlesNow/index.html PS- Please respond even if you have decided not to put up the image.
  17. RO 96-08-07 --- Hi! I'd like very much to exchange a link with you! What do you think about it? In this way we can both have more visitors! I collect coins, phonecards, postcards and banknotes; in change of them. I can also send used stamps worldwide. If you are interested in exchanging links, do in your web site a link to my home page (the URL is at the end of this message), and send me a message to tell me that you did it. Within 1 day, I'll add a link with you (tell me the exact URL that I have to use) in my Links List, OK? I hope to hear soon from you!!
  18. TU 96-08-20 I'm interested in the words of Beatles songs. Like "let it be". Could you help me where place on the Internet can I get it?
  19. PK 96-08-23 --- I have been looking for something like this-all the songs, separated Parlophone and Capitol/EMI releases-thank you so much! This will solve so many arguments between me and my friends! -- Thanks for your words of support; it makes all the effort on these things worth while to get such "fan" mail. As you can imagine, it was the lack of such information for my own discussions that drove the creation for myself and then I decided to post it.
  20. TM 96-08-24 --- I have A Hard Day's Night Soundtrack LP and the reference number is UAL 3366 it is mono and HI-FI, and it has a red cover with four boxes of the Beatles. It has the same songs but it has a different reference number than the one you have listed, it was put out by UA. Do you know if the soundtrack is on CD because unfortunately my LP has a chip on the first track.. -- The Hard Days Night sound track is certainly on CD; the ID numbers do change with different releases (and indeed the CD often contains a few additional songs). You can find the details in my Beatles album page (the CD listing follows the vinyl listing):
  21. PK 96-08-26 --- One comment, however: The Capitol releases of some of the Parlophone albums in 1987 are marked as "1887" instead of "1987." Unless the Beatles were popular for a lot longer than we thought! Also, what is the VeeJay recording company? Did they release albums in the UK or the US? Many thanks once again. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  22. JI 96-08-27 --- Hello and good work on you web pages, I was wondering if you could possibly help me ? I have a copy of the picture disc. of the Beatles Christmas album - fan club members only - I love listening to it but I cant find any information about it anywhere, below is the info printed on the album: The Beatles Fan Club, copyright 1970, PO box 505 Radio City Station New York, NY 10019, NOT FOR SALE, SBC 100, Album Design: GROK IT! I would greatly appreciate any info you may have on this LP -- Thanks ! I'm sorry that I strike out on the Christmas albums.
  23. RE 96-08-28 --- I did not see any reference to the songs from the album "The Amazing Beatles" produced by Clarion Records. I have this album and they sing with Tony Sheridan, plus all of the regular Beatles songs are sung by them but listed as being The Swallows. do you know anything about this album or the swallows? Please e mail me back at my home address this evening. Thanks. P.S. . the album came from Germany. I don't know if it was produced there but that's where it was sent from to me. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  24. BI 96-08-31 --- I visited your home page this morning - You did a super job putting it all together - quite a bit of research!!! I'm a musician and I'm looking for sheet music to the Beatles "Ticket To Ride". Do you have any ideas of web sites that contain sheet music - This one in particular or any others??? If you do I sure would appreciate an E-Mail with the addresses!!! -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  25. MI 96-09-01 --- I'm trying to find out if Lennon/McCartney wrote Lady Madonna. If not, who did? Did anyone with the style of Fats Domino ever cover this? Thanks for your help. Lennon-McCartney wrote the song; authors of all Beatles songs are shown on my Beatles CD song list
  26. EC 96-09-01 --- Hi! I was at your web site & I was wondering if you knew anything about the following: The Beatles & Tony Sheridan "My Bonnie" -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  27. SM 96-09-02 --- Thanks for sending this. It is interesting. I use to collect the Beatles' albums and things, however, I had to sell my collection of items (I needed the money) and now that I am older, married, first child on the way (five weeks and four days), and with no money, I can't collect. If I look at life that way, life's the pits, but I am happy to say that life is not the pits! I have been into the Beatles since I can remember. When I was younger, whenever I would hear them I wanted to know who they were. Do you own any of these albums? I use to have a few; I had to sell them though. I remember the first six albums. I have owned most of them at different times. How did you find these? Do you still have your web site? One of my friends has a bunch of rare Abbey Road out takes. Ciao for now.
  28. BI 96-09-02 --- Doug. Thanks for your help!!! Hope you're having a GREAT holiday!!!
  29. TU 96-09-04 --- Do you have any idea where I might find what my old records may be worth. I've got the standard fare and a few odd one's like "My Bonnie" and "When the Saints". I can't seem to find any appraisal services on the Internet, but, then again, I don't know what I'm doing with this machine. Thanks. see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  30. DW 96-09-08 --- Hi, I wonder if you can help. I bought a reel-to-reel tape at a boot sale. It was produced by EMI for use before cassettes were available. No box but has printing on the leader. Is it worth anything? Thanks
  31. GO 96-09-10 --- Reviewed your listings of the Beatles and found them very interesting. My son is an avid BEATLES fan and is preparing a listing of all BEATLES recordings, legal and otherwise. He is interested in some of the "Bootleg" recordings that have been produced and was wondering if you could steer him to recordings and albums such as:- GET BACK JOURNALS VOLs 1 & 2 recorded by VIGO TONE, The COMPLETE BBC SESSION, CD Collection, GREAT DANE, THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, Vol 1, 2, & 3 by YELLOW DOG. My son requires this info for the research he is doing. Any info you can provide will be appreciated.
  32. BR 96-09-15 --- I had a question that has been bugging me for the longest time. I hope you can help me or refer me to someone that can help me with my Beatles question. It pertains to the song "While my guitar Gently weeps" by the Beatles. Who was the sit in guitarist who played with them during this song. I know it was not a Beatle. I hope you can help me. thanks -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  33. BR 96-09-16 --- Thanks for answering my question now I know who to ask if I ever need help again.
  34. WA 96-09-17 --- I am surprised and glad to see this list.
  35. BR 96-09-17 --- About 20 (?) years ago I heard an instrumental version (guitar?) of the Beatles song, "If I Fell in Love with You". Do you know of any way I can find out who did it? -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) for suggestions on such searches
  36. JE 96-09-20 --- Very informative page. A friend of mine has the album "Meet the Beatles", and I was trying to find the going price.(rough estimate) I haven't seen the actual album, so I do not know what kind of shape it is in. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. -- see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  37. JE 96-09-23 --- Thank you for the information on 'Meet the Beatles'. I'll pass the information on.
  38. DA 96-09-26 --- I found that you left a song out of your Complete Beatles CD Song List. On your Album list on the Help album that was made into a CD, I found the song The Night Before. That song is not on the song list. It was written by Lennon\McCartney. There was another mistake on the song list. On the entry for Good Morning, Good Morning, the second entry for that song is misspelled it says Good Morningn Good Morning. If I find any other mistakes I'll let you know.-- If the song title starts with "The" or "A" check under the next word in the title as well. The spelling error has been corrected. Thanks for your comments.
  39. DA 96-09-27 --- I'm 16. I just happened to like the Beatles. I found one other spelling error. The first listing for Lady Madonna is listed as Laby Madonna. I was also wondering why Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Octopus's Garden, and What You're Doing is listed like they are. If I find any more errors I'll let you know. I was wondering if you have a complete song list of the Beatles, not just on CD. --- Thank you for catching those errors - sloppy typing explains the Lady Madonna problem; the control characters being used instead of - ' - was due to a conversion between several types of computers. I'm glad to have them fixed because such errors make it hard to do file searches for particular character strings. I'm sorry that I have not had the time to enter all versions of songs from all record sources - you can get many of them through the LP listing that I have. Singles and foreign albums, of course, are not included. If you have the time to put it together, I'd be glad to post it for you. I do believe that the CD list covers essentially everything that they recorded (except perhaps the Christmas fan club songs.)
  40. MJ 96-09-29 --- I have a question about the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. After the last song of the album, "A Day in the Life", there is about a ten second pause followed by a very strange noise that seems to repeat itself. I've often heard that back in the "vinyl days" some bands produced records that contained messages when played backwards. Is that what this is? I've got the CD so I can't exactly play it backwards. This has been in the back of my mind ever since I bought the album. -- mjproctor (at) ucdavis.edu
  41. IB 96-10-01 --- My sister and I play a game where we go through the alphabet and for each letter sing a Beatles' song that begins with that letter. Your alphabetical list is perfect. Thanks --- What an elegant game! - Doug
  42. JO 96-10-04 --- I found some more errors in your Beatles Song list and your album list. The song "Blackbird" is spelled as two words in the song list.. --- Thank you - problem fixed
  43. JO 96-10-04 --- I found some more errors in your Beatles Song list and your album list. The song "Dig It" is missing from Let It Be album and "Flying" is missing from Magical Mystery Tour album. --- Thank you - I am amazed that they were dropped; they have been added back in
  44. BM 96-10-06 " What is 'Meet the Beatles!' album worth?" --- I have a "Meet the Beatles!" album (Capital ST 2047). The cover and record are both in very good condition. Do you know how much this album is worth? --- bmalone (at) is.usmo.com The reference in my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) shows a price of $ 16 VG to $40 mint condition.
  45. BE 96-10-12 --- We're writing a research paper on the Beatles - our dilemma is too much information. We need a little help with a thesis idea. Thanks. PS: Very much enjoy & appreciate your work! Many people say that the Beatles lead an evolution of popular music. They began with simple songs and outrageous haircuts that caught people's attention. Then each album became more innovative and complex in both the musical form and the lyrics. As fans first heard each album they were disappointed because it was not more of the same music that they loved, But the more they listened to the new albums, the more they loved them. Notice how many times people listen to the same album over and over. Notice also how many people can sing the words - how many Rolling Stones songs can you sing the words to? How many Rolling Stones lyrics speak to you? In this way the Beatles moved the standard of rock and roll from a simple music to an immortal complex music. I believe that this explains why at this instant my daughter has just started playing a Beatles album again that was recorded 24 years before she was born! Music by other groups does not have the same immortal attraction.
  46. BE 96-10-24 --- Thank you. - benjones (at) gnn.com (Benson Jones)
  47. AW 96-10-26 --- GREAT FILE !!! THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK. (AWrighTAMB (at) aol.com)
  48. CR 96-10-29 --- I've heard of an album with a "red apple" opposed to the "green apple" symbol. Is there such a thing, and if so, what does it signify? Thank you, - Critters_1 (at) wow.com It seems to me that I recall one of the early Apple albums having a red apple rather than a green one. I can't remember when or where I saw it. It might have been a non Beatles group on Apple (for example Badfinger) or it might have been a Beatles 45. I'll keep my eyes and ears open - if you get any insights I'd be interested as well.
  49. CR 96-10-29 --- Just wanted to sign in. I am a Beatles fan since I was 7 and have a stack of black & white, as well as color, trading cards. I also have some of the original albums and 45's. I now have all 3 anthology sets, as well as anthology 2 album in original packaging. My 16 year old is beginning to appreciate the Beatles also. I enjoy your site! - Critters_1 (at) wow.com Mar 23, 1997 "Red Apple" (found site through: www.eskimo.com1%7Ebpentium/Beatles.html) --- Great web page, this is my first time in here. Back in October someone asked about a red apple but you couldn't remember or recall where you saw it. The "Let It Be" album (vinyl) has a red apple signifying the end of the Beatles as I remember. I'm not sure if anyone answered this question but this is how I remembered it! Thanks from Jim Chevalier -- email: CHEVAL51 (at) aol.com/
  50. TU 96-10-30 --- Thanks, the album list really helped. It's much appreciated. - turcott (at) net-link.net That was certainly a rapid response! It only got posted 26 minutes before your message! - Doug
  51. FA 96-10-30 --- Great - thanks for the update - Beatles Anthology 3, bought the CD yesterday - sounds great - I love "while my guitar gently weeps" Keep in touch, https://www.rose.com/~fatjack/fatjack.html -----e-mail: fatjack (at) user.rose.com
  53. ED 96-10-31 --- Hello there! Is there any 'true-stereo' version of She Loves You? Many notes say there is no available true-stereo master in Abbey Road studio but I found a bootleg includes alternative version of true-stereo She loves you about 7 years ago in Tokyo. Probably it was one of the out-take from the 2 track master tape from Abbey Road studio. Too bad, at that time I didn't have enough money to buy it! I had a expectation to the Anthology series but could not find it.(very sad). Do you have any information or any suggestion for this matter? Regards = Eddie (from Japan) = eddie (at) nichimen.co.jp
  54. RL 96-11-01 --- I think your Beatles discography is very comprehensive. While listing all of the singles from the 60's may be redundant because of the Past Masters CD's, I think it would be nice if you included the songs on the CD-singles that were released with the anthology albums, since those "b-sides" cannot be found anywhere else (I presume)... - RLS002 (at) ACAD.DRAKE.EDU My Beatles Singles List includes every song I know of on CD. I have also posted a list that includes Every Beatles Song - even those that were never released on records. I don't think that you'll find any missing. --- Doug
  55. BE 96-11-01 --- Looking forward to this new release [Beatles Anthology 3] ...some of my favorites in this one, I may have to jump the gun and beat Santa and pick it up myself! later }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>jb
  56. SE 96-11-03 --- Subj: Fab Beatles. Hello, my name is Sergio Tona and I'd like to be in your Guest Book. Many thanks. - serton (at) tn.village.it
  57. FL 96-11-04 --- Love your page! I have the original Vee Jay release of "Introducing the Beatles". What's it worth? see my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  59. BO 96-11-09 --- I have a bet with a friend on what was released first, the song Hey Jude or the Abbey Road album. I was surprised to see that Hey Jude was not released on a "regular" album. It seems it was just included on compilation albums like 1967 - 1970. Was it just released as a single? If it was, please let me know the date. Thanks. Hey Jude single was first released on August 26, 1968 before the Abbey Road album was released on October 20, 1969 (according to The Beatles on Record - Mark Wallgren - 1982)
  60. JE 96-11-11 --- Can you give me any idea where I can get information on Beatles counterfeit albums. I know a few years back there was a book out on the subject. Thanks for your time. I don't have any good sources on Beatles counterfeit albums. If you explore the Beatles sites that are referenced in my pages or look at the web search engines I believe that you'll be able to find the information. If you do find good answers please give me the references and I'll post them.
  61. TH 96-11-14 --- Guest to Beatles page: thrill (at) avsia.com (William Randall)
  62. TN 96-11-15 --- I just wanted to let you know that I love the Beatles! My mom had all their vinyls, but left them in our garage for ten years before I knew about them being there and salvaged them. I love your song list! I start humming them in my head as I go down the list. Thanks for the kind words. In a day or so I will also be posting a list of the first releases of all Beatles songs (and a list of the ones never released) - it was compiled by one of the people who also enjoyed this site.
  63. TN 96-11-15 --- I just wanted to let you know that I love the Beatles! My mom had all their vinyls, but left them in our garage for ten years before I knew about them being there and salvaged them. I love your song list! I start humming them in my head as I go down the list.
  64. MB 96-11-18 --- I am a college student in the area. I have all of the Beatles CDs, including Help and A Hard days Night. I also have Many of the first print LPs. I am currently looking for, whether it be bootleg or not, a CD version of the instrumentals from these two albums. The American release LPs had the instrumentals, whereas the British releases did not. Do you know of anywhere I can get ahold of the instrumentals from these two albums? I remember hearing John Lennon in a press conference talking about this very thing. He was a bit mad that the American record companies took their album "the way they wanted it" and changed it around. Thanks for any help you can give me. - mbraun (at) oakton.edu
  65. TR 96-11-19 --- Hello. I'm an eighteen year old Beatles nut and I'd like to mention to you that, while looking over your fantastic web sites, I've noticed a mistake. It's very well possible that I'm wrong, but from what I understand, while you spell their American label Capitol, I've never seen it spelled any way other than Capitol. Could you tell me if I'm wrong? Thank you, Quatre. OOPS -OOPS - "Yes It Is", CAPITOL Records. Thanks for catching my mistake.
  66. BO 96-11-24 --- How can I find out who the people are (I know a couple of them) on the Sgt Pepper album? -boxerman (at) ix.netcom.com My son found the answers this evening and they are now posted on my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) home page.
  67. JE 96-11-25 --- Signing into the Beatles guest book --- jesusd (at) utep.edu (Jesus A. De los Santos.)
  68. JE: 96-11-26 "The Beatles early days - Weasels" --- I have a Mercury Wing Stereo 33 1/3 album Titled The Liverpool Beat sung by the Weasels. Is this a early recording ? Were the Beatles ever known as the Weasels? - JewellL10 (at) aol.com I have never heard that the Beatles were known as the Weasels. Is there anything that makes it look like they might have been? Certainly there were a very large number of "Liverpool Beat" groups. - Doug
  69. JE: 96-11-26 "The Beatles early days - Weasels" --- Thanks for your prompt response. The Weasel album is undated but the advertising on the back of album cover lists older groups like the Platters. The songs on the album are Beatle originals though. i.e.- "I want to hold your hand", "My Bonnie", "She loves you", "From me to you" and so on. That's why we thought perhaps it was them with an earlier name . I'll let you know if we find anything out. Thanks again. - JewellL10 (at) aol.com The additional information makes some sense to me. Beatles songs were recorded by hundreds of musical groups hoping to use the love of Beatles music to make themselves popular. Some songs like "Yesterday" were recorded by over 200 groups. The Weasels were not enough of a success to get listed in either of my Rock and Roll reference books. Sounds like you have a nice period piece. - Doug
  70. DI 96-11-30 -- Beatles Gold Album -- Have you ever heard of the Let It Be album by Lyou Feng Record Publishing Co.? It had 10 albums and may have been distributed by Readers Digest Magazine. My wife has a copy and wants to know the value. I would appreciate any information you may have in that regard. Thanks; Diver Dan (diverdan (at) olympus.net) I'm sorry to say that I have not heard of it. To be honest, I'm not even familiar with any special Beatles compilations of this sort. I would suggest checking the extensive record pricing guides available in libraries or the next time you are in a bookstore to see whether this is listed. It will only take a minute there. I'd be interested in the answer - Doug
  71. LI 96-12-02 "Beatles Love Songs" --- I would like to get a cassette or CD of the Love Songs album. I understand that this is an old recording that is no longer being released. What do you suggest? Also, the particular song that I really want is "If I Fell", other suggestions? Thanks! I don't know about the availability of the Beatles "Love Songs" album - you could ask a record store to order it. You can get "If I Fell" on the HARD DAYS NIGHT album which is available in many record stores on CD or tape as you wish. You can find which CD album any song by the Beatles is on by checking my Beatles song list - Doug
  72. LI 96-12-03 "Beatles Love Songs" --- Thanks for the help!
  73. DS 96-12-03 "Commercial Permission" --- I would like to use the song "Help" in an advertisement. Who would I contact for permission? I would identify the copyright owner - such as EMI, Northern Songs, or Apple Corps - for the song and request their permission and fees. Good luck - Doug
  74. DA 96-12-03 "Richard Cory" --- I am looking to find what song includes lyrics about a Richard Cory who lives in Tilbury Town and what album this song can be found on, I would appreciate any information you have - thanx. "Richard Cory", by Edwin Arlington Robinson appears to be a poem that Paul Simon borrowed from (and acknowledged) in the lyrics that he wrote for the song by Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel on the THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE album entitled "Richard Cory" - Doug
  75. RI 96-12-04 "Ed Sullivan Show" --- Excellent Page. By the way, can you tell me the other artists who appeared the same night on the Ed Sullivan Show? - Riggo64 (at) aol.com I'm looking but I don't know yet. I do know that the Beatles played "All My Loving", "Til There Was You", "She Loves You", "I Saw Her Standing There", and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on Sunday February 9 1964 between 8 and 9 PM at the Broadway Studio in New York.
  76. BO: 96-12-06 --- "Beatles Break-Up" --- I wonder if you could tell me which member of the Beatles left the band first in 1970. Thanks, Tim (bobinski (at) cae.wisc.edu) In answer to this item, I have added a new entry -- "Who Broke Up The Beatles?" -- to my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) - Doug
  77. TH 96-12-06 "Record Pricing" --- Hi! Interesting page you got there. One question, my dad has some really old singles, probably some of the first they made, and I would like to know if they are rare or what. One them is a recording of "Oh, When the Saints...", another has "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" on it and another has "Kansas City" on it. I can't remember exactly and I can't go check because I'm a couple of thousands of kilometres away from home. I just wanted to know. My Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) discusses finding prices on old records. Good luck. - Doug
  78. BO 96-12-06 "Beatles breakup" --- Hey there, I wonder if you could tell me which member of the Beatles left the band first in 1970. Thanks, --- bobinski (at) cae.wisc.edu (Timothy R. Bobinski) I have been trying to answer your question about the cause of the Beatles break-up. I got a new book at Christmas which sheds a little light on your question (see the last bullet item), combined it with other material I had in mind, and added it to my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  79. DP 96-12-21 "Break-up/Lawsuit" --- I'm a Beatles fan and I understand the personal and musical differences of the break-up. For years they sued each other, what did they want and what did they settle for? Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!! --- DPMadigan (at) aol.com I have heard some talk of legal issues within the Beatles but I don't have any details. I would suggest checking at a library or bookstore for a book on the Beatles to learn more about the details of the break-up and the legal issues associated with them. Sorry that I can't offer more help. I'd be interested in any details that you get. Merry Christmas - Doug
  80. ST 96-12-27 "The all time #1 Beatles hit song in America" --- Please tell me the all time #1 hit song that the Beatles had in the USA. --- sr101 (at) garlic.com (Shannon Reilly) I don't know what would be regarded as the #1 Beatles hit in the USA. Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World charts indicate that there were 23 number 1 hits as a group and 18 number 1 albums. ["The Beatles on Record" by Mark Wallgren, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1982"] The song that stayed at #1 the longest was "Hey Jude," which stayed at #1 for nine weeks.
  81. PH 96-12-28 "Beatles Site" --- Hi, Phil Noskeau signing in - great site, I'm sure I'll be revisiting. I'm really fascinated by the way Capitol re-jigged and repackaged the albums - and having just got the Anthology 3 I'm once again enthralled by their creativity. See you soon --- PH I L (Phnosk (at) aol.com)
  82. JR 96-12-30 "Beatles Stuff" --- Why is "Hey Jude" not available on CD? Has it ever been released on CD? My husband swears up and down he saw it on CD last summer. Any help is appreciated. It most certainly is available on CD - take a peek at my Beatles song list that identified the CD that every Beatles song is on. Hey Jude is on two CD's. Also a rehearsal is available on the new Beatles Anthology: Beatles Songs
  83. IY 97-01-02 "Does 'Introducing The Beatles' exist anywhere on CD or cassette?" --- Great site! Was wondering if "Introducing The Beatles" exists anywhere on CD or cassette? I used to have the album on VeeJay, but no longer have a record player. I am NOT a collector - I simply love the music. --- ShooDooBee (at) aol.com The music on "Introducing the Beatles" is mostly covered on "The Early Beatles" vinyl by Capital. The CD's follow the British album releases and probably will mostly be covered on "Please Please Me" CD. Best thing to do is to check my alphabetical song list for your favorites to see which CD(s) they are on: Beatles Songs. If you forget which songs were on "Introducing the Beatles" then check the album listing: Beatles Album Listings --- Regards - Doug
  84. BM 97-01-02 "When were Paul and Linda married?" --- I have a simple question I have been unable to find an answer to on any Beatles web site. Do you know what year Paul and Linda were married? Your help is appreciated. --- bmarine (at) acadia.net (Brian Marine) Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman were married on March 12 1969 according to: "The Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock, and Soul" by Irwin Stambler, St Martin's Press, New York, 1989. I've added this to my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions). - Regards Doug
  85. BM 97-01-03 "Re: Paul and Linda marriage" --- Thanks for the prompt response. BTW, nice web site! --- Brian
  86. RO 97-01-03 "Re-Discovering the Beatles" --- The "how" is a long story, and the "why" is truly unknown, but at the age of 43, I have re-discovered the Beatles. I know infinitely more about them now than I did as a teenager, and I think they're better then ever! I'm glad to see so many other fans still out there, and quite a lot of information too. Keep up the good work! --- Robanhol (at) aol.com Thanks for your kind words. It is amazing how many people, including children and adults, are rediscovering the Beatles. I must say that I always thought that they were a cut above other contemporary musicians. - Doug
  87. HA 97-01-03 ''Park bench and daisy petals'' --- Do you believe in fan clubs? Is there a fan club address for Sir James Paul?? George and Mr. Ringo. What happens to our letters we send off to these "Fun Clubs". Are "real'' people really there or is it all just a business. with lots of love.....--- Hart Nsoil (at) aol.com. I have no idea which fan clubs are legitimate. Certainly there are so many fan clubs out there that many are purely money making ventures. I doubt that the celebrities see many (if any) of the letters. I don't know which (if any) fan clubs are the official Beatles (or exBeatles) fan clubs.
  88. DB 97-01-05 "Japanese Beatles Albums" --- I have about 20 Beatles albums that have sleeves that are written in Japanese. On these sleeves, there is an green apple with what appears to be a volume number on each one. On the record itself, it has a EAS-xxxxx (for example EAS-80557). All the records say "MFD. by Toshiba-EMI LTD. Japan". Some are in stereo and some are mono. Even the Greatest Hits Albums that contained the words to the songs are all written in Japanese. I have never been able to find out any information on these records (how many, when produced). I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks --- dbarth (at) voicenet.com (Dave Barth) I'll post your request for information; in the meantime I would also suggest that you try sending this same request to other Beatles sites. You might also try an Internet search for "Beatles" and "Japan". I am attaching your message to save you the need to retype your original letter to me. I have no doubt that Beatles records were released in many countries - but I don't know the details. Please tell me if you find anything.
  89. HA 97-01-06 ''RE: Park bench and daisy petals'' --- Thank you for your quick reply to my letter. Certainly you must be aware there is a Paul McCartney "FUN CLUB" in London? Membership is $20.00 per year, They will send to you four newsletters a year, containing about twelve pages in each issue, They will also send to you ......your very own ......membership card. The newsletters are very informative....and they are all in color..... I can assure you , you will enjoy becoming a member to this "ELETE" ......"FUN CLUB". If you would like further information I will gladly send the address to you. They have a "VERY CARING" team, who work together , as journalist, A Mr. Bakker puts in "ALOT" of "OVERTIME" trying to answer the hundreds of thousands of "HEARTFELT LETTERS" that come across his desk everyday. So anything you can do to bring a smile to his face will surely be a blessing in disguise. Just kindly tell him the "peasant girl" sent you. Janice...... (Hart Nsoil (at) aol.com) Anyone who is interested may E-Mail Janice for further information; I know nothing about the various clubs.
  90. SL 97-01-07 "Welsh Beatles" --- Have you ever heard that the Beatles recorded a bunch of their own songs in Welsh? Just wondering, --- slambert (at) interport.net (samantha) I'll post your request for information; in the meantime I would also suggest that you try sending this same request to other Beatles sites. You might also try an Internet search for "Beatles" and "Welsh". I have no doubt that Beatles records were released in many countries - but I don't know the details. Please tell me if you find anything.
  91. JB 97-01-10 "Introducing The Beatles Valuable Record" --- Hi: This months "Good Housekeeping" has a page listing valuable records. Listed is "Introducing the Beatles" VJ SR1062. I have one but it is VJ LP1062. What's the difference. What does SR mean. Hope you can help. I may be a rich person. It listed two different ones with the same title. One listed for $12,500. the other for $25,000. Hope you have the answer. Appreciate. - JBA73 (at) aol.com Joan, Coon Rapids, MN I certainly hope that you've become rich but I doubt it. "Introducing the Beatles" is typically more like $25 to $75. The reason that some versions are incredibly expensive is because they are special early releases or editions. The best thing to do is go to a book store and look a record collector's pricing catalog. There may be a hundred versions of a single album. Not only are the letters in the part number important but also the different versions of the cover art and so forth. Finally condition makes a big difference on whatever price the particular version commands. The "Good Housekeeping" prices sound very high - I just checked several books and never saw a price more than $5,000 for any version of the album. I now also know that "SR" stands for stereo (mono is called LP). I have taken the full list of prices for "Introducing the Beatles", including all of the details to distinguish the varieties, and uploaded them to my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) web site which discusses record pricing. If you have any other record pricing questions, the information there should allow you to find answers in a bookstore or library. Best of luck - keep me posted. - Doug
  92. ON 97-01-12 "Beatles Page Guest" --- I think you've done a wonderful job of compiling a list of all of the Beatles songs. --- Onawa R. Dufresne jed (at) i-55.com Thank you for the kind words - it has been a long effort so the messages that I receive are much appreciated. As you may have noticed my Beatles Guest Page and my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) web site pages are updated continuously.
  93. SE 97-01-14 --- "Beatles Page Comments" This information is the best. I've been a Beatles fan from day one. I made sure my kids have grown up listening to them. Good music, lyrics you can understand and easy to remember. They are still the greatest. My E-mail address is senate (at) tiac.net (Guy Larose Jr.) I agree with your opinion of the Beatles. Thanks for your kind comments.
  94. AJ 97-01-14 "Re: Senior Paper" --- First of all I want you to know that I LOVE the Beatles. I am NOT one of those fans that suddenly emerged when the Anthologies came out. I have loved the Beatles since I was Five. I think your site is totally sweet and I have put it in my favorite spots, but I would like to ask you a favor. I am doing my Senior Research paper on The Beatles and think that you could really help me. I would be grateful if you could send me some odd info that I cant find in just any old book, album or Movie. Thanx so much I would suggest that you review both my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) web site (including a senior paper request) and my Beatles Guest Page for ideas and new material. Best of luck - Doug
  95. AP 01/15/97 "Beatles Senior Paper" --- First of all I want you to know that I LOVE the Beatles. I am NOT one of those fans that suddenly emerged when the Anthologies came out. I have loved the Beatles since I was Five. I think your site is totally sweet and I have put it in my favorite spots, but I would like to ask you a favor. I am doing my Senior Research paper on The Beatles and think that you could really help me. I would be grateful if you could send me some odd info that I cant find in just any old book, album or Movie. Thanx so much --- Aplejus (at) aol.com I would suggest that you review both my Beatles FAQ (including a senior paper request)and my Beatles Guest book for ideas and new material. Best of luck and keep me posted. Regards - Doug
  96. JB 01/20/97 "Introducing The Beatles - More Details" Thanks, appreciate it. You're quite welcome. (sorry that you're not rich but at least you didn't spend the money first and then find out). Regards - Doug
  97. CA 97-01-22 "Congratulations !" ---- Congratulations ! It really was a pleasure to visit your site ! Thanks ! ---- car73 (at) hotmail.com (clara) Thanks for the kind words that make the effort of creating a web site worthwhile.
  98. BA 97-01-23 "Beatles Birthday song" --- I was hoping that you could do a huge favor for my 7 year old son. He has a bet with a friend regarding The Beatles. His friend said there is no such song as a birthday song; my son says that there is. The song is listed as "Birthday" but I don't know the lyrics other than "They say it's your birthday." Could you be kind enough to E-mail the lyrics to me? There is a little boy anxiously awaiting the answer! Thanks for your attention. Wendy (Babische (at) aol.com) I know that the answer to your son's question isn't coming as fast a youth would like but I've also got a busy work schedule... "Birthday" written by Lennon & McCartney is on the Beatles "White Album". According to the "Beatles Illustrated Lyrics" edited by Alan Aldridge, Delacorte Press, New York: "You say it's your birthday. / It's my birthday too - yeah. / They say it's your birthday. / We're gonna have a good time. / I'm glad it's your birthday /. Happy birthday to you. / Yes we're going to a party, party / Yes we're going to a party, party / Yes we're going to a party, party. / I would like you to dance - Birthday. / Take a cha-cha-cha-chance - Birthday / I would like you to dance - Birthday. / dance / You say it's your birthday / Well it's my birthday too - yeah /. You say it's your birthday./ We're gonna have a good time./ I'm glad it's your birthday .".
  99. HE 97-01-26 "Welcome the Rolling Stones" --- On the cover of the SGT Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album there is a cloth figure of Shirley Temple it is number 73. Anyway I was curios to know why it says welcome the Rolling Stones on her sweater. Please e-mail me with answer -HELTER1234 (at) aol.com I don't know the answer to your question - but I do have a list of all the characters on the album cover at my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. I believe that Shirley Temple is even shown twice. If you ever find the answer please E-Mail me and I'll post it. - Doug
  100. HE 97-01-26 "Helter Skelter 27 minutes" --- Is there a 27 min version of Helter Skelter? ---HELTER1234 (at) aol.com There is a web page that has a petition to release a 27 minute original version. Here is its address: https://www.primenet.com/~dhaber/bmain.html">www.primenet.com/~dhaber/bmain.html I don't know if its true or not but from the way the song sounds it could have a 27 min version to it. - Jonathan
  101. HE 97-01-26 "'Let It Be' Video Request" --- Will "Let It Be" ever be on cable? Do you think if they do put it on videotape they will advertise it on TV? Also why did it go out of print. If you ever find out when they release it please E-mail me. HELTER1234 (at) aol.com
  102. PA 97-01-27 "'Here Comes the Sun' Music Request" --- Can you tell me where I can get a wav file of Here Comes the Sun? -- PatHaire (at) aol.com
  103. JO 01/28/97 "Beatles Senior Paper" --- I'm doing a term paper on the Beatles. I was wondering if you could give any information on them, or you could give me the names of some books to see if they are in our library. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Jonathan My Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions)page. has some term paper information. The original classic biography on the Beatles was by Davies. Otherwise the best thing to do though is to check the library and work with what they have available. Good luck. Regards - Doug
  104. JE 97-01-29 "Introducing the Beatles Album" --- Please send me any info regarding the album Introducing the Beatles on the VJ label. Values, variations, etc. Thanks - Jerint (at) aol.com This is all posted in detail on my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) web site - Doug
  105. Feb 10, 1997 (found site through: searching) --- I love the Beatles! they are the most awesome group around, ever. they are the best. from Mei Chin -- email: mchin (at) reginite.rdhs.pvt.k12.il.us
  106. Feb 10, 1997 "Lucy question??" --- Maybe you can help. Did anyone else release the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", besides the Beatles? Maybe, Elton John? If so, e-mail me with your answer. I teach a communications class at A Kansas City High School and we would like to know. Thanks for your help. Doug Kapeller -- email: tech1 (at) usd204.k12.ks.us (ALSO) dkapeller (at) usd204.k12.ks.us >97-02-23 "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Question" --- I'm just about positive that Elton John covered "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" at some point, but I can't prove it or cite the date or the album. Steve (107667.1572 (at) compuserve.com) You were absolutely correct about Elton John doing Lucy. My neighbor remembered it as well as I have confirmed it in the excellent https://ej.kylz.com/ Elton John Discography on the Internet (which has all Elton John Lyrics as well) and found the attached record reference..
     1995 Rocket 422-852-173-2
       3:59 Made In England [Edit]
       4:12 Whatever Gets You Through The Night [Live with John Lennon]
       6:00 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Live with John Lennon]
       3:30 I Saw Her Standing There [Live with John Lennon]
       10:27 Believe [Hardkiss Mix]
  107. Feb 14, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Sgt. Peppers) --- Do you have any pictures of the Sgt. Peppers cover? --- from Alex Toth -- email: AlePele13 (at) aol.com/ There is a small copy on my Quine Home Page. I believe that the https://www.primenet.com/~dhaber/Beatles.html Dave Haber's Beatles listings site has most of the album covers illustrated. - Doug
  108. Feb 15, 1997 "We checked out your site"... --- Greetings from soundz. We're a small group of web-friendly music lovers who are building a reviewed music guide to all of the worthy music resources on the web. Through our intensive review process (meaning, we found it & liked it) your site has been chosen for the "soundz system" and added to our database. Check us out at https://www.soundz.com. Aside from the exhaustive list of links, we've got some funky original content as well. Please feel free to reciprocate and link back to soundz. We've placed some link graphics at https://www.soundz.com/propaganda/. If you know of other cool sites that we should have in the soundz system you can add them at https://www.soundz.com/addsite.html. Thanks for your time and bandwidth. We've got lots of opportunities for stringers, writing, surfing, designing, etc. If, after you see the site, you're interested in lending a hand, send us an e-mail. We'd love to have you. from Tony Lopez -- email: lopez (at) soundz.com/ at https://www.soundz.com
  109. Feb 17, 1997 "Beatles Record Set" (found site through: Just Surfing) --- What is the value of all the Beatle Albums they ever made as a group? 32 I believe. Still in their original sleeves and plastic. Around 1972. --- from Darryl D.Guidolin -- email: jsunem (at) mnsi.net/ Record prices depend on the quality of the material (these sound nice) as well as the particular versions of each record. As my Beatles FAQ (frequently asked questions) web site shows for "Introducing the Beatles", there can be many versions of each album with very different values. That site explains how the price albums. - Doug
  110. Feb 19, 1997 "Hey" (found site through: Looking for some pictures) --- Do you know where I could get a pic. of Paul on the White Album cover? --- from Amanda Whitlock -- email: Loser24 (at) aol.com/
  111. Feb 19, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- Do you have any Midi's or vocals of The Continuing Stories of Bungalow Bill I could possibly have? If so, that would be great. --- from Tracy Smith -- email: TSmith20 (at) aol.com
  112. Feb 19, 1997 "Across the Universe" Lyrics... --- I heard you could give me the lyrics to "Across the Universe" from Phil -- email: PhilS604 (at) aol.com Yes, all Beatles lyrics can now be found through the references in my Beatles FAQ frequently asked questions. I had the best luck at https://www.inm.ras.ru/users/nickm/Beatles.html#1 - Doug
  113. Feb 20, 1997 Lyrics to "Real Love" and "Free As A Bird"... --- Does anybody in the world happen to know the lyrics to free as a bird and real love? I've tried to listen a million times and all I get are snippets. Help! (no pun intended)--- from Ensoniqman (at) aol.com/ I agree with you that the words on these songs are much more muddled than usual (and of course the Beatles have always been famous for their wonderful lyrics). Yes, all Beatles lyrics (except these two songs) can now be found through the references in my Beatles FAQ frequently asked questions. I had the best luck at https://www.inm.ras.ru/users/nickm/Beatles.html#1 - Doug
    Free As A Bird
    free as a bird,/it's the next best thing to be free as a bird./home,
    home and dry/like a homing bird I fly, as a bird on wings/whatever
    happened to the life that we once knew/can we really live with without
    each other/where did we lose the touch/that seemed to mean so much/it
    always made me feel so/free as a bird,/it's the next best thing to be
    free as a bird./home, home and dry/like a homing bird I fly--a wing on
    wing/whatever happened to the life we once knew/always made me feel
    free as a bird/it's the next best thing to be/free as a bird/free as a
    bird/free as a bird
    Real Love
    all my little plans and schemes/lost like some forgotten dream/seems
    like all I really was doing/was waiting for you
    just like little girls and boys/playing with their little toys/seems
    like all they really were doing/was waiting for you
    don't need to be alone/no need to be alone/it's real love/it's real, yes
    it's real love/it's real
    from this moment on I know/exactly where my life will go/seems like all
    I really was doing/was waiting for love
    don't need to be afraid/no need to be afraid/it's real love/it's real,
    yes it's real love/it's real
    thought I'd been in love before/but in my heart I wanted more/seems all
    I really was doing/was waiting for you
    don't need to be alone/no need to be alone/it's real love/yes it's real,
    yes it's real love/it's real, yes it's real love...
  115. Feb 21, 1997 (found site through: I looked up Beatles) --- Happy Birthday George Harrison!!! --- from Rebekkah (at) aol.com
  116. Feb 21, 1997 (found site through: browsing) --- I have no questions I am just browsing through --- from kathy larimer email: larimer (at) shore.intercom.net
  117. Feb 21, 1997 "The Beatles" (found site through: By Chance) --- I know Billy Preston! Questions and Answers! --- from S.Sonsini -- email: SSonsini (at) aol.com
  118. Feb 22, 1997 (found site through: Surfing) --- Nice List... Thanks --- from Rick Anton -- email: RickAnton (at) Msn.com
  119. Feb 22, 1997 "The Beatles" (found site through: Music Space-channle) --- I have the record Rubber Soul and it doesn't have Nowhere Man on it. According to the list of Beatle songs its on it. Can you explain? Sincerely, Erica Berry -- email: Cherry7978 (at) aol.com Good question. The answer is that records (vinyl) have less songs than CD's. My alphabetical song list Beatles.html shows the CD versions. If you look at the album listings lps.html you will see that the album and CD differ regarding "Nowhere Man". I have now added more detailed information about this to my Beatles Frequently Asked Questions and to my Beatles Guest book.
  120. 97-02-24 "Re: Missing Beatles Songs" --- Thank you very much for answering my question!! I didn't think I'd get an answer that fast!! Do you know why they do that (But more songs on the CD then what are on the record)? I think they should keep them just they way they were made. Once again thanx!! :) from: Erica Berry -- email: Cherry7978 (at) aol.com
  121. Feb 22, 1997 "Missing Songs on Albums" (found site through: wrote it) --- Good question. The answer is that records (vinyl) have less (and sometimes different) songs than CD's. My Beatles alphabetical song list shows the CD versions. If you look at the album listings my Beatles Album list you will see that the album and CD differ regarding "Nowhere Man". - Doug at lps.html
  122. Feb 22, 1997 (found site through: Looking for Beatles info) --- Enjoyed your pages. Please keep up the great work! Very useful to those of us that love the Beatles. I collect vinyl and the Beatles is a top priority. Always looking for that bit of info to help with the collecting. Thanks! I'll check in often. from JOE KENNISH -- email: KENNISH (at) AOL.com
  123. Feb 25, 1997 (found site through: I love the BeAtLeS!!!!!!!!!!!!) --- The Beatles Rule! Especially John Lennon -Imagine this world if john never existed! It would suck! Lauren This web site RULES!!!! from Lauren -- email: altbush (at) aol.com
  124. 97-02-23 "The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan" --- I have an album titled "The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan" and it is made by Contour records. It has a date on the record of 1962. The back of the cover has "this album previously issued as Contour 2870 111. The number on the top of the album is CN 2007. It also has Manufactured & Distributed by Pickwick International Inc (GB) Ltd on the bottom of the back of the cover. Could you please tell me if this is a rare album or just a remake of the Beatles with Tony Sheridan by MGM records. Also, if it is a rare album (even if it isn't), what would be the value? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please send reply to --- from Matt Oskins -- email: sandman (at) thegrotto.com See my Beatles FAQ for information about this record and how to price records. Have fun and keep me posted on the results. - Doug
  125. 97-02-23 "Beatles Songs on CD Singles" --- Please don't forget the songs that appeared on CD singles Baby It's You, Real Love and Free As A Bird. Thank you. --- Alejandro Gallardo -- email: alexgallardo (at) compuserve.com.mx Good point, I have been seeking one basic CD source for every song but you are correct that some songs were released on singles as well as on albums. - Doug
  126. Feb 25, 1997 (found site through: Yahoo Grammy Guide) --- Cool page. Do you know of any page that gives musical chords to Beatle songs? from Terry Miller -- email: terrym (at) goldrush.com
  127. 02/25/97 "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by other groups --- These are some of the other artists that have records "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" written by Lennon & McCartney. This comes from the Beatles covers web site: https://www.wmin.ac.uk/~clemenr/covers/covers.html
    Elton John   single   1974
    Hugh Montenegro   Rocket Man   1975
    Hooters   b-side of "Johnny B"   1988
    Bela Fleck/Flecktones   Bela Fleck & The Fleckt  1990(2)
    Bill Murray   "Where The Buffalo Roam
    Natalie Cole   Live
    Lost Generation   single
    William Shatner   The Transformed Man
       Golden Throats
    Noel Harrison   Collage
    Peter O. Knight
    Alan Lorber Orchestra
    Gabor Szabo
    Les Beadochons 
  128. Feb 27, 1997 (found site through: luck) --- from Danny Hunt -- email: mcwhite (at) prefferred.com
  129. Feb 27, 1997 "Music" (found site through: Yahoo) --- The Beatles are the best band ever. from Hamish Collings-Begg -- email: bdegg (at) amnesty.org
  130. Feb 28, 1997 Computers and the always best and fantastic rock group The Beatles" (found site through: Through my dad's computer on the Internet.) --- Comments, The Beatles I know and so does everyone else is the best band that ever lived. I think The Beatles (or what is left of them) should get back together and play again. I personally think that they would bring back old trends such as their music and flares and maybe even records. Questions, Where on the Internet can I find the best stuff on the Beatles for a school project. The school (Artarmon) has an email address but I don't know it. Please send me anything you can get to the following email. Thank You --- from Hamish Collings-Begg -- email: bdegg (at) amnesty.org
  131. Mar 1, 1997 "Across the Universe" --- Does anybody know what "Jai guru deva" means??? E-mail me if you do, please. "Across the Universe" is one of my favorite songs and it would help me know better its meaning. Thanks. from Kelly -- email: Beatlette (at) hotmail.com "Aha! I found the answer..." Okay, according to a certain source "Jai guru deva" means something to the effect of:" praises to the guru with who's help we attain god-like qualities or God." - Jonathan
  132. Mar 6, 1997 So that would be what John was repeating in the song. Of course he later found out that the guru was a fake and "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey":) from Kelly -- email: Beatlette (at) hotmail.com
  133. Mar 3, 1997 "Beatles Forever" --- Thank you for such sites to continue the world's obsession with the greatest band ever from Shannon Cagaliari -- email: ReeRee528 (at) aol.com
  134. Mar 3 1997 "Beatles Best Selling Album" --- Hi, I'm a Beatles fan form Australia. I am wanting to know what was the biggest selling Beatles album and how many copies were sold. I know that Hey Jude was their biggest selling single but what was their best selling album? --- Paul Mulgrew -- email: mulgrew (at) zeta.org.au
  135. Mar 4 1997 "Fab 4 record sale's" --- Hi Dr, Studied your Beatles FAQ page, but couldn't find an answer to my question: Do you have an idea - ballpark - about how many records the Beatles have sold so far, number of copies, that is? Best wishes, >Mikael -- email: mikael.jansson (at) grafiska.se I heard on CNN that "Beatles Anthologies 1 and 2" sold 13,000,000 copies in 1996 and the back list sold 6,000,000 copies in 1996. These sales are better than during the Beatles peak of popularity during the 1960's according to CNN. I have no idea what the other specific album sales or total Beatles album sales have been. If you happen to hear I would be very interested. Doug
  136. Mar 4, 1997 (found site through: just surfed in) --- Mabuhay ang Beatles! from Tish Anonuevo -- email: anonuevo (at) mnl.sequel.net
  137. Mar 5, 1997 (found site through: Webcrawler) --- THE BEATLES RULE! from Jenny Todd -- email: jenny (at) 1starnet.com at https://www2.1starnet.com/randyt/jen/
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  139. Mar 6 1997 'Guitar sheet music for the Beatles tune "Cry Baby Cry"' --- I'm looking for the guitar sheet music for the Beatles tune "Cry Baby Cry". if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. thanks again, email: EOdgren (at) aol.com
  140. Mar 6, 1997 (found site through: Just surfin around, Douglas!) --- Gotta love them crazy BEATLES! from Derek A Warner -- email: d_warner (at) hotmail.com
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  142. Mar 9, 1997 "Value of Old albums" (found site through: aol) --- I have almost every old Beatle album. What is their value in $ from Pilar Brache -- email: secondraft (at) al.com See my Beatles FAQ for information about how to price records and their many versions. Have fun and keep us posted on the results. - Doug
  143. Mar 9, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Search on the web) --- Just want to say that this Beatles page is the best, and most informative one I've seen so far!!! Keep up the good work! from Stefanie Fink -- email: Dopey12308 (at) aol.com
  144. Mar 11, 1997 " Web Page 1 Year Old" (found site through: (I wrote the page)) --- Today marks the one year anniversary of this web site. Thanks to you all for making it worthwhile. from Doug at https://www.quine.org/index.html
  145. Mar 11, 1997 "Ex-Beatle Paul Knighted" (found site through: I wrote it) --- Reuters/Variety Entertainment today said: It was like the 1960's all over again in London Tuesday as hundreds of screaming Beatles fans gathered outside Buckingham Palace to see Paul McCartney arrive to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. McCartney dedicated his knighthood to fellow Beatles George Harrison, Ringo Starr and the late John Lennon. Aides say he will not be calling himself ``Sir Paul'' from now on. ``He's always been a modest chap and he won't be getting us all bowing and scraping,'' said one aide. from Doug at Beatles.html
  146. Mar 11, 1997 (found site through: Lycos) --- I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!! from Sarah Bower -- email: matt.online (at) edwpub.com
  147. Mar 12, 1997 "The Beatles" (found site through: Yahoo) --- from Brian Fish -- email: 0214741 (at) acad.nwmissouri.edu -- website https://www.nwmissouri.edu/~0214741/
  148. Mar 13, 1997 "Sgt. Peppers Research Paper" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am doing a research paper on how Sgt. Peppers changed the way music and albums were made from then to now. If you happen to know where I can find some vital information please send it to this desperate man. Thanks from Mark E. Ingram -- email: bigdeam (at) hotmail.com
  149. Mar 15, 1997 "misc." (found site through: alta vista) --- I'd been trying to track down the songs on the "Beatles vs. 4 Seasons" album. So now I know. Thank you. from Ned -- email: jemooney (at) indigo.ie ("goff's guess the movie game")
  150. Mar 15, 1997 --- John Lennon from Linda Massey - email: acorn11 (at) flash.net
  151. Mar 15, 1997 "Jane Asher" (found site through: just kind of stumbled onto it) --- -I am 16, and I am as devoted a Beatlemaniac as I would have been if I had been around when they were still the Beatles. I have read a couple of books about the group, and I especially respect Jane Asher and her values regarding her relationship with Paul. Unfortunately, information about her and/or the two of them together seems to be nearly unavailable these days. Do you where I could find out more about this topic? -If anyone living in the Los Angeles area hasn't found out about it yet, AM 1260, KGIL, now plays all Beatles most of the time (they also cover basketball games). from Aurora Nibley
  152. Mar 16, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- I love the Beatles they are great. I have 12 of their cds already. My cousin and me are decorating our rooms with tons of pictures. bye. -- Katie
  153. Mar 16, 1997 "George Harrison" (found site through: music) --- im looking for a single record by george harrison called deep blue I have the record it a little old need new one know where to find it if you can help thanks john okeefe421 email: jokeefe421 (at) aol.com
  154. Mar 18, 1997 "Beatles Fan" (found site through: Altavista) --- Why don't you list 45 single ? Ottimo lavoro , continua cos8 ! ps. sei stato d'aiuto , grazie from Luca Vignolo -- email: emanu (at) mbox.vol.it
  155. Mar 18, 1997 (found site through: Netscape) --- I'm in love with the Beatles! Do you have the lyrics to the john Lennon song Imagine? It's very important. Thanks. from Jaymz -- email: jaymz02 (at) ibm.net
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  161. Mar 19, 1997 (found site through: yahoo) --- I found your page by surfin the net. Check out Bob's Video Graphics home page and sign my guest book at https://www.themall.net/~bobsvgs1/bobsvgs.html from Bob Henderson -- email: bobsvgs1 (at) themall.net
  162. Mar 19, 1997 --- Where can I get the music to the late Beatles songs, not just the lyrics but the notes??? from Rick Rudden -- email: rjr125 (at) email.psu.edu
  163. Mar 19, 1997 "Beatles are the best!!!" (found site through: webcrawler) --- it's nice to see people still care about the Beatles and their music. from Shelley Dubois -- email: gdubois (at) hotmail.com/
  164. Mar 19, 1997 "The Best Group" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- I love John Lennon and I think he is the best sing that ever lived. Thank-You BYE. from Gary Bleecker -- email: dbleecker (at) renc.igs.net
  165. Mar 19 1997 "BEATLE FAQ" --- Hello, great site!! I have a question, is "mother mary" in "Let it Be" Paul's mother or Jesus'? and is Linda McCartney going to be okay? It must be horrible for Sir Paul to go through this ordeal, AGAIN he must be terrified that he might lose Linda like he did his mom for the same disease, when he was 14. from Lloyd Atkinson -- email: alm9507 (at) onlink.net
  166. Mar 19 1997 "E-Mail Addresses" --- Hi I admired your webpage. I think it is really cool. Do you know Paul, George, Ringo, or Yoko's e-mail address? If you do, please send it to me. Sincerely, Jess -- email: jariccio (at) capecod.net Sorry - I don't know their E-Mail addresses or even whether they are on-line. - Doug
  167. Mar 20 1997 "Unpublished Beatles songs" --- Please , can you tell me where I could find these unpublished Beatles songs?
    1) From a window
    2) Goodbye
    3) Hello little girl
    4) Like dreamers do 
    5) I don't want to see you again
    6) Step inside love 
    Thank you very much ! PS. I hope you will write me as soon as you can ... emanu (at) mbox.vol.it There is a book called "Beatlesongs" by William J. Dowling. It was published in 1989. On pages 302-311 it lists songs that they wrote for other groups and songs that were recorded but never released. The songs you asked about are on those pages. You can also see my Beatles FAQ pages at beatfaq.html for information about other groups that have recorded Beatles songs. - Doug
  168. Mar 20, 1997 "Felicidades por su admiracion por este gran grupo ingles." (found site through: altavista) --- donde podria encontrar las letras de las canciones de los Beatles. where could I find the songs' lyrics of the Beatles? from Miguel Enrique Rojas Rios -- email: mickey (at) gauss.logicnet.com.mx My Beatles FAQ beatfaq.html has a link to the site for lyrics to all Beatles songs.
  169. Mar 20, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: web crawler) --- JUST WANTED TO CHECK YOU OUT. LOOKING FOR DARK HORSE & APPLE NON BEATLE RELEASES. from Robert Angelo -- email: SOFTWARESHOP (at) JUNO.com at https://www.tss.com I don't know about Dark Horse. Regarding Apple Records non-Beatles releases I can think of: Badfinger, Doris Troy, Mary Hopkins, and possibly Billy Preston. I am sure that there are others. - Doug
  170. Mar 20, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- We are 16 and 17 and what else can we say besides, no one else compares to the Beatles.... We understand the *magic* that they portray and we don't worship them, but we respect them on a higher level for their love, creativity and devotion. Bands such as Oasis who have compared themselves to the Beatles from a result of their egotistical success in England cannot possibly comprehend how the Beatles were or how they thought. NO ONE will ever compare to the Beatles! They put so much love into their music which is what makes it so real. To them love was music and music was love. Their spirits will live on forever......... from Michelle Carpenter, Emmalee Fiddy -- email: E.Fiddy (at) sd71.bc.ca orcd-tp (at) mail.island.net
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  184. Mar 22, 1997 --- I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!!!!! from LIZZIE -- email: ELIZABITL (at) aol.com
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  188. Mar 23, 1997 I think they were great from Gareth Tyler -- email: xdy45 (at) dial.pipex.com
  189. Mar 23, 1997 "Art & Photography" (found site through: Web Crawler Search) --- Think your Web page is one of the best I have seen. Nice to know there are still people enjoying music from the 60's generation.We are also great Beatle lovers from way back when. Out of the fab four John seems to have made me see the light. They seem to me to be like the four evangilists but only in different era. The world hasn't changed only the people in it. As long as we have the Beatles we'll always have our souls. Thanks for the great Web-site. All we need is friends. Joseph & Phyllis Giongetti -- email: JPG045 (at) aol.com at a web page which is under construction at this time
  190. Mar 23, 1997 "Mother Mary in LET IT BE" (found site through: I Wrote It) --- (In response to the earlier question) According to John Robertson's "The Complete Guide to the Music of the Beatles", Omnobus Press, London (1994) which has recently be selling in record stores with a Beatles Tee Shirt: "Let It Be" was a rare piece of spiritually inspired writing by Paul McCartney. The "Mother Mary" in the lyrics was universally assumed to be his own mother, the late Mary McCartney. while the conciliatory tone of the song might have been an overt message of peace to the other Beatles. from Doug at https://www.quine.org/index.html
  191. Mar 23, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- WOW...your Beatles list was most bodacious, dude! However, don't you have a life away from the computer screen?? Hey, tht's not meant in a bad way...I just mean, you seem to do a hell of a lot of work for your webpages! Keep up the good work...but maybe take a break every now and then and get in touch with the real world. from Neil Bramble -- email: brambldr (at) aol.com
  192. Mar 23, 1997 "Red Apple" (found site through: www.eskimo.com1%7Ebpentium/Beatles.html) --- Great web page, this is my first time in here. Back in October someone asked about a red apple but you couldn't remember or recall where you saw it. The "Let It Be" album (vinyl) has a red apple signifying the end of the Beatles as I remember. I'm not sure if anyone answered this question but this is how I remembered it! Thanks from Jim Chevalier -- email: CHEVAL51 (at) aol.com
  193. [DBQ] Mar 23, 1997 "Cinthia" (found site through: www.eskimo.com) --- If that was really Cynthia Lennon, anyone who is a real Beatle fan and remebers that long ago will never forget who you are. It must have been a horrible ordeal for you to go through. I hope you are healthy and everything is OK. Thanks, Jim -- email: CHEVAL51 (at) AOL.com
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  200. Mar 25, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- Just signin' in the GuestBook. Paul McCartney and the Beatles ROCK!!!! from MissJaneA (at) aol.com
  201. Mar 25, 1997 (found site through: Netscape) --- Sorry to bug you again but, do you know where I can find John Lennon songs? from James -- email: jaymz02 (at) ibm.net
  202. Mar 25, 1997 "Lady Madonna" --- Hi. I'm looking for the first Beatle record for Lady Madonna to appear on for my uni assignment. Is it "magical Mystery Tour" or "the Beatles Again"? Please help me! --- Carla (s341981 (at) student.uq.edu.au) My expert advises me that Lady Madonna was first on the record "The Beatles Again" (a.k.a. "Hey Jude") although I do not believe that album was released in the USA. - Doug
  203. Mar 26, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Wed Crawler) --- Ringo Starr is the coolest Beatle of all time! from Ringo Starr's biggest fan
  204. Mar 26, 1997 --- The Beatles rock!!! They are the all time best! from Julie Megan Gunderman
  205. Mar 27, 1997 "Re:German Book About Paul-Con.4 Europe" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- YES I HAVE A QUESTION RELATING TO A BOOK PUT OUT A FEW YEARS AGO ABOUT SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY--ADVERTISED IN THE US FAN CLUB MAG-"GOOD DAY SUNSHINE" CALLED "A CONVERSATION FOR EUROPE" PRICE WAS ONLY $10.00 THIS BOOK IS UNIQUE HAS THREE LANGUAGES ARE REPRESENTED IN THE SAME BOOK! AND THERE IS AL OT OF TALK ABOUT LIPA AND THE BOSNIAN WAR. CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND A COPY OF THIS? PLEASE! I HAVE SOME PAPERBACK BOOKS I CAN TRADE. PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT janisc (at) ptd.net THANKS Carol Starkey (no relation to our richie!) -- email: janisc (at) ptd.net at https://www.angelfire.com/ks/oasiscommentary/index.html (under construction)
  206. Mar 27, 1997 --- Love Hey Jude from Melissa Saunders
  207. Mar 27, 1997 (found site through: Webcrawler) --- I was one of John's classmates in liverpool from Kellen Gatlin -- email: dgatlin (at) visionary.com
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  210. Mar 28, 1997 "Beatles Information General" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Looking into putting together a database on The Beatles just for the practice (I'm taking programming at a local college). Not sure if once it's done It will go up as a Web Site. Your page is a good source of Data. from Gary Romain -- email: Beatles (at) connect.reach.net
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  217. Mar 30, 1997 "YESS! Beatles rule!" (found site through: Myself.) --- I love the Beatles. I think you should find some information about girl bands who have named the Beatles as their main influence. Also, it would be nice to see some female responses and things about the Beatles.. thanks for your time.. from Angela Santilli -- email: epic123 (at) juno.com I welcome information about girl bands who have named the Beatles as their main influence - and I'll add it into the pages. Already there are a large number of female responses about the Beatles in these guest pages - and I always welcome more. - Doug
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  222. Mar 31, 1997 "General stuff" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- What more is there to be said about the greatest musical group in history? It's great that there are sites like this on the Internet. 35 years on and I still can't find anything in music that equals their impact on me. from David Brekke -- email: david_brekke (at) bc.sympatico.ca
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