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Beatles Guest Book Part 7

[Beatles photo] Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 7 (January 1, 2003 to present). Each guest book item includes the sender name, web address (if any), the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in my Beatles Web Site Ring:

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Beatles Guest Book Part 7

  1. [Beatles] Jan 13 2003 "Beatles Concert Recollections - Dodger Stadium" I was lucky enough to see the Beatles in one of their last concerts at the Dodger Stadium in August of 1966. I was only eight years old at the time, but was already very music saavy. My sister was fifteen and was sick with excitement the night before the concert. My mom went as well—kind of a “girls’ night out”. My brother was on leave from the Marines, having just returned from Viet Nam. Though I was young, even then I knew I was witnessing HISTORY. The Cyrcle opened (anyone remember “Red Rubber Ball”?)….and quite honestly, we were probably in nosebleed seats….they all looked (and sounded) pretty small. The sound systems and big screen displays we take for granted today weren’t around back then. The fans were going insane, trying to jump the wall to get to where the Fab Four were playing. I think they opened with “I Feel Fine”. When the show was over, I remember seeing a girl being taken away in an ambulance, and I could see her inside, crying (remember, ambulances had windows back then!)…..and I knew she wasn’t crying because she’d probably broken a leg, but because she was that desperate to get to where the Beatles were. Anyone else at that show? Cecilia Sullivan LVT, Portland, Oregon - save.a.kitten (at) verizon.net
  2. [Beatles] Jan 13 2003 "Beatles Concert Recollections - Suffolk Downs" I was lucky to be able to attend an August 1966 concert as well..final tour, not final concert..at Suffolk Downs Race track, Revere, Mass. I was 12 years old..a total fan. My friend invited me and her mother accompanied us, but was sensitive enough to get a seat slightly away from us! We were 9th row, center-ish, a big $5 per ticket! Still, we were a LONG way from the stage as there was a lot of space and security between the front row and the actual stage! Lots of other bands played- I think the local one was Barry and the Remains..there was Bobby Hebb ("Sunny"), the Cyrkle, and the Ronnettes were were fabulous! Then the Beatles..they maybe played for 25 minutes if we were lucky. Everyone was hysterical. It was hard to believe it was really the REAL one-and-only Beatles, right there! My friend was able to compose herself for the ride home. I have a few photos taken with my Instamatic camera - their faces are awfully small! Margaret Q - margaretq (at) quine.org
  3. [Beatles] Jan 17, 2003 "Beatles music" --- I have in my possession a compilation of Beatles LPs titled The Beateles Box,it consists of 8 LPs all on the EMI Parlophone label. Please could you let me know if they are collectable and if so what sort of value Ishould put on them. Yours sincerely, Eddie Hutchins. (EDWARD JAMES HUTCHINS --- email: hutch.1 (at) tiscali.co.uk)
    Eddie - I would say that Beatles albums are always of interest to someone. Pricing for albums can be obtained from a variety of publications which are described at: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html. I must say that I'm not familiar with the album set that you mention - the UK and the USA have always had different versions of the Beatles albums. Regards - Doug
  4. [Beatles] Jan 24, 2003 "Beatles Tausch" Hallo grüsst Euch. wer hat Lust mit mir Beatles CDR's zu tauschen. Gesendet von https://mail.yahoo.de. Bis zu 100 MB Speicher bei https://premiummail.yahoo.de. Rolf Broy -- misterkite2001 (at) yahoo.de
  5. [Beatles] Jan. 27, 2003 "Beatles on 'Legends of rock'" --- Hi Beatlemaniacs! I'm Kevin Given and I want to let you know that my radio show "Legends of Rock" will be airing a two part program on the fab four! heard worldwide on the web at KCLAFM.com. Wednesday Nights at 5:30 pm pacific time!) It will be this wednesday (January 28) and next wednesday so let all your beatle friends know! please visit my website (https://legendsrock.freeservers.com) for more information on the show and sign my guestbook! also let me know what your three favorite rock albums of all time are for a future show on the top albums of all time! Kevin - k.given (at) sbcglobal.net
  6. [Beatles] Jan 28, 2003 "Beatles on 'Legends of Rock'" --- Hey Beatlemaniacs! I host a radio show heard around the world on the web at KCLAFM.com wednesday evenings at 5:30pm pacific time and this week begins a two part look at the beatles! tune in January 29 and visit my web page for more information on the show! https://legendsrockfreeservers.com. Kevin Given --- k.given (at) sbcglobal.net
  7. [Beatles] March 11, 2003 "Beatles" Reminds me of "Yellow Submarine", the guest book entries sinks all the way to the bottom.With Best Regards - Alex --- email: info (at) netdummy.ods.org .... Our dummy node on the net - https://www.netdummy.net
  8. [Beatles] "Beatles albums" --- i have the beatles 65 , and the second album . the orignal cover and album. make an offer. bail8394 (at) bellsouth.net
  9. [Beatles] March 28, 2003 "the beatles" I think the Beatles are the best band I adore the Beatles I have got 9 of their cd's they are soooooooo! cooool ! I use to listen to their cd's a billion times a day my name is xela and I am 10 love you Beatles! Murray Crozier
  10. [Beatles] April 17, 2003 "Beatles Tributes" The Beatles will have always made timeless history so I did small tributes for them:
    George Harrison solo
    Paul McCartney solo
    my main page --- From: Steve Savicki email: SteveSavicki (at) spoiledbrat.com
  11. [Beatles] May 4, 2003 "song list" Very cool! Thanks a million! Shaun Hillman --- lildraws (at) speakeasy.net
  12. [Beatles] May 22, 2003 "beatle music" good beatle stuff .where can i find music to down load? i would like to have all the music i can get. i've been a fan since 1964. and at one time i had 90% of all there albums. but between moves and bad times ive lost most of my collection. it would mean a lot to me....... thank you for any help... a old beatle fan.... paul in colorado.......(:0)----- Paul Pina --- ford46_1 (at) juno.com
  13. [Beatles] May 25, 2003 "John Lennon" All the beatles & especially John Lennon-THE LATE-THE GREAT!!!!!!! Been Listening for 40 years now! Sha Dawn --- scareysheri (at) attbi.com
  14. [Beatles] June 11, 2003 "John Lennon" "Bubben Music" Hi there! There will never be anyone like The Beatles, I've "lived" with them since early 60:s...and I will live with them till the day I die! I have all the albums (on good old fashioned LP!). God bless the souls of John and George. All the best to you all reading this ...B... email - bubboa (at) hotmail.com web sites: www.bubben-music.com and www.carmenorkester.com/amor.asp
    "Bubben Music" ATT: Odd "Bubben" Arverud SE-546 31 Karlsborg Sweden
  15. [Beatles] June 20, 2003 "Thanks for the memories" I love the music of The Beatles. It still is fresh after all the years have past. McCartney and Lennon are truely the most gifted songwriters of century. - Craig Erickson
  16. [Beatles] June 21, 2003 "Pete Best Performing live in Lincoln, Ne." Great web page, very informative. I just wanted to send out a quick message to all hardcore Beatles fans. Pete Best and his band are on tour and will be performing live at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, July 6th. He will be performing the early material that he did while a member of the Beatles and signing copies of his new book out about his time in this historic group. Tickets are on sale now through ticketmaster. Please pass on the news to any fans in the area, or who may be in the area of Lincoln on this weekend of July 6. from SHAWN TYRRELL email: shawntyrrell (at) msn.com
    Shawn - Thank you for the update. - Doug
  17. [Beatles] July 4, 2003 "WELL DONE" gREAT SITE FOR ANY BEATLES FANS TO LOOK AT. wHY NOT TRY MY SITE AND DOWNLOAD ANY BEATLES SONGS DIRECTLY TO YOUR MOBILE www.mobilebrother.co.uk great reading keep up the good work, many thanks jim (JMC MOBILE) --- info (at) jmcmobile.co.uk
  18. [Beatles] July 5, 2003 "guest book sign in" Hi, I'd like to sign in to your guestbook on the Beatles site. Thanks! -- Kind Regards, Michael Malouf --- m2ba (at) swbell.net
    Get mental and visit the RightBrain/LeftBrain website ... https://www.rightbrain-leftbrain.com
  19. [Beatles] July 5, 2003 "Magical Mystery Tour" Hello, all you Beatles Fans. I thought you might like to know that I have the only remaining stock of some rare behind-the-scenes footage shot by Mal Evans on the "Magical Mystery Tour" shoot. It has been transferred to VHS (not available on DVD, sorry!) with all the rights secured, and comes with a thick booklet of never before seen photographs of the Beatles relaxing between takes, greeting fans, etc. This project was completed in the early 90's and only a few are left. It's all packaged in a very nice film tin, too! You can email me for details at mainbrain (at) rightbrain-leftbrain.com or visit the website at https://www.rightbrain-leftbrain.com. -- Kind Regards, Michael Malouf --- m2ba (at) swbell.net
    Get mental and visit the RightBrain/LeftBrain website https://www.rightbrain-leftbrain.com
  20. [Beatles] July 12, 2003 "Beattles very first album $value" Does anyone know what the value of their first album is going for??? Prncsfelecia (at) aol.com
    The Beatles Albums are priced in a number of places. My web site provides information about how to obtain prices: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlfaq.html Some albums were released in several varieties - so you need to look carefully at each of the details that the catalogs call out. I don't have experience selling albums. Certainly it will take work to get the "catalog" price for them.
  21. [Beatles] July 13, 2003 "Beatles Albums Value" I have a Beatle Album collection from my Uncle. I have Introducing the Beatles-Veejay-as well as others...I was wondering about how much money I can get for this album... it is in perfect condition....Please write back for I am considering selling it and would also like to know ...what is my best option for selling it....Plases E-mail back OHMYGODJAN (at) aol.com
    The Beatles Albums are priced in a number of places. My web site provides information about how to obtain prices: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlfaq.html Some albums were released in several varieties - so you need to look carefully at each of the details that the catalogs call out. I don't have experience selling albums. Certainly it will take work to get the "catalog" price for them. You might check ebay and see what they are selling for and the price it with a reserve ... Good luck. Best Regards - Doug
  22. [Beatles] August 1, 2003 "Beatles 65 - does this album have value?" I have an album by the beatles titled "beatles '65", and I can't seem to find any info on it. Can you help? thanks, Tom Walters
    Beatles 65 is one of the original U.S.A. vinyl albums. When re-released on CD, the albums followed the British pattern and had different song groupings and names.
    You can see the listing of Beatles 65 at my album website: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html
    You can see where each Beatles 65 song ended up on CD at my alphabetical song list website: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html
    Best regards - Doug
  23. [Beatles] August 18, 2003 "The Lost Beatles Christmas tape"

    Dear Beatle fan

    I have recently come across this tape that i have had for over 30 years. As far as i know it has never been heard before. I am sending you a short clip of the begining and there is edited highlights at the web-site. I would gladly send you a free copy maybe you would like to review it for your web site I would also be happy to talk to you about the tape as i am keen to let Beatle fans of the world hear it. Looking forward to hearing from you regards Raymond stuart Lostbeatlestape UK


    FREE MP3 SAMPLE AT SITE: https://www.memorybankinc.com/beatles_order.htm e-mail: lostbeatlestape (at) yahoo.com

    Raymond Stuart email: raymondstuart (at) hotmail.com
  24. [Beatles] August 23, 2003 "Beatles recordings" Hi, Do you know what recording equipment was used on the early Recordings? Meet the beatles and the second album> i heard that a newman u47 was used for the drums and Guitar. I'd like to find out what Mic's ,Reel to reel and mixing board was used ? Thank You Chuck ... email: Scozom11 (at) aol.com
    Chuck - An excellent question, and I regret that I have no idea. If any other readers know, please forward the information to the webmaster of this site for posting as well as Chuck. Best regards - Doug
    Hi Doug, Thank You for responding and I hope someone out there does know the answer. Thank You, Chuck
  25. [Beatles] August 31, 2003 "the beatles tapes...david wigg... " hello Douglas.... just going through your listings looking up various album release dates.... I have most/some on vinyl, of which I'm making my own list on to my pc... came across "The beatles tapes from the David Wigg interviews"....Your listing has 1978 as release. On my vinyl gate fold, release date is 1976 Polydor set No 2683 068. I don't know whether your listing is a different pressing?.... keep up the good work...... Ian :>/ -- Iana Fraser email: ianafraser (at) onetel.net.uk
    thank you - I'll correct the listing - Doug
  26. [Beatles] September 7, 2003 "Beatles book: HE FIRST WORLD-WIDE BEATLES ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY - NEW BOOK"

    FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: https://users.pandora.be/samuel.coomans



    Alkmaar / Antwerpen, the 1st of September 2003 On the 22nd of November 2003, the Dutchman Azing Moltmaker and the Belgian Samuel Coomans will reveal the first book of a series of five, containing the complete world-wide discography of the Beatles. This premiere takes place during the International Record- and CD Fair at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and is supported by an exhibition of unique and valuable Beatles-memorabilia. It is the first time ever that all the records, made by the Beatles, are catalogued in a book; therefore, this project is unique in the history of pop-music.

    The co-operation between Moltmaker and Coomans started 4 years ago, when they met at the ARC-record fair in Utrecht. Both being passionate Beatles-collectors, they agreed that their was a great need for a complete inventory of the records the Beatles released in the 55 countries, during their 10-year career.

    The result of 8 years of research is a first book, that contains all the 7 singles, released in Europe, from 1961 till 1971. Each country is illustrated by a detailed discography with the following information: Title of the song, year of release, labels and label numbers. A picture of the sleeve is shown for each record, as well as the existing variations of the sleeve (e.g. colour variations, different titles, different pictures, etc...) Each single is identified according to its specific label number; in case of any differences, the details are shown. Remarkable issues such as promotional releases, fanclub records and testpressings are also added to each discography.

    The book has the dimensions of an LP-record and contains 220 high-quality pages. It has a hard-cover, is printed in full-colour and is released by editor Boekenplan in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Because of the international character of this project, the text is written in English. The book will cost 50 Euro.

    The complete discography project covers 5 books: The first book deals with all the European single releases, the second book is about the singles released in the rest of the world. Book number 3 will handle the E.P.s, released world-wide. A fourth book has been reserved for the LP-albums (long plays). Finally a fifth book shall be published, which discusses the rarities, that are released until now.

    Because of the high amount of very detailed information, the book will be a valuable source for the record collector. However, due to the illustrated character, Beatles fans and more generally spoken, music lovers will also be attracted to it.

    The book will be released world wide; it is for sale in many shops and on several record fairs. It is possible to order the book on-line via the websites of the authors.

    -- Samuel Coomans email: samuel.coomans (at) pandora.be Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine

  27. [Beatles] October 1, 2003 "I need pics of the blue meanies!!" --- Can anyone send me some pictures of the Blue Meanies from the film Yellow Submarine??? Thanks! john

    John - As requested: from https://utopia.knoware.nl/users/beatlunl/yellsub6.htm which hosts the The Story So Far (Out) ... Yellow Submarine Synopsis - Best regards - Doug

  28. [Beatles] October 23, 2003 "Beatles Mexican Discography" --- Doug: First of all, I want to thank you for giving me credit in your page. I'm very flattered by it. For your information, this is a comparation of Mexican Beatles releases, indicating whether the Mexican edition mirrored the UK or the US release. (The first four LP's, released by Musart and rereleased by Capitol were unique for the Mexican market). The Beatles Box was released in Mexico in 1982 as a product of the Reader's Digest Mexican branch. Best regards, Alex Gallardo, Mexico City --- email: agallardo (at) cnbv.gob.mx
    Title							Catalog     Year   Mirror   Reason
    Beales For Sale					SLEM-046	1966	UK		No 60's US release
    Help!							SLEM-004	1965	US		Ken Thorne score, no 													Gatefold 
    Rubber Soul						SLEM-020	1966	UK		UK matrixes
    Yesterday And Today				SLEM-051	1966	US		No UK release
    Revolver						SLEM-056	1966	US		11 songs
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band	SLEM-081	1967	UK		UK matrixes (no inner 													groove, nor inserts)
    A Collection Of Oldies				SLEM-090	1967	UK		No US release
    Magical Mystery Tour				SLEM-103	1968	US		LP version, with 12" x 													12" booklet
    The Beatles						SLEMB-134	1968	UK		Poster uncensored
    Yellow Submarine					SLEM-138	1969	US		American back liner text
    Abbey Road						SLEM-179	1969	US		Starting with 2nd. 													edition, Her Majesty 													title was included 													in the back cover
    Hey Jude						SLEM-200	1970	US		No Early '70s UK release
    Let It Be						SLEM-216	1970	US		Gatefold cover, Harold 													Seider credit on back
    The Beatles' Story				SLEMB-320	1971	US		No UK release
    1962-1966						SLEMB-462	1973	US		Help! with James Bond 													intro	
    1967-1970						SLEMB-461	1973	US		US publishers disclaimers
    Rock'n'Roll Music					SLEMB-660	1976	UK		References to UK releases
    The Best Of George Harrison			SLEM-692	1977	UK		UK artwork
    At The Hollywood Bowl				SLEM-714	1977	US		US publishers disclaimers
    Love Songs						SLEMB-758	1978	US		References to US releases
    Rarities						SLEM-912	1980	UK		UK Release, no liner 													notes
    Beatles Ballads					SLEM-998	1981	UK		No US release
    Rock'n'Roll Music, Vol. 1			POP-522	1981	US		US artwork
    Rock'n'Roll Music, Vol. 2			POP-523	1981	US		US artwork
    Reel Music						SLEM-1057	1982	US		Capitol logo
    20 Greatest Hits					SLEM-1092	1982	US		Hey Jude short version
    The Beatles Box					LP8E-029	1982	UK		No US release
    Imagine John Lennon				SLEMB-1568	1988	UK/US	
    Past Masters, Volumes 1 & 2			SLEMB-1582	1988	UK/US	
  29. [Beatles] November 11, 2003 "Need some help" --- Hi, I'm looking for some help here. I'm writing the most detailed account on the Beatles' Let it be rehearsal sessions (Jan.'69), but my audio material is incomplete. Who can offer me some helping hand in this? Please mail me. Bert Leysen --- email: bertleysen (at) hotmail.com

  30. [Beatles] December 8, 2003 "Eleven Cuts of Magical Heaven from Lennon" --- Hi, My name is Carolina Santos-Neves and I work at Special Ops Media, a promotion agency based in New York City. On behalf of IFILM, I wanted to let you know about the Eleven Cuts of Magical Heaven from Lennon now available on their site. December 8, 1980. It was the worst of days, but let's make the best of it and reclaim the day for the pure joy of John Lennon. On the anniversary of his death we celebrate his life with amazing clips from the peace-seeker's solo career. They're cuts off the new Lennon Legend DVD. And for one day only, you can enjoy these eleven videos, many brand new, right here on IFILM. Here is the link to the 11 clips, including Happy X'Mas (War is Over) and Give Peace a Chance : https://www.ifilm.com/filmdetail?ifilmid=2479195 Thanks, and please feel free to use this clip for your site. Please let me know if you need anything else. Best, Carolina Santos-Neves --- email: carolina (at) specialopsmedia.com

  31. [Beatles] March 26, 2006 "Best Beatles Albums for a Collection" --- Douglas, I'm a huge Beatles fan and I've decided it's time to purchase all of the Beatles albums. I thought the easiest way to do this would be to purchase a box set, until I came across your listing of Beatles albums. Now I'm really confused...there are foreign versions and American versions, etc. I just want to secure the best possible sounding recordings and have a complete set of the American released albums. Unless there is a compelling reason to get the British releases. Should I purchase the Capital Album v.1 and now I hear there is a v.2 coming out in April? Where can I get a list of the Beatles U.S. Beatles albums...including miscellaneous albums such as: Let It Be Naked - Do you recommend this version?, Past Masters v.1 & 2, The Beatles Anthology, Etc. What would you recommend to achieve my objective of purchasing a "complete" set of Beatles albums...what would you do if you were me? Appreciatively, - Tom Weinbaum
    From: Douglas Quine
    Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 7:27 PM
    To: Tom Weinbaum
    Subject: Re: Beatles Catalog...
    Tom -
    You ask a good question - and it took longer than expected to work out the answer.
    The USA format albums have not been released on CD (except for the new series of 
    Capitol albums of which only volume 1 with 4 albums is out so far).  The UK albums 
    match the CD releases and are quite different from those we originally heard - but 
    are the original intent.  Here is my opinion regarding a Beatles CD set 
    - I'd be interested in your thoughts:
    CORE BEATLES ALBUMS ON CD (these are all essential except #16 is perhaps less "core")
    1/ Please Please Me
    2/ With The Beatles
    3/ Hard Days Night
    4/ Beatles for Sale
    5/ Help
    6/ Rubber Soul
    7/ Revolver
    8/ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    9/ Magical Mystery Tour
    10/ The Beatles (White Album)
    11/ Yellow Submarine
    12/ Abbey Road
    13/ Let It Be
    14/ Past Masters Volume 1 (many important songs not on CD including I Want to Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, etc)
    15/ Past Masters Volume 2 (many important songs not on CD including Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Rain, etc)
    16/ Early Tapes of The Beatles (including "When the Saints", "Sweet Georgia Brown", "My Bonnie") - come out before the Beatles were a hit; re-released much later
    (many songs were not previously released or are provided in a different version; other than possible bootleg versions, these items first appeared after the Beatles had been 
    broken up for many years; these are not "Beatles albums released by the group during their performing career"):
    1/ Live at the BBC
    2/ Anthology 1 (including posthumous "Free As A Bird")
    3/ Anthology 2 (including posthumous "Real Love")
    4/ Anthology 3
    5/ Let It Be Naked ("Let It Be" album without Phil Spector mixing)
    (duplicates material above although in a different order)
    1/ Capitol Albums volume 1 [original 4 USA Capitol albums]
    1/ Beatles 1
    2/ The Beatles 1962-1966 (Red)
    3/ The Beatles 1967-1970
    Regards - Doug
    Thanks so much for getting back to me with such a complete answer. I'll digest this and get back to you w/ my thoughts. Best, -Tom

  32. [Beatles] June 3, 2006 "Chris Bliss juggling to the Beatles' Abby Road / " --- Doug - you have to put a link on your Beatles page to this video. Both of these point to the same vid from different locations. Or you could go to https://www.chrisbliss.com/videopresskit.html and download the vid and offer it without the pointer somewhere else. It is great.

    This is the original guy juggling to the Beatles' "Abbey Road, Carry That Weight". My understanding is that this was at the juggling finals, the premise of which was that you could only use 3 balls and choreograph it to music. https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4776181634656145640 or https://www.fanstreet.com/perl/video.pl?id=72789 - Jon Welch

    Absolutely amazing - Doug
  33. [Beatles] Nov. 29, 2006 "What better way to honor & show your love for the Beatles??"

    Dear Doug Almost as precious as the Beatles....you as a Beatlefan. You are reading this story because you have the same passion we do. What was it like growing up loving the Beatles, what people did for you & still do because they know you love the Beatles, what did your parents think when you were small, your brother/sister think? What did your schoolmates think? How old were you when you became aware of your feelings for the Beatles? What did you do before, during & after a Beatles or solo concerts if you went? What bonding experiences did you have with other Beatlefans?

    Let me share a few Beatle experiences from my life. We would organize Beatle shows with 3 friends when we were 8 & 9 years old. I always impersonated Paul McCartney because he was my favorite Beatle. We made wooden guitars, used overturned wastebaskets for drums & pie tins for cymbals. We would setup on top of my parents big chest freezer in the basement. Neighborhood girls would pay us 10 cents each to watch our show. We would play a Beatles record on a small 16 inch by 16 inch "phonograph (AKA record) player & lip sync.When I was in the third grade 1964, I wore my moms black crushed velvet boots to school because they looked like the boots on Meet the Beatles. The third most outstanding date in our lives, behind the discovery & the breakup of the Beatles, was the violent death of John Lennon. My older sister called me from California that evening at 11PM to break the news to me. I cried that night, as well as weeped with thousands of fans on the Statehouse lawn two days later. When I attended the Back In The US tour, my dying mother knew the greatest gift she could give her then 45 year-old son was a main floor seat for the show. I finally stepped up to a microphone & sang Live & Let Die (without musical backing) on 3/18/05. It was "an American idol type contest for local singers. At the Back in the US tour a couple years ago, I was talking to a couple sitting behind me in the 13th row from the stage before the concert. I told them I will be unable to buy any tour merchandise. My car was damaged in a burglary while I waited in a hotel lobby. The damage to my car in a burglary was not covered by insurance. It happened while waiting in a hotel lobby for Paul McCartney to possibly pass through (he never did appear) The couple said they talked it over, have 2 concert programs in the car & wanted me to have one of the programs. Two days later I received the program PLUS a sealed clear box of greeting cards with McCartney artwork on each card. Priceless...even though I had to use my t-shirts & coffee cup money for car repair, I still walked away with a souvenier. What precious experiences have you been through?

    Beatlefans from all countries.are sending their Beatlefan stories and/or e-mailing letter of support. Please, Please, Please spread the word on this idea. I wish I had time to reach a million Beatlefans but I have two young daughters that keep me busy, as well as a medical/orphanage mission trip to Nicaragua during December. We (including you of course) also need to find a major film company to make this a reality. Cross your fingers-we hope Paul, Ringo, Olivia Harrison & Yoko Ono will come on board as well. Only a true Beatlefan will understand me when I say this-I want this documentary for all of us & to honor the Beatles. I am leading the charge in this effort but the idea belongs to all of us.There are no guarantees & a major film company would make any decisions after pondering the idea. Please have friends (as well as you) e-mail their histories as Beatlefans to RedRoseSpdwy@aol.com , whether young or old fans, or send story or stay updated by going to or joining https://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/BeatlefansDocumentary/. It is a new group for this idea....Rick Linville --- email: RedRoseSpdwy (at) aol.com
  34. [Beatles] October 28, 2007 "Beatles" --- I am 53 years old and live in Texas and still like the Beatles. I traded a Donovan album for a Gold Apple Beatle Album . Funny how we remember things like that. Should have kept the Beatles album. Yep I still think about it and still regret it. The Beatles were the best band ever. Chris Nielsen --- chrisndeb (at) suddenlink.net
  35. [Beatles] September 25, 2008 "Rare Beatles 45" --- Can you help me? I have what I think is an old beatle 45 rpm record. one side is ILL GET YOU with a #S-4182-1 the other side has German on it with SHE LOVES YOU next to it. and #S-4182-5 under it. This is on a SWAN label. can you give me an idea as to age and value? Thank You. --- misslilly112 (@) aol.com
    I had a very hard time finding a value for this record. I found a couple of sites where it was for sale. One on ebay where the bid was at $20 US dollars. Then there was another site called musicstack.com where I found it for sale on there in the US for $165 dollars. https://www.musicstack.com/item/137358608/beatles/i'll+get+you_fsz_+sie
    I also found this page where they are selling these records in mint shape and one sold. It turns out there were two versions of this record one with Sie Liebt Dich and She Loves you on the same line and one with them on seperate lines. The one with them on seperate lines sold for $600 US dollars the other is for sale for $500. They are items S841 and S842 on this site for your reference. https://www.fab4collectibles.com/swan_singles.htm This site also explains why this record is rare.
    I can tell you this record is rare and hard to find. The date I found on it's release date was May 21, 1964 from about.com https://oldies.about.com/od/britishinvasion/a/illgetyou.htm - Jon

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