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Beatles Guest Book Part 6

[Beatles photo] Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 6 (October 4 2001 to December 31, 2002). Each guest book item includes the sender name, web address (if any), the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in my Beatles Web Site Ring:

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Douglas Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 6

  1. [Beatles] Oct 6, 2001 " Just to inform you about another Beatles' fan" (found site through: copernic) --- I am just going to visit your site from Danko Davidovic --- Email: dxd271 (at) psu.edu
  2. [Beatles] Oct 6, 2001 "GRET YOU" (found site through: INFOSEL) --- IT IS A GREAT SITE !!! I WOULD LIKE KNOW WERE I CAN FIND ALL THE DISCOGRAPHI OF PAUL IN THE WEB !! from VICTOR HUGO MONROY --- Email: vhmr13 (at) hotmail.com
  3. [Beatles] Oct 7, 2001 "hello" (found site through: jaydillar forums ) --- great site really from Ike Montroy --- Email: jimbeam (at) sherrygirl.com Web Page: https://www.jaydillar.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi
  4. [Beatles] Oct 11, 2001 "" --- This is an excellent website, and the Beatles are the greatest band that ever existed. from ????? --- Email:
  5. [Beatles] Oct 14, 2001 "white vinyl" (found site through: aol) --- I'm trying to find how much the white vinyl album is. The record is white and in excellent condition. It also has all the pictures of the band with it in good condition. 641-464-2022 from Rachel Lane --- Email:
  6. [Beatles] Oct 16, 2001 "Web site" (found site through: yahoo search) --- Wonderful information! I was born in the seventys but have been a huge fan all of my life, thanks to my Dad. Paul is my favorite by far. I have seen him 4 times in concert over the past few years and will see him again if possible. My younger brother's fav. is John. This leads to a lot of arguements between us. I will continue to check in with this site for updated info. from Kelly Rae Miller --- Email: kandj303 (at) yahoo.com
  7. [Beatles] Oct 16, 2001 "Magical Mystery Tour album" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi, is the Magical Mystery Tour a studio album as per say, Sgt. Pepper's or is it a compilation? Thank you for your help. from James --- Email: doshotos (at) onebox.com
  8. [Beatles] Oct 20, 2001 "Great Site" (found site through: Google.com) --- This is a great site. I used it to get the song list. I proceeded to download every Beatles song from one of those sharing sites. I have them saved on CD as data to burn the albums as I chose. A 4 week project. Thanks, Dave R. from Dave R. --- Email: Dayv (at) dr.com
  9. [Beatles] Oct 24, 2001 "beatals drug addictions" (found site through: excite) --- i am doing report on the beatals and there drug addictions. can you refrence me to a ste w/ helpful info? from rachel --- Email: rceolla (at) home.com
  10. [Beatles] Oct 24, 2001 "" --- Great website! from The VIDEO BEAT! --- Email: info (at) thevideobeat.com Web Page: https://www.thevideobeat.com/
  11. [Beatles] Oct 26, 2001 "This site" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Thank you, whoever you are for this site! I've been trying to find out what album "Free as a Bird" was on for weeks! Now I know, thank you so much! from Maricela Chavez --- Email: skastar45 (at) yahoo.com
  12. [Beatles] Oct 27, 2001 "message for George" --- Apple Scruffs Apple Scruffs P.of '51 here. John was the dreamer I am the dream. Abbey Road is a scream. I am an American-Italian quit smoking in '97 and have plenty of girlfriends hence Monkey Finger and I drink Coca Cola. Paul I noticed your stop watch and one sweet dream comes true soon, I hope. George I'd take hold of your hands, I'd have you anytime;you too Paul and Ringo.Don't let me wait too long. from Anthony --- Email: rpfaz727 (at) aol.com Web Page:
  13. [Beatles] Oct 27, 2001 "COME TOGETHER" --- John was the dreamer I am the dream, ABBEY ROAD was a scream! Quit smoking in '97 (mojo filter), been to the spinal cracker (chiro) and got my MONKEY FINGER WET ALOT. PAUL YOUR STOPWATCH IS IN WORKING ORDER I'M LATE. ringo caught you at Jones Beach. George I'd take hold of your hands , I'D HAVE YOU ALL ANYTIME. PLEASE DON'T LET ME WAIT TOO LONG. APPLE SCRUFFS, P. OF '51... from Anthony --- Email: RPFAZ 727 (at) AOL. COM Web Page:
  14. [Beatles] Oct 29, 2001 "" --- YOU HAVE A VERY NICE WEB SITE.....TAKE A LOOK AT OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM....https://www.bestincense.com from THE BEST INCENSE CO. --- Email: Web Page: https://www.bestincense.com
  15. [Beatles] Oct 29, 2001 "rhetorical meaning behind a lyric" (found site through: lycos) --- the lyric in the song "I am the walrus" (kitchi, kitchi choo). I was told that one day as if it has a certain meaning behind the lyric. Does a subconscous meanining exist for that lyric? kitchi kitchi choo Thanks for your help from christopher --- Email: rhorn (at) rochester.rr.com
  16. [Beatles] Oct 30, 2001 "Hi" (found site through: Google) --- Greetings from Max --- Email: Web Page: https://www.iq451.com/music/beatles.htm
  17. [Beatles] Nov 2, 2001 "Beatles Question" (found site through: Excite) --- HELP....What is the food item that all the Beatles loved and mentioned in the majority of their songs? thx from Heidi --- Email: heididaby (at) adelphia.net
  18. [Beatles] Nov 6, 2001 "#1 Hits by the Beatles" (found site through: Dogpile.com) --- How many #1 hits did the Beatles Have? from Benelra --- Email: arleneb (at) guessmail.com
  19. [Beatles] Nov 8, 2001 "KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!" --- You guys are awesome! I would love to hear how you got this kind of info!!!! Please email me! from Magdelena --- Email: Shortnsweetb2525 (at) aol.com
  20. [Beatles] Nov 9, 2001 "for sale" (found site through: alltheweb) --- I have a large collction of beales albums for sale. Unplayed of course. Mail me for a list. from popp --- E mail: beatleslpcollection (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://communities.msn.se/beatleslpcollection/beatlesalbumcollectio.msnw
  21. [Beatles] Nov 18, 2001 "beatles information and history" (found site through: yahoo) --- pls update me always everything about the beatles as well as their past activities trivia and collection of songs, lyrics if possible with chords. from RAMON SABADO --- Email: rssnow2002 (at) yahoo.com
  22. [Beatles] Nov 19, 2001 "My Music" (found site through: search.com) --- Get a load of free 'Faith' from my second album. I Care Music, home page. from Gordon Davidson --- Email: gdicm (at) btinternet.com Web Page: https://www.gdicm.co.uk
  23. [Beatles] Nov 22, 2001 "sign in" (found site through: internet explorer) --- been a beatles fan since the beginning and always will be. a collector of any thing of the Beatles. from FLYBZ --- Email: flybz (at) earthlink.net
  24. [Beatles] Nov 23, 2001 "no particular subject" (found site through: Gooooogle. Are there any other?) --- Does anyone know which Beatles song is this: "dum-dum-di-dumdum-di-dum-duuuuuu-dum-dum-di-dum.."? from dick fabrick --- Email: dickfabrick (at) artic.net Web Page: https://www.timehouse.fi/riku
  25. [Beatles] Nov 23, 2001 "" (found site through: yahoo) --- hey, i just love the exhaustiveness of your site.since you seem to be a big fan off the beatles you might give me a hand? i'm looking for the title of a song by the beatles that i heard once, but the problem is that i only know a line from the chorus; it goes: "i'm falling, yes i am falling and ....is calling be back again" or something like that.i know it's not much info but that's all i got.that would be excellent if you'd knew it 'cause i've been seeking that song since a couple of years now. thanks anyway and carry on that way with your site... from al bundy --- Email: adriendoux (at) lemel.fr
  26. [Beatles] Nov 25, 2001 "great site" (found site through: yahoo) --- great site to find out the listings of songs u knew them all your a godsend in this department thanks from carlos curiel jr --- Email: cj_curiel (at) hotmail.com
  27. [Beatles] Nov 26, 2001 "" --- THE BEATLES SUCK from PRANKSTER --- Email:
  28. [Beatles] Nov 28, 2001 "Question about 'Fab Four CD Box Set 1964-1994 [IMPORT]"" (found site through: Google) --- I'm wondering if anyone has this box set and what it contains. If anyone does, could you please pass on the info? Also, if anyone has suggestions on good box sets please e-mail me at hjrice (at) excite.com. Thanks!! from Heather Rice --- Email:
  29. [Beatles] Nov 29, 2001 "love your site" --- Hi, I just made a short visit to your site. Thank-you for such a great web-site. Great work. Keep it up. Regards, Yujin Boby www.flashwebhost.com from Yujin Boby --- Email: vu3prx (at) rediffmail.com Web Page: https://www.flashwebhost.com/
  30. [Beatles] Nov 29, 2001 "records" --- Is the record by the beatles Birth of the Beatles by LaGrandestoria del rock in its oringinal cover worth very much, also a 45 in its orginal cover Apple records let it be and the other side You know my name . I have looked in the beatles web sites and cannot find anything on them. from jackie --- Email: jfinnerty (at) nethere.net
  31. [Beatles] Nov 30, 2001 "Goodbye George. All Things Must Pass but we will miss you." (found site through: google) --- "I give unimaginable joys on earth: certainty, not faith, while in life, upon death; peace unutterable, rest, ecstacy; nor do I demand aught in sacrifice." I:58 The Book of the Law "Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all sorrows are but shadows; they pass & are done, but there is that which remains." II:9 "...Think not, o king, upon that lie: That Thou Must Die: verily thou shalt not die, but live. Now let it be understood: If the body of the King dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstacy for ever..." II:21 "Write, & find ecstacy in writing! Work, & be our bed in working! Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our agelong love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none." II:66 "Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine--- and doubt it not, an if thou art ever joyous! ---death is the crown of all. II:73 Thank you GEORGE for letting us see the sun again. Bliss: Alamantra www.alamantra.net from Alamantra --- Email: alamantra93 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://www.alamantra.net
  32. [Beatles] Nov 30, 2001 "Record" (found site through: Just looked up Beatles) --- I've a copy of I want to hold your hand on a 45. It was put out on the swan label. Can you give me a history,and I;ve a friend trying to buy it--what is it worth? Thankyou Pat from Patrick Ford --- Email: ptford (at) aboutmontana.net
  33. [Beatles] Nov 30, 2001 "Ex-Beatle George Harrison Dies at 58" (found site through: google) --- The Associated Press Nov 30 2001 7:22AM LOS ANGELES (AP) - George Harrison, the Beatles' quiet lead guitarist and spiritual explorer who added both rock 'n' roll flash and a touch of the mystic to the band's timeless magic, has died. He was 58. Harrison died at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at a friend's Los Angeles home following a battle with cancer, longtime friend Gavin De Becker told The Associated Press late Thursday. Harrison's wife, Olivia Harrison, and son Dhani, 24, were with him. ``He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends,'' the Harrison family said in a statement. ``He often said, `Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another.''' With Harrison's death, there remain two surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was shot to death by a deranged fan in 1980. ``I am devastated and very, very sad,'' McCartney told reporters outside his London home Friday. ``He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and had a wonderful sense of humor. He is really just my baby brother.'' It wasn't immediately known if there would be a public funeral for Harrison. A private ceremony had already taken place, De Becker said. He wouldn't release details about the ceremony or say at whose home Harrison died. In 1998, Harrison disclosed that he had been treated for throat cancer. ``It reminds you that anything can happen,'' he said at the time. The following year, Harrison survived an attack by an intruder who stabbed him several times. In July 2001, he released a statement asking fans not to worry about reports that he was still battling cancer. The Beatles were four distinct personalities joined as a singular force in the rebellious 1960s, influencing everything from hair styles to music. Whether dropping acid, exploring Eastern mysticism, proclaiming ``All You Need is Love,'' or sending up the squares in the film ``A Hard Day's Night,'' the Beatles inspired millions. Harrison's guitar work, modeled on Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins among others, was essential. He often blended with the band's joyous sound, but also rocked out wildly on ``Long Tall Sally'' and turned slow and dreamy on ``Something.'' His jangly 12-string Rickenbacker was featured in ``A Hard Day's Night.'' Although his songwriting was overshadowed by the great Lennon-McCartney team, Harrison did contribute such classics as ``Here Comes the Sun'' and ``Something.'' Harrison also taught the young Lennon how to play the guitar. ``As he said himself, how do you compare with the genius of John and Paul? But he did, very well,'' rock star and activist Bob Geldof told BBC radio. ``All the way back, he measured up,'' Geldof said. ``Maybe because of the necessary competition between the other two, his standard of songwriting was incomparably better than most other contemporaries anyway.'' He was known as the ``quiet'' Beatle and his public image was summed up in the first song he wrote for them, ``Don't Bother Me,'' which appeared on the group's second album. But Harrison also had a wry sense of humor that helped shape the Beatles' irreverent charm, memorably fitting in alongside Lennon's cutting wit and Starr's cartoonish appeal. At their first recording session under George Martin, the producer reportedly asked the young musicians to tell him if they didn't like anything. Harrison's response: ``Well, first of all, I don't like your tie.'' He was even funny about his own mortality. As reports of his failing health proliferated, Harrison recorded a new song - ``Horse to the Water'' - and credited it to ``RIP Ltd. 2001.'' He always preferred being a musician to being a star, and he soon soured on Beatlemania - the screaming girls, the wild chases from limos to gigs and back to limos. Like Lennon, his memories of the Beatles were often tempered by what he felt was lost in all the madness. ``There was never anything, in any of the Beatle experiences really, that good: even the best thrill soon got tiring,'' Harrison wrote in his 1979 book, ``I, Me, Mine.'' ``There was never any doubt. The Beatles were doomed. Your own space, man, it's so important. That's why we were doomed, because we didn't have any. We were like monkeys in a zoo.'' Still, in a 1992 interview with The Daily Telegraph, Harrison confided: ``We had the time of our lives: We laughed for years.'' ``George has given so much to us in his lifetime and continues to do so even after his passing, with his music, his wit and his wisdom,'' Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, said Friday. Alan Williams, the Beatles' first manager, described Harrison as the major cog in The Beatles. ``He kept them together, probably because of the calming effect he had,'' Williams said. After the Beatles broke up in 1970, Harrison had sporadic success. He organized the concert for Bangladesh in New York, produced films that included Monty Python's ``Life of Brian,'' and teamed with old friends, including Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison, as ``The Traveling Wilburys.'' Harrison was born Feb. 25, 1943, in Liverpool, one of four children of Harold and Louise Harrison. His father, a former ship's steward, became a bus conductor soon after his marriage. Harrison was 13 when he bought his first guitar and befriended Paul McCartney at their school. McCartney introduced him to Lennon, who had founded a band called the Quarry Men - Harrison was allowed to play if one of the regulars didn't show up. ``When I joined, he didn't really know how to play the guitar; he had a little guitar with three strings on it that looked like a banjo,'' Harrison recalled of Lennon during testimony in a 1998 court case against the owner of a bootleg Beatles' recording. ``I put the six strings on and showed him all the chords - it was actually me who got him playing the guitar. He didn't object to that, being taught by someone who was the baby of the group. John and I had a very good relationship from very early on.'' Harrison evolved as both musician and songwriter. He became interested in the sitar while making the 1965 film ``Help!'' and introduced it to a generation of Western listeners on ``Norwegian Wood,'' a song by Lennon from the ``Rubber Soul'' album. He also began contributing more of his own material. Among his compositions were ``I Need You'' for the soundtrack of ``Help''; ``If I Needed Someone'' on ``Rubber Soul''; ``Taxman'' and ``Love You To'' on ``Revolver''; ``Within You, Without You'' on ``Sgt. Pepper''; and ``While My Guitar Gently Weeps'' on the White Album. In 1966, he married model Patti Boyd, who had a bit part in ``A Hard Day's Night.'' (They divorced in 1977, and she married Harrison's friend, the guitarist Eric Clapton, who wrote the anguished song ``Layla'' about her. Harrison attended the wedding.) More than any of the Beatles, Harrison craved a little quiet. Late in 1966, after the Beatles had ceased touring, he went to India, where he studied the sitar with Ravi Shankar. In 1967, Harrison introduced the other Beatles to the teaching of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and all four took up transcendental meditation. Harrison was the only one who remained a follower - the others dropped out, with Lennon mocking the Maharishi in the song ``Sexy Sadie.'' By the late '60s, Harrison was clearly worn out from being a Beatle and openly bickered with McCartney, arguing with him on camera during the filming of ``Let It Be.'' As the Beatles grew apart, Harrison collaborated with Clapton on the song ``Badge,'' performed with Lennon's Plastic Ono Band and produced his most acclaimed solo work, the triple album ``All Things Must Pass.'' The sheer volume of material on that 1970 release confirmed the feelings of Harrison fans that he was being stifled in the Beatles. But one of those songs, the hit ``My Sweet Lord,'' later drew Harrison into a lawsuit, which he lost, by the copyright owner of ``He's So Fine.'' Another Harrison project also led to legal problems. Moved by the starvation caused by the war between Bangladesh and Pakistan, Harrison in 1971 staged two benefit concerts at New York and recruited such performers as Starr, Shankar, Clapton and Dylan. Anticipating such later superstar benefits as Live Aid and Farm Aid, the Bangladesh concerts were also a cautionary tale about counterculture bookkeeping. Although millions were raised and the three-record concert release won a Grammy for album of the year, allegations emerged over mishandling of funds and the money long stayed in escrow. Despite the occasional hit single, including the Lennon tribute song ``All Those Years Ago,'' Harrison's solo career did not live up to initial expectations. Reviewing a greatest hits compilation, Village Voice critic Robert Christgau likened him to a ``borderline hitter they can pitch around after the sluggers (Lennon and McCartney) are traded away.'' Harrison's family life was steadier. He married Olivia Arias in 1978, a month after Dhani was born. The next year, Harrison founded Handmade Films to produce Monty Python's ``Life of Brian.'' He sold the company for $8.5 million in 1994. ``George wasn't head in the clouds all the time. When it came to business and all that he was feet very much on the ground,'' Michael Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus told BBC radio. Fame continued to follow Harrison. In 1999, he was stabbed several times by a man who broke into his home west of London. The man, who thought the Beatles were witches and believed himself on a divine mission to kill Harrison, was acquitted by reason of insanity. The following year, Harrison saw a compilation of Beatles No. 1 singles, ``1,'' sell millions of copies. ``The thing that pleases me the most about it is that young people like it,'' Harrison said in an interview with the AP. ``I think the popular music has gone truly weird. It's either cutesy-wutesy or it's hard, nasty stuff. It's good that this has life again with the youth.'' John Chambers, of the Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society, said Harrison's death was the end of an era for Beatles fans. ``Until now there has always been the hope of a reunion, perhaps with Julian Lennon standing in for his Dad,'' Chambers said. ``It really is the end of a dream.'' At Harrison's mansion near London, fans left bunches of roses and lilies. One note read: ``The world will never be the same''; another said: ``The music, the rock 'n' roll life you led won't be forgotten.'' Fans in New York began gathering before dawn Friday at Strawberry Fields, a section of Central Park created in memory of Lennon, who was shot outside his apartment nearby. ``I just decided to buy a bottle of wine and some roses at the corner and head over here,'' said restaurateur John Soler, 38. Added Pete Degan, 42: ``It's a sad day for rock and roll.'' Eds: Robert Barr in London and Hillel Italie in New York also contributed to this report. from A Beatles Fan --- Email:
  34. [Beatles] Dec 1, 2001 "George Harrison In The News: Nov. 30, 2001 " (found site through: Google) --- Faces In The News: Nov. 30, 2001 Edited by Todd Jatras, Forbes.com, 11.30.01, 6:34 PM ET NEW YORK - Doers and doings in business, entertainment and technology: George Harrison, whose guitar licks animated the songs of the world's most famous rock band, died in Los Angeles at age 58. The former Beatle fought a prolonged battle against cancer and reportedly died at a friend's home, with wife, Olivia, and son, Dhani, at his side. Harrison was the youngest and quietest member of the Beatles, the group that chalked up 27 No. 1 hits in the United States and Britain. Although the band broke up in 1970, the Beatles retained their immense popularity in the new millennium, ranking third in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2001. Their 1 compilation of hits sold 20 million units in its first nine weeks last year. Though Harrison was only 27 when the Beatles split up, he contributed to some of the band's most memorable tunes toward the end of their run, including "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Here Comes the Sun." Frank Sinatra said Harrison's "Something" was one of the world's best love songs. Harrison's family issued a statement saying: "He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, 'Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another.'" Harrison's death leaves two surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was shot to death by a deranged fan in 1980. from The Number One Fan --- Email:
  35. [Beatles] Dec 1, 2001 "beatles albums" --- hi i just bought a hard days night lp on capital purple with the dome, sw-11921 and twist and shout lp on capital purple with the dome,the lp cover has T 6054 THE RECORD HAS ST 6054 I KNOW THESE ARE RERELEASE,BUT CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT YEAR THEY WERE PUT OUT THANKS CHUCK from chuck buckoski --- Email: dvd888 (at) shaw.ca
  36. [Beatles] Dec 2, 2001 "rare album set" --- I have a 12 record album set that has never been released to the public. it was a radio station promo set for the beatles, it is approx. 25-30 years old, all records are in mint condition, in a plain brown wraper, it has the que sheets and a 14-20 page booklet plus a 45 record with introduction, i have someone in ca. that has offered me 40,000 dollars for it. this is no joke, do you think that it might be worth more????, you can e mail me back, or call me at 208-432-5657 any help would be appreciated thanks Paul from Paul La Russo --- Email: lcshadow2001 (at) yahoo.com
  37. [Beatles] Dec 2, 2001 "" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- how many times was the song yesterday covered by other artists? what was the total sales generated from this song? from stefanie steele --- Email: traviesa24 (at) aol.com
  38. [Beatles] Dec 3, 2001 "THE TITLE "HEY JUDE" " (found site through: google) --- Between '68-'69 somewhere in England, The Beatles were signing autographes i think in a studio setting but can't really remember. There were too many people there for anyone to get close to them but my dad was there.People who couldn't get close to them were writing their names,numbers,addresses etc. on pieces of paper and leaving them in a little jar. My dad's name was CHRISTOPHER ROBIN JUDE BROWN. Even though the exact meaning of the song HEY JUDE to me is still unknown i think PAUL MCCARTNEY got the song title idea from JUDE in my dads name. Hey its possible from Daniel Brown --- Email: juletrance (at) handtech.com
  39. [Beatles] Dec 5, 2001 "George" (found site through: Yahoo) --- The passing of George Harrison was a sad sad day for lovers of great music and this lovely human being. We will all miss him greatly. My condolences and best wishes go out to his family and friends. from Sandy C. --- Email: pepper1960 (at) hotmail.com
  40. [Beatles] Dec 5, 2001 "cd twist and shout" --- Hi ,do you know if the album lp twist and shout was ever released on cd. Thanks.! Robert Rotterdam the Netherlands from Robert Jansen --- Email: rlj.jansen (at) hccnet.nl
  41. [Beatles] Dec 5, 2001 "History of the beatles" --- I am trying to write a song about the beatles past and present. I have some knowledge about them but i am looking for some history to refresh my memory and help me put the song together. Thank you For any infomation you may be able to help me with. Kenny Reed from Kenny Reed --- Email: KennyK25 (at) tampa bay.rr.com
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  43. [Beatles] Dec 6, 2001 "the beatles r great" --- im just starting to listen to the beatles deeply cuz my mom loves them and listens to em alot so i was like not too shabby . just thought ide tell everyone. "i get by with a lil help from my friends." R.I.P. George from Chad --- Email: Web Page: https://sublimeguyfour20.tripod.com/sublimeguyfour20/
  44. [Beatles] Dec 8, 2001 "sorry " (found site through: google) --- i'm deeply sorry about george harrison ,i cant discribe it in words the music will continue to play for many many years and get into the new generations hearts. from yuval --- Email: yuvichez (at) netvision.net.il
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  48. [Beatles] Dec 31, 2001 "Quesrtions of a various nature" (found site through: Google) --- Why can't I get the Beatles Movie Medley on CD. Why are George Harrison CD's nearly nonexsistant in the U.S, with the exception of the new "All Things Must Pass" and "Greatest Hits"? Where are his Dark Horse releases? Is there any thought of producing a box set of this guitar master? How about the Traveling Wilburys? Will there ever be a box set for Paul? Ringo? John? from Stephen Czarnecki --- Email: sczarnecki (at) cfl.rr.com
  49. [Beatles] Jan 3, 2002 "" --- I found this web site out of the blue and 'baby I'm amazed' to see the interest still survives so strong. I'm one of the luck ones, I met the group when I was a schoolgirl on the 8th April 1963 at Leyton Baths (where sadly now stands Tescos Store)- famous day when Julian Lennon was born. The Beatles were hard working guys, raw, who pathed the way for so much good music in the future. from Carolelinda --- Email: carolelinda (at) hotmail.com
  50. [Beatles] Jan 6, 2002 "jus found you" (found site through: yahoo) --- Just curious...From one old Beatle fan to another from gayle F. --- Email: BondGrlO8 (at) aol.com
  51. [Beatles] Jan 14, 2002 "selling beatle albums" --- I have some albums of the beatles I want to sell Brand new from Thurkey Bey
  52. [Beatles] Jan 18, 2002 "correction to the "first released on.." page" (found site through: google.com) --- um.. it was merely a haphazard glance, but..: "Honey Pie", was not first released on "anthology 3", it was released on the White Album. I didn't look any further.. typo or not, that's a pretty silly blunder. ;-) Y. https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html#-H- from yoshu
  53. [Beatles] Jan 18, 2002 "Honey Pie" --- There is an error in the first release list (https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html) which is correct in the song list (https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html): Honey Pie WAS originally on the White Album Honey Pie (demo) WAS originally on Anthology 3a from Doug --- Email:
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  57. [Beatles] Jan 28, 2002 "Love the web site" (found site through: Google) --- After George Harrison died, I found this web site had the best resources for finding old Beatles albums. - Doppler from Doppler
  58. [Beatles] Jan 28, 2002 "Looking for a movie to order" (found site through: I really don't know) --- I'm really looking for a movie I was told that had to do with George Martin and Goldie Hawn and Robin Williams were some famous celebrates who song Beatle songs and it was so funny they made a movie of them doing the songs but now I can't find it or anyway to order this and I would really appreciate if you could help me. Thank-you Kathy from Kathryn D. Martin-Bouchard --- Email: martin_bouch (at) hotmail.com
  59. [Beatles] Jan 29, 2002 "Unlisted Beatles Songs" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi: I remember looking at a Rod Stewart album and it had a song called "Mine for Me." It says Lennon/McCartney but I've looked in your song list and there's no knowledge of this. Did they ever have a song called "French Blues." Thank you for your time. from James --- Email: zeal (at) onebox.com
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  62. [Beatles] Feb 6, 2002 "Value of Record" (found site through: Netscape) --- I have a copy of the album The Early Beatles - Capitol (S)T 2309 in pristine condition. Where can I find out how much it is worth? Many thanks Janet from Janet Fairgrieve --- Email: ro55f (at) aol.com
  63. [Beatles] Feb 7, 2002 "Does Yoko Ono sing on the song Bungalow Bill?" --- Does Yoko Ono sing on the song Bungalow Bill on the White Album. My children claim that it is Yoko's high pitched voice. - email: DanRob32777 (at) aol.com
  65. [Beatles] Feb 23, 2002 "song" (found site through: yahoo) --- is there a song called girl with the sun in her hand from mr mas --- Email: Web Page:
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  77. [Beatles] Mar 4, 2002 "Thank You" (found site through: altavista) --- Thank you for such a detailed look at the dicography. In thinking that I had a complete beattles set, I was wrong. I didn't realize that there were other releases that had different songs on them. Some of these songs I have never heard(and I grew up listening to the beatles) Thanks again. from Shane Williams --- Email: xynot (at) juno.com Web Page:
  78. [Beatles] Mar 6, 2002 "Beatles White Album" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I've acquired a "White Album" some time ago that is white coloured. Is there anything of significance to this. I've been trying for years to attain any knowledge of this...Thank You.... from Eddie Richard --- Email: wiffeldick (at) shaw.ca Web Page:
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  81. [Beatles] Mar 6, 2002 "Beatle's Love Songs" (found site through: AOL Search) --- Is the album "Beatles Love Songs" a compilation album available in any form anymore?? Thanks. from Shari Denker --- Email: Sharidenker (at) hotmail.com Web Page:
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  84. [Beatles] Mar 13, 2002 "Beatles Cards Page" (found site through: ) --- Beatles Cards Page, send a Beatles E-card with midi music to your friends today! Over 50 cards to choose from! https://members.home.nl/jpgr from Freddy Mensink --- Email: jpgr (at) home.nl Web Page: https://members.home.nl/jpgr
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  105. [Beatles] Apr 12, 2002 " beatles album rock n roll music" (found site through: ) --- your list of albums has this album as being produced in 1980, i was thinking this album was produced much earlier? thanks buzz from Buzz vuncannon --- Email: bvuncannon (at) aol.com Web Page:
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  109. [Beatles] Apr 17, 2002 "beatle recordings" (found site through: dogpile) --- looking for information on some beatles music i came across while surfing the net. they are, the alternate magical mystery tour, and the beatle artifacts 111, disc 1 thru 5. from david harrell --- Email: david57 (at) cableone.net Web Page:
  110. [Beatles] Apr 19, 2002 "name of album wanted" (found site through: google) --- hello, a few years ago i borrowed a beatles album with love songs on it i cannot remember the title and have wanted to get the album myself but cannot seem to find it in the shops, can you please help me? from katie --- Email: keaphillips (at) aol.com Web Page:
  111. [Beatles] Apr 19, 2002 "Who sang it?" (found site through: AOL) --- Okay, a stupid question, but settle it for me. Was it Paul or Ringo that sang (not wrote) "Lady Madonna?" Thanks - K from Ken --- Email: kschmoet (at) cs.com Web Page:
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  115. [Beatles] Apr 22, 2002 "RE: Name of Album Wanted" (found site through: ) --- Katie - You had a copy of the double ONLY ON VINYL "Beatles Love Songs". It is a very popular collection but not available on CD. from Doug --- Email: webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com Web Page:
  116. [Beatles] Apr 22, 2002 "The New Vaudeville Band: Winchester Cathedral" (found site through: ) --- No, the Beatles did not sing Winchester Cathedral although it came out in the same era as part of the "British Invasion". The web site: https://www.rocknrollvault.com/timeline/britishinvasion.htm explains: The 1960s continued with hits by British artists, The Dave Clark Five (Over and Over), The Troggs (Wild Thing), The New Vaudeville Band (Winchester Cathedral), Lulu (To Sir With Love), as well as The Beatles (44 top 40 hits in total as well as 2 solo Lennon hits), The Rolling Stones (18 top 40 hits) and others. The Beatles also had the top song of the 1960s with Hey Jude, holding the number 1 spot for 9 weeks. from Doug --- Email: Web Page: www.triskelion.ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  117. [Beatles] Apr 24, 2002 "paul and linda" (found site through: yahoo) --- doug thanks for answering my email. now i need to find out if i can contact the real paul mccartney. maybe he can give me the tip i need to catch his famous biological twin dj in this town. linda from linda mccartney --- Email: linnaemccartney (at) aol.com. Web Page:
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  122. [Beatles] May 9, 2002 "beatle album under Clarion Record Label" (found site through: ) --- Question: What is the value of the Beatle album under the label of Clarion Records. The album contains songs with Tony Sheridan. The Beatles are singing on the album, but the jacket lists them as the "Swallows". Thanks for the info. from sherri --- Email: zims (at) quiknet.com Web Page:
  123. [Beatles] May 10, 2002 "Location of "this boy"" (found site through: ) --- I have a very old copy of the U.S issue of AHARD DAYS NIGHT, A red blak and white cover of the four in famed pics, I t has a great mix of the orchstration and original songs including "this Boy" which is an unsung masterpiece on found on this and the love songs issue, which i also have. I can trnsfer to cd but would would rather find and aquire other versions. from stephen J. Meagher --- Email: sjmeagher (at) ev1.net Web Page:
  124. [Beatles] May 16, 2002 "Information on Paul's fiance Heather" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Could you please tell me how Heather lost her leg? I say an accident, my friend says cancer. from Fern Carbonell --- Email: Web Page:
  125. [Beatles] May 19, 2002 "hey jude" (found site through: ) --- on what album was hey jude originally released on, and is ot available on cd or vinil.Thank you from robert --- Email: laurabhrndz (at) msn.com Web Page:
  126. [Beatles] May 24, 2002 "Thank you" (found site through: google) --- My girlfriend and I have been trying to remember what was the song that the auditioners for the part of Paul in the original Beatlemania group was.Thanks to your song list, we were able to come up with Yesterday. So cool of you to put so much time into your site. Thanks again! from Brian --- Email: itbbrian (at) yahoo.ca Web Page:
  127. [Beatles] May 28, 2002 "The private mobile phone number!!" (found site through: ) --- Here's the private mobile phone number of Paul McCartney!! 004916095802512 !!! from Dhani Harrison --- Email: harrison_dhani (at) hotmail.com Web Page:
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  130. [Beatles] Jun 3, 2002 "just signin' in" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Just signing in...Looking for the answer to a trivia question posed to me. I didn't seem to find what I was looking for, but I still enjoyed looking at the site! from Kimberly --- Email: kmasseng (at) indiana.edu Web Page:
  131. [Beatles] Jun 6, 2002 "" (found site through: ) --- jygilg from ,jhll,; --- Email: Web Page:
  132. [Beatles] Jun 7, 2002 "Meet the Beatles album" (found site through: google.com) --- What is the value of the Meet the Beatles album? from John Ripton --- Email: Web Page:
  133. [Beatles] Jun 7, 2002 "Meet the Beatles album" (found site through: google.com) --- What is the value of the Meet the Beatles album? from John Ripton --- Email: Web Page:
  134. [Beatles] Jun 11, 2002 "Congratulations" (found site through: Yahoo page) --- Hello, I am a Cerebral Palsy age 53. I used to write to you in the 60's. Have a nice day at your Wedding today!!!!!!!!! Robin. from Robin Skells --- Email: robinskells (at) hotmail.com Web Page:
  135. [Beatles] Jun 13, 2002 "Paul Mcartney" (found site through: www.ask.com) --- Wow! You have a great website. So I was just wanting to ask something. See, my friend's dad was a hippie in the 60's and he told her that the real/original Paul Mcartney actually died in the 60's in a car accident or something. But they were getting really popular at the time so the record company didn't want anyone to know so they tried to find a look-a-like to take his place. They held auditions and found a guy from Canada. So the Paul Mcartney now is actually not the original one.Also, apparently in one of their songs John Lennon says something about "laying Paul to rest" and on the Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club album cover one of the guitars is in the shape of a gravestone. Is there any truth to this? from Heather --- Email: orangegecko09 (at) hotmail.com Web Page:
  136. [Beatles] Jun 21, 2002 "UK Lp releases vs US Lp releases" (found site through: msn) --- Hi Jonathon, I have all the US releases (original) of beatles albums. Collecting them since I was 3 in 1963. Now I've discovered the UK releases and am starting to collect them all also. Some US albums like the 2nd album, I can't find the same songs on the UK ones(with different names of course) Are there some UK releases that don't have the same songs somewhere.I'm trying to match lp for lp as much as possible us to uk for my cd collection. Maybe you could run down the uk lp releases that would match up, much as possible for me. I'd really appreciate it. Already printed out all 34 pages of this site, it's making me see double!! Thank you, Laura from Laura Evanchik --- Email: lauraloo94403 (at) yahoo.com Web Page:
  137. [Beatles] Jun 22, 2002 "good effort" (found site through: google) --- lovely collection, where can one obtain some of these unrealeased stuff? from JT --- Email: Web Page:
  138. [Beatles] Jun 26, 2002 "are the beatles the best band with the letters "beat" in?" (found site through: ) --- ditto sick happy idle maybe www.sickhappyidle.com 60s 70s beatles she lieb dich... from glooboy --- Email: Web Page: www.sickhappyidle.com
  139. [Beatles] Jul 1, 2002 "other names" (found site through: MSN search) --- were the beatles ever known by another name and if so what was it? from Pat --- Email: pat318 (at) webtv.net Web Page:
  140. [Beatles] Jul 9, 2002 "Looking for a CD of "Beattles 65"" (found site through: WindowsMedia) --- Wonderful sight. Thanks for putting it together. You did a great job and is easy to follow. from Laura --- Email: Laura02rn (at) aol.com Web Page:
  142. [Beatles] Jul 19, 2002 "the white alblum" (found site through: ) --- how much is a original beatles-the white alblum worth?in good shape/no scratches&original jacket? from lynn westmoreland --- Email: ll_westy (at) yahoo.com Web Page:
  143. [Beatles] Jul 24, 2002 "What is?" (found site through: ) --- What is "The Beatles Complete Discography 1961-1975 book"? from Jennifer --- Email: nelsonnut4 (at) aol.com
  144. [Beatles] Jul 26, 2002 "I need to know the name of a certain beatles song" (found site through: Yahoo) --- The song that i need to know the name of comes from a movie "heartbreakers".. i saw that movie and now i like the song sooo much but cant find it anywhere. the song went something like "when i saw her for the first time in my life" and it was slow with piano and guitars. i hope u know the song to which i refer and can e mail me and tell me the name of that song... from Ramauld --- Email: ramauld_r (at) hotmail.com
  145. [Beatles] Jul 29, 2002 "Get Back Sessions " (found site through: yahoo) --- Hey BEATLES FANS! We have 17 disks with Get Back Sessions on it. This is original disks. THIRTY DAYS -- VIGOTONE VT-218/234 (17CDR BOX Set) GET BACK 2000, We are ready to share it with you. Please write to beatles_rarities (at) yahoo.com from bl --- Email: beatles_rarities (at) yahoo.com Web Page:
  146. {Beatles} Aug 3, 2002 "Song from Heartbreakers movie: Oh My Love" by John Lennon --- Ramould: The mystery is solved. The song you remember at the end of the movie is "Oh My Love". It was released on the John Lennon (solo lp) "Imagine" in 1971 (after he left the Beatles). The words follow with guitar tabs from http//www.volny.cz/classic-rock/Alennon.htm web site
    Oh My Love [LP Imagine, 1971]
    F                  Cmaj7                 F                C    
    Oh my love for the first time in my life my eyes are wide open
    F                   Cmaj7                 F  Am    G   C   
    Oh my lover for the first time in my life my eyes can see
      Am                 E               
      I see the wind, oh I see the trees
      F                          C     
      Everything is clear in my heart
      Am                   E             
      I see the clouds, oh I see the sky
      F                           C     
      Everything is clear in our world
    F                  Cmaj7                 F               C    
    Oh my love for the first time in my life my mind is wide open
    F                   Cmaj7                 F  Am   G   C    
    Oh my lover for the first time in my life my mind can feel
      Am             E             
      I feel joy, oh I feel dreams
      F                          C     
      Everything is clear in my heart
      Am              E           
      I feel life, oh I feel love
      F                           C     
      Everything is clear in our world
    F                  Cmaj7                 F                C    
    Oh my love for the first time in my life my eyes are wide open
    F                   Cmaj7                 F  Am   G   C   
    Oh my lover for the first time in my life my eyes can see
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  154. [Beatles] Aug 14, 2002 "Vee Jay album "introducing the beatles"" (found site through: lycos) --- I have this album. What is it worth? from cheryl meyer --- Email: cherylallison (at) peoplepc.com Web Page:
  155. [Beatles] Aug 18, 2002 "A Fan" (found site through: I found it by mistake) --- I am an avid Beatles fan. ...Since I was six, as a matter of fact. I know practically all the songs. Of course some I haven't even heard of...after all, I'm not THAT old. from Deanne --- Email: deed90602-2503 (at) lycos.com
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  157. [Beatles] Aug 19, 2002 "paul's amp setup" (found site through: excite) --- I just attended my first Beatlefest in Chicago this last weekend. What a great experience! I was wondering if anyone in this forum could tell me how Paul had his amp set up? I play in a 60's band in Indianapolis and I could sure use some help to get those excellent tones. from bill Wiese --- Email: amywiese (at) earthlink.net Web Page: www.peacetrain.com
  159. [Beatles] Aug 21, 2002 "MoTown Beatles??" (found site through: Yahoo) --- A friend says, "The beatles did this funky motown-esque song, but I can't think of the name or how it goes..." helpful, eh? I've perused lists but nothing seems to click... got any ideas? from Alicia K. Brophy --- Email: winniebeezneez (at) yahoo.com
  160. [Beatles] Aug 25, 2002 "" (found site through: ) --- OH, I hear echoes of my youth. from John Wilson --- Email: suladen1 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: https://www.suladeninc.com
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  162. [Beatles] Aug 28, 2002 "Need to know the value of a Beatles album" (found site through: msn.com) --- My husband found an original copy of Musical Mystery Tour on LP in his stuff from his childhood. The original cover is complete without damage and the album has a few light scrathes but plays without skipping. It is dated 1967. Need to know the value if any, considering selling but I enjoy it quite alot and don't want to give it away for mere pennies. from Brooke Johnson --- Email: johns102 (at) bellsouth.net

    Brooke: There are always people who appreciate any original Beatles record. My Beatles FAQ explains how to price the value of a Beatles record
    The really serious collectors paying the highest prices want original wrapping unplayed records. The record pricing guides will provide an indication of the values in varoous conditions. Each of these records was also released in many versions and therefore subtle differences in the song list, cover graphics, and labels may make a difference in the value. Obviously the ultimate intent of the records was to give pleasure through music - there is nothing wrong with enjoying the music. Regards - Doug

  163. [Beatles] Aug 30, 2002 "harry pinkster" (found site through: ) --- Hi, I recently found out that the beatles had a number called Harry Pinkster (some sources say Harry Pinska) I would like to haven an bootleg with Harry Pinkster because thats my first and last name. Can anyone tell me how to get this? greetings Harry Pinkster The Netherlands from Harry Pinkster --- Email: pinkgron (at) netscape.net Web Page: https://www.pinkster.tk

    Harry - I was surprised to learn about this song - and even more surprised to see it listed in my own listing:
    It looks like it was a recording that has been released in bootleg form. It is also known as the "Hare Krishna Mantra" - I don't see it listed as a regular release anywhere. I attach PDF files of a couple of web pages that mention it. Keep me posted if you learn more. Best regards - Doug

  164. [Beatles] Sep 1, 2002 "she loves you 45 rmp" (found site through: ) --- I was born in england and have come across a 45 record of "she loves you" on side one and side two is" I'll get you" it is made in great britain and is under the parlophone label. Northern songs ltd. Published in 1963 Is it worth anything?? or worth keeping?? from donna --- Email: donnas527 (at) aol.com

    Donna: There are always people who appreciate any original Beatles record. My Beatles FAQ explains how to price the value of a Beatles record
    The really serious collectors paying the highest prices want original wrapping unplayed records. The record pricing guides will provide an indication of the values in varoous conditions. Eac h of these records was also released in many versions and therefore subtle differences in the song list, cover graphics, and labels may make a difference in the value. Obviously the ultimate intent of the records was to give pleasure through music - there is nothing wrong with enjoying the music. Regards - Doug

  165. [Beatles] Sep 7, 2002 --- Have been listening since 1964, no one better has ever come along, great site, thanks from Patrou --- Email: info (at) patrou.com Web Page: https://www.patrou.com
  166. [Beatles] Sep 11, 2002 --- Love this site have returned for more from Lou --- Web Page: https://www.patrou.com
  167. [Beatles] Sep 12, 2002 "help to find cd" (found site through: Googel) --- Hi I would like to know if you can still buy a cd or Lp called 'Love Songs. I have seen it on the list Parlophone PCSP 721 thanks for any help from Elaine Reynolds --- Email: ellyreynolds (at) hotmail.com

    Elaine - This only exists on vinyl and is very popular. You may be able to find a used copy on vinyl somewhere - otherwise it is long out of print. (all the songs exist on their original albums which remain available - see the song listings
    http//www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html (song list)
    http//www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html (album list)
    Regards - Doug

  168. [Beatles] Sep 13, 2002 "revolution" (found site through: beatles questions ) --- who is chairman mao and why do they mention him in the song revolution? from b. p.
  169. [Beatles] Sep 14, 2002 "i love the beatles" (found site through: search button) --- i love the beatles especally paul and jhon and george not ringo from natalie --- Email: nat_frog (at) yahoo.com
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  175. [Beatles] Sep 21, 2002 --- I have the first Beatles album, Meet The Beatles!The First Album by England's Phenomenal Pop Combo. It is Capital Records,high fidelity. The Record is in perfect shape, the jacket has a few spots on back bottom from finger prints. I loved the Beatles, and now I wonder if anyone knows what this album would cost today? from Julia Hamilton --- Email: patsy (at) adelphia.net
    Julia - The Beatles FAQ site (
    https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html) provides information about how to obtain values for records. There are a number of reference books available. Often there are many varieties (reprints) that affect the pricing. Regards - Doug
  176. [Beatles] Sep 23, 2002 "The Greatest group ever to perform and sing" (found site through: Googles) --- I am great fan of the Beatles and will always be. John, George , whereever you are, we still think and lisent to your voices. Paul & Ringo, please carry on. You have given us the joy and pleasure in your songs and music. from Gamini Perera --- Email: gamjan (at) pacific.net.sg
  177. [Beatles] Sep 27, 2002 "women and beatles music" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- I was wondering if there is any truth to the rumour that women aren't meant to sing Beatles songs. I heard it from a recording singer, Is it a studio myth? or was the singer wrong? from Kristina --- Email: pussikat (at) optushome.com.au
  178. [Beatles] 27 Sep 2002 Good evening and good health don't know whether you'd be interested or not, but we are a company based in Liverpool and are offering a chance for people to own a piece of history. visit the site and see what you think. Regards, Pete Gifford (Prg321a (at) aol.com) IT Director Beatlebrick Ltd. UK www.beatlebrick.htm
  179. [Beatles] Oct 3, 2002 "Two CD's are they available " (found site through: google) --- I have all of the Beatles CD's except two (if in fact they even were on CD 1. Meet the Beatles not With the Beatles released in the UK. Is there a "real" CD Meet the Beatles? 2. Yesterday and Today or the Butchers Album. Has this been released in CD format? 3. Ok I ask three not two---Where can I get both? I mean reliable sources if they were actually produced. Thank you for your time please E mail at JDeese1 (at) KC.RR.COM from John
    John, Neither album was released on CD. The songs were all released later with other names and song combinations in CD format (the way in which they appeared in the UK). You can see what songs are on what albums using my song list: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html Once you identify a CD of interest, you can se all the CD contents at my album site: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html Regards - Doug
  180. [Beatles] Oct 6, 2002 "Beatles Rock n Roll vol 1 & 2 unplayed" (found site through: google) --- https://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=910299310 Hiya hope you dont mind great Beatles two album set unplayed from jILL --- Email: babaluma (at) bigpond.net.au
  181. [Beatles] Oct 8, 2002 "Beatles misspressings" (found site through: google) --- Could you please help!!! Ive come across a 45 of the Beatles its Eleanor ripley but instead of being Yellow submarine on the B side its eleanor ripley again could you please give some infor mation about it and also how m uch it could be worth . Thanx Kate from Kate --- Email: utwcentre (at) ntlworld.com
    Kate: The Beatles FAQ site (https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html) provides information about how to obtain values for records. There are a number of reference books available. Often there are many varieties (reprints) that affect the pricing. Regards - Doug
  182. [Beatles] Oct 8, 2002 "$$ Value of Beatles Ablum Collection(Captiol Record)" (found site through: Google.com) --- I have a collection, 26 albums, of the Beatle's unopened. Recording company is Capitol Records. I was wondering if they were worth anything? Could you help me. Thank you. from Darlene Stowers --- Email: darstowers (at) hotmail.com
    Darlene, These albums certainly have value - people especially like new condition albums. The Beatles FAQ site (http//www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html) provides information about how to obtain values for records. There are a number of reference books available. Often there are many varieties (reprints) that affect the pricing. Regards - Doug
  183. [Beatles] Oct 8, 2002 "how much is the white album worth? I have swbo 101" (found site through: ) --- The album is a friend of mine. It contains pictures and stuff and he was wondering what it was worth. It is good cndition, never played with covers for the records 33rpm, two of them. Thanks, Tim from tim --- Email: tdsmudge (at) webtv.net
    Tim, These albums certainly have value - people especially like new condition albums. The Beatles FAQ site (https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html) provides information about how to obtain values for records. There are a number of reference books available. Often there are many varieties (reprints) that affect the pricing. Regards - Doug
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  186. [Beatles] Oct 15, 2002 "value of album mistake" (found site through: ) --- I have the album "Introducing the Beatles" LP 1062 on the album cover and on the record itself on side 2 it says that the song "P.S. I Love You. is on the record. On my album that song is not on there. I was wondering what the value of it might be. from Karen --- Email: virbowl (at) aol.com
    Karen The Beatles FAQ site (http//www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html) provides information about how to obtain values for records. There are a number of reference books available. Often there are many varieties (reprints) that affect the pricing. Yours is a known variety. Regards - Doug
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  193. [Beatles] Oct 21, 2002 " Did the "Beatles Have any bad habits???????" (found site through: Guest Books- "Ask Jeeves") --- Did the "Beatles" have any Bad habits????? Like a eating disorder or any bizzare behavior......People think just because they are rock stars they are perfect!!!!!!!!!!! Also do you know where online they sell "Beatles memoriabley" My friend is a huge fan of them. Lynda Goo (at) comcast.com!!!!!!!! My E-mail should be posted soon!!!!!!!!!! Lynda Goo from Lynda Goo
    I would say that their drug use in the 1960's was an issue ...
  194. [Beatles] Oct 22, 2002 "Name of a Beatle song" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Could you please remind me..... what was on the flip side of "Don't Let Me Down" and what year was that?? Thanks Joey from joey --- Email: jensania (at) suffolk.lib.ny.us
    "Don't Let Me Down" was the B-side of "Get Back" and that came out on may 5, 1969 in the US and April 11, 1969 in the UK. --- Jonathan
  195. [Beatles] Oct 23, 2002 "Yesterday" (found site through: MSN) --- My daughter needs to know for school; How high did the song Yesterday make it on the charts? from Melody --- Email: mkarusch (at) suffolk.lib.ny.us
  196. [Beatles] Oct 25, 2002 "Cool New Book" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I found a new novel that's really cool. There's an homage to John and Yoko in it! It's on Amazon.com. I found it here: ROCK N ROLL FANTASY Or you can do a book search for ROCK N ROLL FANTASY. Just thought fellow fans might like to know, there's a new collectible out there! Rock on... from Lady Day
  197. [Beatles] Oct 27, 2002 "beatle albums" (found site through: alta vista) --- I have 2 beatle albums that are original master recordings. How can i find the value of these albums? I have looked in the gold mine books and they are not listed. from Michael --- Email: theraven (at) grnco.net
    Sorry - I have no information - Doug
  198. [Beatles] Oct 28, 2002 "Great site" (found site through: Google) --- Excellent. You provide comprehensive information on the world's greatest group from Joan --- Email: Web Page: https://home1.gte.net/res1bevk/bengali/
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  202. [Beatles] Nov 5, 2002 "beatles album value" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am in possesion of an original copy by capitol records of "meet the beatles" and was just wondering what the value of this might be,I also have the second album they put out. from sara powell --- Email: sarabare26 (at) yahoo.com
  203. [Beatles] Nov 6, 2002 "Re: CD releases" (found site through: ) --- This is find, but many released Beatles recordings are not available on CD. The first three albums were once available commercially in stereo format (apart from the first two singles); generally, the vocals are on the right and the instrumentation is on the left. With so many released versions worldwide, there is a problem of which song to release on the CD's. For a (long) while, EMI resisted putting the Beatles' recordings on CD ... alas, here they are. from Alan Reed
  204. [Beatles] Nov 8, 2002 "THE BEATLES ARE FOREVER" (found site through: just wander) --- i think that the beatles were the ones that got this party started ... in Mexico and the world. from ISRAEL --- Email: es19isra (at) hotmail.com
  205. [Beatles] Nov 17, 2002 "albums" (found site through: Yahoo) --- p from Mike --- Email: mikekerslake (at) eurobell.co.uk
  206. [Beatles] Nov 22, 2002 "Great Website" (found site through: MSN Search) --- This is a great Beatles site! Very comprehensive and accurate (as far as I can tell)! Thanks for dedicating so much time and effort into spreading knowledge about the greatest band the world will ever know. Amanda from Amanda --- Email: a_gonzalez6 (at) hotmail.com
    Amanda - Thanks for the kind words. It helps make the work (all this weekend for instance) worthwhile. Regards - Doug
  207. [Beatles] Nov 26, 2002 "Met Zach Starr once" (found site through: google) --- I met Zachary right before his show with his dad Ringo, in Wallingford, Ct. I would like to be able to touch base again if possible. Also, I would like to meet and speak to Dhani Harrison at some point in my life. from Curtis Ceballos --- Email: cutty4u (at) aol.com
  208. [Beatles] Nov 27, 2002 "Recording Studio: Sonic Workshop" (found site through: Google) --- Recording Studio The first Canadian Recording Studio to syndicate our radio specials around the world. Our 24 hour documentary, "The Beatles, The Days In Their Life" has been broadcast in over 50 countries. from John Unkerman --- Email: johnunkerman (at) rogers.com Web Page: https://www.thesonicworkshop.com/
  209. [Beatles] Nov 28, 2002 "Picture of the Beatles aging" (found site through: Google) --- There was a drawing that someone did when they where in there thirties. The drawing showed how they would look in there mid sixties. It was a close up, showing all four together, two on top two below. Does anyone know of a web page our a place to view such a drawing? regards Fab four forever! from Don --- Email: cultuls (at) aol.com
  210. [Beatles] Dec 1, 2002 "" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- (Also to Johnathan via email:) Where have I heard "Good Night" before? Was it ever used in a film or cartoon, video? Not just at U.S. borders, I mean. Recall having heard it, but having seen pictures to it, and I hadn't known at the time that it was the Beatles who sang that. Not until I heard on a radio presentation (of "Beatles -- A to Z (titles)." Please satisfy my curiosity. Thank you for a wonderful and clear and well-thought website, also. God bless you and yours, -High Priestess of Mambo (yes, at mambopriestess (at) yahoo.com) from Undisclosed At This Time --- Email: mambopriestess (at) yahoo.com
  211. [Beatles] Dec 2, 2002 "Michael Jackson and the Beatles" - HUMOR] Beatles and Michael Jackson
  212. [Beatles] Dec 3, 2002 "Best selling song after Beatles?" (found site through: SEARCH.COM) --- I was wondering who had the best selling single after the Beatles and what song it was. I friend of mine claims it is Ringo but he cannot name the song. Thanks! from Mike --- Email: decaser (at) yahoo.com
  213. [Beatles] Dec 4, 2002 "beatle alblum covers" (found site through: ) --- where can i find alblum covers (not interested in the actual record)of the beatles and other artists from the 1940's to the present time?is there a place to purchase them? from harvey romanoff --- Email: romanof (at) gmavt.net
    Harvey - Most collectors want the record album and the cover. In fact, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame actually frames the album cover over the album itself in a double frame and sells them. If you want just the album cover you may get one cheap by buying one with a broken or poor condition record inside ... Otherwise just buy the pair and set aside the record for the time being. EBAY sells a lot of such items. Good luck. - Doug
  214. [Beatles] Dec 6, 2002 "Luv the Beatles!!!" (found site through: By chance) --- Hallo ´buddies up with the Beatles!!! from FRANCO FAGGI --- Email: francofaggi (at) libero.it
  215. [Beatles] Dec 7, 2002 "" (found site through: ) --- Listening to songs like Real Love,Something,Yesterday,Free As A Bird,Let It Be,Fool On the Hill brings tears of joy.I wish Sir John Lennon was still around.... No matter what BEATLES are immortal.Their music has touched the lives of so many of us around the world.Every single person at some given point of time has been inspired by the Beatles. My favorite lines from Beatles songs is - "A lifetime is so short, a new one can't be bought, but what you've got means such a lot to me" "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be" from Brinston Dias, Bombay, INDIA --- Email: brinstondias (at) hotmail.com
  216. [Beatles] Dec 11, 2002 "john lennon" (found site through: FAQ) --- I have a book by J Lennon called IN HIS OWN WRITE published in 1964. it contains poems and short stories. Any idea on price and rarity, no-one seams to know anything about it. from david lewis --- Email: e.dlewis (at) astonfields72.freeserve.co.uk
    There was a time when the book was well known and widely distributed in 1964. It is documented in the histories of the Beatles and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The book is still available from Amazon.com in several editions: In His Own Write. There are several other books and collections written by John Lennon which are still available including: Skywriting by Word of Mouth: And Other Writings, Including the Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon, Yoko Ono (Hardcover), All We Are Saying by John Lennon, et al (Paperback), Lennon Remembers: The Full Rolling Stone Interviews from 1970 by John Lennon, et al (Hardcover) The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon (Paperback)
  217. [Beatles] Dec 16, 2002 "Las Bestias beatleband" (found site through: Web) --- Las Bestias beatleband, Beatlepage (Beatletoons, Beatlegames, Beatles XXX, Beatlenews) from Las Bestias beatleband --- Email: info (at) lasbestias.com.ar Web Page: www.lasbestias.com.ar
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  219. [Beatles] Dec 23 2002 "CD info BEATLES AGAIN & YESTERDAY AND TODAY"

    Whats the deal on Beatles Again (Hey Jude) and Yesterday and Today CDS. How come no music store has them available right now. Thanks for any info! from Tim Dees email: 1stplace (at) sbcglobal.net

    I don't believe that these albums exist on CD. Check the listing of songs: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html to see what CD they are on. Yesterday and Today is only on vinyl (the CD releases are a different batching of songs to match the original UK versions). Regards - Doug

    Thanks for the info. It gets a little confusing trying to keep the US releases and the UK releases straight. I sure wish they would go ahead and release the mentioned CD's for us in the US. It's nice to play a CD that is like the album that u grew up with! I was kinda suprised to see that some of the tracks didn't get released in the UK at all, and some were only released on the red and blue albums.

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