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Beatles Guest Book Part 5

[Beatles photo] Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 5 (November 30 2000 to October 3 2001). Each guest book item includes the sender name, web address (if any), the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in my Beatles Web Site Ring:

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Douglas Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 5

  1. [Beatles-A] Nov 30, 2000 "why most popular" --- This is the correct answer why the Beatles are the most popular. First of all they sold out and went for middle of the road which often attracts the largest audience. After playing straight Rock and Roll that was like Punk without the feedback or lead they followed the "deadweights" and wore the suits and got cute. They hid that they had been trying very hard to come off like they were the leaders of the tough crude acting Northerners and were proud that they finally were considered cool not nerds by Liverpool musicians. On the one hand they played standards from Broadway and other adult music. On the other hand they had a hard style that Rock and Roll fans liked. But they watered down the Rock and Roll with cuteness so the nerdy Jews and easy listening/classical fans/adults would like it but also think they were listening to cool music. Thus making the adults feel cool. If the Beatles went for a more pure sound like the early Animals before they had label problems that killed the band they wouldn't be as popular today. Secondly the Beatles not being very good musicians and songwriters worked to their advantage. By not being very good musicians they were forced by nessecity to use the bare essential of what would make their songs sound good. And while the Beatles might have had more ego than everyone else on the scene, they weren't good enough musically to overpaint their work. If they were more talented who knows what would have happened. Also George Martin- their producer- was very good at highlighting what was best about the Beatle's songs and then making it accessible for the masses. He consciously emphasized that the Beatles were weak musicians to make the Beatle's music better. Although I would argue that while Martin was brilliant of Fields that on stuff like Life he killed the song with piano and so on and the Beatles were under contract so they were legally unable to change it until the original contract ran out. Finally even though the Beatles were bad songwriters- listen to the original versioins/drafts of their songs- the members were excellent at critizing each other until the bad song had a great arrangment and singalongable lyric. The otther Beatles had the junk stripped out of it and was a great song. But when the Beatles went solo and just listened to their egos they created #9 Dream, Back To The Egg, Dark Horse- total crap. Without Martin Lennon was givien the chance to do the "straight" Rock and Roll he claimed he was unable to create at E.M.I. What does he create when he finally has the balls to stop doing everything his "mommie" told him? Rock and Roll- arguably the most unRock and Roll attempt at Rock and Roll ever. Also another trick that the Beatles utilized that has also been utilized by Sinatra is that they gave the false impression that they were letting the fans in on their every moment of life. That way fans could feel cool. Of course like Sinatra, the Beatle's real life was very different- not the version you will read about in Paul's official version Anthology. The truth is closer to The Love You Make written by an insider that got knocked by the Beatles and decided to blab. The book has since been kept down but it is still around for $2 or $3 at 1/2 Price. Let me tell you Paul might not under law have to acknowledge all his bastards that are floating around the world; but court records do not lie. Also I bet Ringo didn't talk about kicking Barbara's ass for dead and leaving her in a pool of bloody mess or George talked about the Ukelelie and wife swapping stories. Anthology won't tell you about that. Anyway dear Beatle fans that's why the Beatles are the greatest. Oh one other thing- their songs are the most consistent- even more so than Coltraine- and the most varied without straying from the basic principle of why they were popular in the beginning. Other groups have written the equal of the Beatles- Jumping Jack Flash, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ever Fallin' In Love, Sunday Morning, After The Lovin', Let Me Ride, Golden Lady, Kind of Blue and so on. But no one has been so consistent as the Beatles. Although the criticisms are correct the Beatles are 1/2 and kind of cute in the early stuff and not soloing like other artists in the later. But hey I like the stuff. And while each song has a definate meaning, they are abstract enough that you can interpret them your own way. For instance the Boomers liked to say many Beatle's songs were about the Government's shame in getting involved in 'nam. So there you go. Fab Gear Yeah Yeah Yeah, love will save the world and all that. from Donnywallace --- Email: donnywallace (at) hotmail.com
  2. [Beatles-A] Nov 30, 2000 --- GREAT SITE from M.Braun
  3. [Beatles-A] Nov 30, 2000 "If you mean the webpage, it is some of my poetry." (found site through: Yahoo!) --- This website has become my checklist for songs to download from Napster. Thanks for making it. from Robert Carter --- Email: musicnfilm (at) aol.com Web Page: https://hometown.aol.com/musicnfilm/
  4. [Beatles-A] Nov 28, 2000 "French Song" --- I expect that you are thinking of the song "Michelle" which has some French lines in it. The Beatles song list will enable you to see which albums it is available on:
    Good luck - from Doug - Web Page:
  5. [Beatles-A] Dec 1, 2000 "some questions" (found site through: google) --- I would like to know some things about the beatles. You may think that they are silly questions and so do I, but I want to know if what I was told it`s true, if you know, of course: ---Somebody told me that there`s a John song in Anthology II that was released in one of his solo albums. ---Someone else told me that in their first album back cover they wrote some things about their lifes. That`s all I want to know and i`m very thankfull of your help. Thanks a lot. Bye from Madrid (Spain) from Jorge Ruiz --- Email: jorumavi (at) hotmail.com
  6. [Beatles-A] Dec 1, 2000 "last album released" --- if you mean officially,then the last album was let it be released in 1970.however this was recorded before abbey road,which was the beatles last studio work from john burton --- Email: burt (at) bushinternet.com
  7. [Beatles-A] Dec 1, 2000 "The Beatles Ballads" --- I would like to know if the "The Beatles Ballads" has ever been made into a cd and if so where can I get it and how much does it cost from Mary Gerrard McLaughlin --- Email: m.g.mclaughlin (at) ireland-alloys.co.uk
  8. [Beatles-A] Dec 1, 2000 "Wrong label on White Album/The Beatles" (found site through: Hotbot (the best)) --- I have an original issue of 'The Beatles'. It is in fair to poor condition (it has been well loved), but sports a curious anomaly: The first side of disc one has the Side 3 label (as does the legitimate Side 3). So the sides are numbered 3,2,3,4. How rare is this? Was this something that happened often in the record making process in general? Thanks. from Robert Cipriani --- Email: rccipriani (at) hotmail.com
  9. [Beatles-A] Dec 2, 2000 "Beatles White Ablum" --- How much would the Beatles White Ablum be worth never been played. from Gordon --- Email: KNDA88 (at) AOL.COM
  10. [Beatles-A] Dec 2, 2000 "beatles music done on strings " (found site through: yahoo of course) --- twenty years ago perhaps i had an lp of beatles music on strings i lost it though (boo hoo) can such a thing be aquried today from matt mccullough --- Email: matt.mccullough (at) ntlworld.com
  11. [Beatles-A] Dec 3, 2000 "GEP 8891" (found site through: Altavista) --- In the early 80´s I was fed up with a LP from RAINBOW and made a deal with one of my friends. He gave me the single "All my loving" 7/2/1964. I really liked the song and so many years later I´m finding out I have a collector´s item. from Paul --- Email: Tarifa92 (at) wanadoo.es
  12. [Beatles-A] Dec 3, 2000 ""That'll be the day--- do you know anything the film "that'll be the day" with keith moon and ringo starr? if you have any information, please let me know! anna B from anna breidbach --- Email: ringo4ever (at) hotmail.com
  13. [Beatles-A] Dec 3, 2000 "the beatles" (found site through: aol) --- it seems like every beatles song is in my top ten- from Paul M. Haynes --- Email: landsharkzx (at) aol.com
  14. [Beatles-A] Dec 3, 2000 "How much I love The Beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am sixteen years old, and I love The Beatles. George Harrison is awsome. Actually all The Beatles are wonderful,and really groovey. I know The Beatles will live on through everyones sprits(especially mine). I love The Beatles. from Sandy Fulmer --- Email: Sandyjo2002 (at) yahoo.com
  15. [Beatles-A] Dec 5, 2000 (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Romantic,amazing and usefull. from Svilen Georgiev MD, Bulgaria --- Email: magicdoctor75 (at) hotmail.com
  16. [Beatles-A] Dec 6, 2000 "yo no tengo una webpage" (found site through: www.search.com) --- On Vh1 they said that "Yesterday" has been 'covered' nearly 2500 times, I would like to find the list of people, because I know that there is one. I just can't seem to find anything about it except that Boyz II Men was one of the groups. from Jessica Long --- Email: BlueStarBabyJ (at) hotmail.com
  17. [Beatles-A] Dec 7, 2000 "What a group." --- I am a huge fan of the Beatles and though only 18, I cant find a better band them then. I think they are the best ever. I know its hard to pick a favourite song.. But what is everyones favourite song? Personally one of my favourites is Here, There & everywhere. One of. There are to many to pick from. from Sarah Lennon --- Email: ericeel2000 (at) hotmail.com
  18. [Beatles-A] Dec 8, 2000 (found site through: microsoft internet explorer) --- I would like to find a list of all the beatles albums and what songs are on the albums. from Nancy Koroluk --- Email: sascnanc (at) home.com
  19. [Beatles-A] Dec 8, 2000 "True meaning of Sgt. Pepper alblum" (found site through: msn search) --- My site has true meaning of sgt. pepper from andy --- Email: andyeaps (at) webtv.com Web Page: https://www.beatlesandme.homestead.com/
  20. [Beatles-A] Dec 10, 2000 "MUSICAL MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON RELEASED" --- Press release 10/20/00 "Thank You for the Music" is the title track on the new EP release by CHRIS. The song pays tribute to the late, great John Lennon and will contain surprises that all Lennon/Beatle fans will enjoy. CHRIS hopes the song will reach out to the new and old generations of Lennon/Beatle fans. Some John Lennon tributes were done in the form of covers and others written as dedications (i.e. Elton John's "Empty Garden" and Queen's "Life is Real"). CHRIS' takes the approach of summarizing Lennon's life, similar to George Harrison's "All Those Years Ago." "Thank You for the Music" delves into "deep Lennon trivia" by sampling Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" (the organ part derived from J.S. Bach's "Air On G"). Beatle historians recall when Lennon bought his psychedelic Rolls in 1967, he had a turntable installed and would play the song repeatedly. Recorded in studios around the Susquehanna Valley, the production features a Ludwig drumset with pearloid finish, tuned to replicate the classic drum sound of Ringo Starr. The melodic McCartney-like bass line is played on a Rickenbacher bass, filling out the Beatle-ific rhythm section. "I even scooped octaves like Paul," says producer/musician Johnny J Blair, a frequent collaborator with ex-Monkee Davy Jones (whose own legacy owes a debt to The Beatles). Blair's own "sound" has been critically endorsed by Brian Wilson and Euro-pop legend Cliff Richard. His fan-base even includes country/pop sensation LeAnn Rimes. A Clapton/Harrison-esque lead is cranked out by former David Rose Band guitarist Tim Breon, a session veteran who has worked with Martha Reeves, Neil Sedaka and others. "Small world," notes Blair, "David Rose gigged with Yoko Ono and we get his guitarist jamming on a Lennon tribute." Adding vocal power to the chorus are gospel recording artists Monette Newsuan (Davy Jones' favourite gospel singer) and Cassie Blair of the Unity Christian Fellowship Gospel Singers. According to CHRIS, "For almost four decades, John Lennon's music was and still is held in high esteem by many great musicians worldwide, from pop to classical, Especially by his number one fan and early songwriting partner Sir Paul McCartney. John was a 'people's musician.' He always emphasizing 'you' and 'we' in his music, not singing for himself but singing for us! He was a missionary for peace and love and, like many great leaders before him, from Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King, was criticized for his good words." Producer Blair adds, "Lennon has been cut out as both a dysfunctional rich hippie disconnected from the real world as well as an untouchable proto-Christ, elevated beyond semblance to what he really was. I think of him as neither, and I won't have anything to do with either pole. Veneration of pop stars turns me off. To me, Lennon was an ambitious, talented guy from a single-parent home in a backwater working-class city. He worked his way to the top, earning every dime. He demanded truth and wrote some uplifting songs that made the world a sunnier place. He challenged us from his cultural perch, forcing us rethink attitudes about art, media and religion." Other songs on the EP include "Angel Eyes," an ode to a friend from Montoursville, PA who lost her life aboard TWA Flight 800. Hungarian spice and a Lennon-style piano flavor "In Cypress Gardens." The lush Euro-soul in "Could It Be Forever?" was well received when the project was premiered at a recent Beatlefest. The spritely "Apple Cider Kisses" (featuring Sarah Keeley of Christian pop group The Frontline Continentals) appeals to both Brit-pop and country audiences. The song was plugged on "Country" KC101.5 FM (Liberty, PA) and CHRIS was profiled on the Saturday Night Dance Party with Joan McKenna. Rough mixes of the EP have circulated in Europe and the US, creating a buzz from other musicians and Beatle associates as well as Beatle fanzines/web-sites worldwide. As one Beatlemaniac exclaimed, "This is a definite must for a serious Beatle completist." CDs are $8.00 each plus $1.50 U.S./Canada shipping. For overseas orders, please add $2.50 to the CD cost for shipping. Personal checks, money orders, or cashiers' checks only (no cash). Please allow four to eight weeks for delivery. Foreign orders please remit in U.S. dollars and make all checks/money orders out to PICK PRODUCTIONS and send to: PICK PRODUCTIONS P.O. Box 152 Cogan Station, PA 17728-0152 U.S.A. E-mail: pickprod (at) excite.co.uk ***************************************************************** Check out The Three Blairs Website to find more info: https://home.earthlink.net/~the3blrs/thankyou.html from Christopher Pick --- Email: lord4ever (at) email.com
  21. [Beatles-A] Dec 10, 2000 "Beatles Album List" (found site through: I created the site) --- Nancy - For a complete list of Beatles Albums and LPs (USA), just check out the Beatles Album (LP and CD) list: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html (or) https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html (or) https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html Enjoy - from Doug - Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  22. [Beatles-A] Dec 12, 2000 "maths" (found site through: my mum) --- I am beatles fan and i will like to here the song of twist and shout.Good bye and thanks from tasio martinez acezat --- Email: tasioloco10 (at) mixmail.com
  23. [Beatles-A] Dec 13, 2000 "I love you John!" (found site through: Ask Jeeves) --- I just want to say that i think John Lennon is god! I love him loads and have all his albums - and I'm only 16! from Tiffany Marie Jones --- Email: tiffanyj (at) ask.co.uk
  24. [Beatles-A] Dec 13, 2000 (found site through: google) --- i was downloading beatles songs and found your site a useful tool for looking up song titles.. i had no idea some of these songs were sung by the beatles! keep up the good work!! from steph
  25. [Beatles-A] Dec 15, 2000 "Words of songs sung by the Beatles" (found site through: google) --- can you please post me the songs ( containing the words) sung by the beatles or alternatively guide me to the site where I can access and download the songs. Thanks. Marshall Mendonza from marshall mendonza --- Email: marshallmendonza (at) hotmail.com
  26. [Beatles-A] Dec 15, 2000 "Words of songs sung by the Beatles" (found site through: google) --- can you please post me the songs ( containing the words) sung by the beatles or alternatively guide me to the site where I can access and download the songs. Thanks. Marshall Mendonza from marshall mendonza --- Email: marshallmendonza (at) hotmail.com
  27. [Beatles-A] Dec 16, 2000 "Cameos" (found site through: Metacrawler) --- Love John Lennon in a kind of could have been me way. George and Ringo great guitar and I'd love to live in a yellow submarine. Paul and Linda did harmony and otherthings on Roy Harper's One of Those Days in England on the Bullinamingvase Album. from Paul Schofield --- Email: schoey_pe (at) hotmail.com
  28. [Beatles-A] Dec 17, 2000 (found site through: google) --- What is the deal with Hey Jude? Is it a compilation album? If so where did the songs "Hey Jude" and "Don't let me down" come from? Is this album out of print now? from Michael McCollum --- Email: mgmc (at) texas.net
  29. [Beatles-A] Dec 19, 2000 "I LOVE THE BEATALS" (found site through: yahoo) --- Hey im shayla and of corse i love the beatles!!! i am 15 years old and my birth day is on the same day as my favorite beatle RINGO!! July 7th i really dont have a favorit but i do love ringo. i would love to meet him one say that would be the neatest thing!! well i love the beatles thanks for the great page from Shayla --- Email: kornbrat_69_1999 (at) yahoo.com
  30. [Beatles-A] Dec 20, 2000 "Beatles--ABBEY ROAD" (found site through: yahoo) --- I just bought the ABBEY ROAD LP from Colony Records in New York. I paid $50 for it. Did I get taken? I'd like to know the story behind this album. It plays really well, but I want to find out if it is the original pressing (which your site told me was Oct. 1, 1969) or a reprint--basically to have a story to tell the person I'm giving it to for Christmas. Any info. from you would be greatly appreciated. The cover is slightly worn, no cuts or anything, it is a Capitol Records/Apple issue, the inner sleeve is just plain with no photos/drawings or text (were there any with the original release?), it plays very well-no visible scratches etc. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks alot! Jessie from Jessie --- Email: jcaird (at) randomhouse.com
  31. [Beatles-A] Dec 20, 2000 "Record Album Double Fantasy" --- My question is: I have a Double Fantasy Album which was purchased for me for Christmas when I was 18yrs old, (I am now 32) The Album has side one printed on both sides of the Album. What is it worth now since it has a double printed side? I never had it appraised, and I don't know where too. Can you help me? Sincerly, Tandi McAnally from Tandi McAnally --- Email: heyugirl (at) swbell.net
  32. [Beatles-A] Dec 21, 2000 "A Hard Day's Night " --- Calling all Beatles fans!! Has anyone heard they're re-releasing A Hard Day's Night on DVD and VHS and in theatres come January 2001? It's got new scenes along with all the classics. (Ringo really was a fantastic actor wasn't he?) The filmmakers have also launched a website that describes the movie better than ever, you've gotta check this out!
  33. [Beatles-A] Dec 26, 2000 (found site through: yahoo.com) --- i really wanna learn to play some of their on the piano! from Claire --- Email: cljess (at) holynames-sea.org
  34. [Beatles-A] Dec 28, 2000 "Cool Site!" (found site through: google) --- Hey thanks for putting up this site! If you want to visit my site you can get my music for free, just go to https://www.KimberleeMusic.com Let me know what you think.

    Anyway. Take it easy! from Matthew --- Email: info (at) KimberleeMusic.com Web Page: https://www.KimberleeMusic.com/
  35. [Beatles-A] Dec 29, 2000 ":)" (found site through: yahoo) --- I think the Beatles are the greatest! I think that every phase/word in the english vocabulary can be connected or realted to a beatles song. It does for me anyways. I've been listening to our towns oldies station(94.9) since I was little because of my dad. I liked the beatles songs that they played on the radio,but I dind't hear much of a variety till I got really interested this year and my sister made me a cd on napster. Im only 15 years old. Iv'e listen to the beatles so much over x-mass vacation that my older sister knows most of the songs too. I catch her listening to my cd's of them upstairs all the time. When ever I'm getting ready to go some where i listen to them and she come in to listen with me. My dad is used to listening to the radio, but now that i have such a great variety of their songs i have had to teach him how to use a cd player. We are from wisconsin(wisconsin dells wisconsin) Oh yeah i think the beatles are 100 times better than dave mattew's band!:) and always will!

    p.s. I think radio stations should play some of the song that were not #1 hits they all great! from jillian ann mattei --- Email: peanuts03 (at) hotmail.com
  36. [Beatles-A] Dec 30, 2000 "beatles album" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am trying to find an album I had when I was little. It was a silver double album with a image of the beatles playing on the front and on the back it should their back view. I think it was like a greatest hits but the 70's version. Have you seen any? I've looked on ebay and yahoo auctions. Thanks! from melinda --- Email: melindakjohnson (at) yahoo.com
  37. [Beatles-A] Dec 30, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- Beatles Rule! from Melinda Johnson --- Email: melindakjohnson (at) yahoo.com
  38. [Beatles-A] Dec 30, 2000 "blah, blah," --- i love beatles, long live beatles....... from butch --- Email: marl_boro31 (at) hotmail.com
  39. [Beatles-A] Dec 31, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- i have always liked the beatles from mary wykoff --- Email: mlwykoff (at) hotmail.com
  41. [Beatles-A] Jan 3, 2001 "Beatles - Rubber Soul" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am looking for a copy of the Rubber Soul album as it was produced in 1965 that included the songs "I've Just Seen a Face", and It's Only Love". The more recent Rubber Soul album does not have these two songs. from Chris Hooper --- Email: mercutio (at) ev1.net
  42. [Beatles-A] Jan 3, 2001 "Beatles Picture and Story Album question?" (found site through: yahoo) --- I recieved a old Beatles Album and Cover, "Song and Pictures and Storys" .. Its listed on your file around 1964. So anyway, The album/vinyl I recieved with it is a 1062, not a 1092. The songs match up but the Album/vinyl says "Introducing the Beatles" on the Vee Jay label...is this the incorrect album/vinyl for this cover??? from rsriekena --- Email: rsriekena (at) yahoo.com
  43. [Beatles-A] Jan 3, 2001 "beatles 78 records 1964" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- checking on the selling price of 78 records good condition,1964 i love the beatles never got to go to a concert of NY TO POOR i wanted a picture signed of them and would have loved to meet them thank you gh from ruby polk --- Email: myredruby (at) yahoo.com
  44. [Beatles-A] Jan 5, 2001 "VH1 Behind The Music" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Great site. Keep up the good work from Ron G. --- Email: ronbo1176 (at) yahoo.com Web Page: https://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/vh1behindthemusic/
  45. [Beatles-A] Jan 5, 2001 "song " (found site through: northernlight) --- I am interested in getting the song "Gilly Gilly Hossenpfeffer Katzenelenbogen by the sea". A friend"s last name is Kacenelenbogen I want to give it as a gift. Does it come in CD, hard record, 78, 33.1/3 or 45 revolutionx?..How much will cost....thank you.... from anonimous --- Email: tiamama2 (at) aol.com
  46. [Beatles-A] Jan 5, 2001 "The Liverpool Nights Festival II" (found site through: Yahoo) --- The São Paulo Hilton Hotel is organising the festival called " The Liverpool Nights Festival " dedicated to cover bands of Beatles. The winner band will represent latin america in the festivities of 61º anniversary of John Lennon in Liverpool - England, next october. This event will take place in the most tipical english pub in Brazil, the " The London Tavern ", in the hilton Hotel, during april and may. The inscriptions for bands are now open !!! For more details, please contact Humberto Mourao in the e-mails or telephones below Humberto Mourao Telephone 55 11 3156-4301 / 4302 Fax 55 11 3156-4300 ext 3300 e-mails humberto_mourao (at) hilton.com or saohitwfb (at) hilton.com Let's make Beatles always alive !! Obs; This is the second edition of this festival. from Humberto McGreen Mourao Jr. --- Email: humberto_mourao (at) hilton.com
  47. [Beatles-A] Jan 5, 2001 "Question for you..." (found site through: Yahoo) --- GREAT Website ! I bet you can answer this... Is the American version of Rubber Soul available on Compact Disc ? (All I can find is the British version.) "I've just seen a Face" just goes with that album to me. If so, do you know where to get a copy ? from Bill Vereen --- Email: btvereen (at) cs.com
  48. [Beatles-A] Jan 6, 2001 "The Beatles Albums / Songs" (found site through: YAHOO) --- Truly, the Greatest Band of all time, bar none. The innovation, sheer talent and musical genius will never be matched by any other musical group in our lifetime. from James Ritter --- Email: jritter428 (at) mediaone.net
  49. [Beatles-A] Jan 7, 2001 "Hands across the water!" (found site through: netscape) --- Great site! Does anyone know what song 'Hands across the water' is attached to? I can't find it listed anywhere so it must be part of a medly or something like that. Thanks ahead of time. Tim. from TIM --- Email: RTWalker (at) mediaone.net
  50. [Beatles-A] Jan 8, 2001 "Hands across the water..." (found site through: netscape) --- Thanks for the reply! It was a Paul McCartney single 'Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey' that had that on the same piece. From 1971. Thanks... Tim. from Tim --- Email: rtwalker (at) mediaone.net
  51. [Beatles-A] Jan 8, 2001 "Total hippie" (found site through: yahoo) --- The Beatles dident just make great music, they inspired and revelutionized the history of the world! from Tyler rex ellison --- Email: tygy18 (at) aol.com
  52. [Beatles-A] Jan 9, 2001 "beatles" (found site through: google) --- Dear Sir, You may be interested to visit my web site. If you have any pals that are interested in BEATLE related things please email them my web address. I think your web site very good and I enjoyed looking around.Cheers from Bill Covington in England from Bill Covington --- Email: userw7021 (at) aol.com Web Page: https://www.d-tang.clara.co.uk/cov-drums/index.htm
  53. [Beatles-A] Jan 9, 2001 "help finding an album" (found site through: basic opening explorer page) --- I am looking for an album by various artists performing unusual arrangements of Beatles songs. One song is sang by Goldie Hawn etc. anyone know what this album is entitled or where it can be purchased. It would have been released within the last 5 years. Thanks! from r.brooks/armstrong --- Email: trakarms (at) nb.sympatico.ca
  54. [Beatles-A] Jan 10, 2001 "permission to use Beatles music" (found site through: google) --- How do I get permission to use the song "Yellow Submarine" as background music for an Odyssey of the Mind Competition? Eric, age 13 Thanks! from eric --- Email: scruggzy (at) yahoo.com
  55. [Beatles-A] Jan 10, 2001 "Rare version of Rubber Soul ?" (found site through: Google) --- I own a mono Rubber Soul Lp that contains a recording of "norwegian wood" in which John Lennon has a brief coughing fit during the vocal. I have never read any notice ,or exception foot-noted in any beatle record books. Is this rare? from Charlie Rehm --- Email: CRRREHM (at) CS.COM
  56. [Beatles-A] Jan 11, 2001 "beatles info:" (found site through: google) --- Hello everyone!! My involvement with The Beatles began in 1964 when I signed to a band that was managed br Brian Epstein. I was 18 years old and a dream came true for me. I have a web site www.d-tang.clara.co.uk/cov-drums/index.htm please take a look. Cheers from Bill in England from Bill Covington --- Email: userw7021 (at) aol.com Web Page:
  57. [Beatles-A] Jan 12, 2001 "lyrics" (found site through: yahoo) --- I understand that Neil Diamond wrote the lyrics to one of the Beatles songs, can you tell me which one it is? from Tiffany Martin --- Email: stmartin (at) airmail.net
  58. [Beatles-A] Jan 14, 2001 "Beatles last album" (found site through: Yahoo) --- What was the Beatles last album? from Ken Simmerman --- Email: kasimm (at) kiva.net
  59. [Beatles-A] Jan 14, 2001 "question on vinyls" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am a new Beatles vinyl collector and I wondered if anyone knows the differences between the label colors when it comes to value. For instance, on Capitol label, what are the differences between "black rainbow", orange, green, etc... I would greatly appreciate any information that would help in collecting Beatles vinyl. Thanks from Jason Brooks --- Email: brooksie24 (at) hotmail.com
  60. [Beatles-A] Jan 14, 2001 (found site through: i put beatles in search and i couls find this) --- I believe the beatles are the best group of the history and it shows still because to many old and young people continue loving beatles,like me i,m a teenager. This page is really interesting. BYE. from Raquel Acedo Mayordomo --- Email: lafrontera0 (at) eresmas.com
  61. [Beatles-A] Jan 14, 2001 "none" (found site through: yahoo) --- no comments from jason brooks --- Email: brooksie24 (at) hotmail.com
  62. [Beatles-A] Jan 15, 2001 "Beatles" (found site through: Looksmart) --- Thanks for the complete list of Beatles songs from Susan --- Email: scannon (at) kumc.edu
  63. [Beatles-A] Jan 15, 2001 "Beatles Vinyl Values" (found site through: I created the web site) --- Jason, To understand the values and varieties of Beatles vinyl record, I would suggest that you get a record price guide from the library or bookstore; there is an excellent one listed at the top of the Beatles FAQ web page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html Each label and each tiny variation of reprinted versions of the covers and labels makes a difference in the price. In additon, there are a number of forged covers and labels to look out for. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  64. [Beatles-A] Jan 15, 2001 "Last Album" (found site through: I created the web site) --- It all depends on your definitions. Certainly Beatles 1 in 2000 is the most recent. Since it is a collection of existing releases, you might go back to the Anthology series - they were previously unreleased out-takes ... Of you could go back to their general release albums. The full list is: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html Regards - from Doug - Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html
  65. [Beatles-A] Jan 15, 2001 "Diamond Wrote Beatles Lyrics?" (found site through: I created the page) --- Tiffany, I have checked the writers and composers of all Beatles songs in my list: www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html and none show a writer or composer named Diamond. I'd appreciate any more information if you can find it. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html
  66. [Beatles-A] Jan 17, 2001 "new album" (found site through: excite) --- need to know the name of the newest beatles album/cd from Spider --- Email: spider.76 (at) home.com
  67. [Beatles-A] Jan 18, 2001 "Beatles #2 Hits" --- With the extraordinary success of The Beatles #1 Album (30 years after they recorded their last track together), my question would be: Can the release of a CD containing all their #2 hits (songs that only made it to #2 on the charts) be far behind? I personally would be happy to buy a release like that. Is there somewhere I could access a list of all Beatle songs that made it to # 2 on the charts? from Curtis Walby --- Email: cwalby (at) wardclaims.com
  68. [Beatles-A] Jan 20, 2001 "the beatles" (found site through: beatles dicography) --- great site finally found everything i was looking for. easy to follow and complete. will come to this site often-e mail me if you choose thank you-----------flyrod56 from dave --- Email: flyrod56 (at) aol.com
  69. [Beatles-A] Jan 21, 2001 "Yesterday and Today" (found site through: Google) --- Why has "Yesterday and Today" never been released on CD? I think this album flows better and is much more of a companion to "Rubber Soul" than "Revolver". I know you "Revolver" fanatics may disagree, but I think "Yesterday and Today" should get its due. Scott from Scott Robinson --- Email: sfr (at) kih.net
  70. [Beatles-A] Jan 21, 2001 "Re: Yesterday and Today" (found site through: I created the site) --- The short answer is that the CD releases follow the British versions of the Beatles albums. The British albums were longer (more songs) than the US versions and that fits well with the CD format which holds longer recordings. All the Beatles songs are available on CD. You can look them up in: www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html and see which CD they are on (which is probably closer to the Beatles' intentions than what we got in the USA) Regards - from Doug - Web Page: www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  71. [Beatles-A] Jan 22, 2001 "hello " (found site through: iwant to be agreat singer) --- hi ? I'm marroccan male 27 years old i'want to be agreat singer but Ineed some one who can help me for that so please if anyone can help me he will write me soon and more a good singer and Ihave agood song please give your eamil soon with your advise ;Iplay an guitar and ican sing in everykind of music from sette hassan --- Email: sette_hassan (at) hotmail.com
  73. [Beatles-A] Jan 23, 2001 "the beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- what was the name and date of the beatles first album in the united kingdom? please. I'm despate!!! from sheila lowery --- Email: sheila_ann_lowery (at) hotmail.com
  74. [Beatles-A] Jan 24, 2001 --- want to sell a beatles LP from donaldson --- Email: V1325 (at) hotmail.com
  75. [Beatles-A] Jan 24, 2001 "Site..." (found site through: Google USA) --- Great Site, Keep it Up...

    Mark Levering says Hello.
  77. [Beatles-A] Jan 25, 2001 "John Lennon's grave" (found site through: Yahoo! Search Engine) --- I was just wondering if anyone knew if John Lennon had a grave somewhere? I know Yoko Ono has his ashes somewhere (rumor has it that it's under her bed... lovely huh?) but usually people have some kind of memorial service with a grave or something. So does anyone know anything about it? Atleast if there even IS one? Thanks a lot. from Gabby --- Email: bluediamond1584 (at) egenerosity.com
  78. [Beatles-A] Jan 29, 2001 "beatles' religion" (found site through: me) --- i wanted to know if the beatles actually became hindus or if they are/were christians. i know they were raised as christians, right? do you know what their beliefs became? from katja imani --- Email: mo7 (at) mail.com Web Page: https://expage.com/awayfromtheworld/
  79. [Beatles-A] Jan 30, 2001 "Missing album" (found site through: Yahoo) --- The Beatles live at Shea Stadium was the first vinyl album I ever bought but I cannot find it listed anywhere - including here. Do you know why it is so hard to find? Cheers from David Doherty --- Email: ddoc (at) dircon.co.uk
  80. [Beatles-A] Jan 31, 2001 "last #1 hit" (found site through: Yahoo) --- What was the last #1 hit performed publically by the Beatles? from Robert Weaver --- Email: bilboe (at) home.com
  81. [Beatles-A] Feb 1, 2001 --- Denne meldingen er til alle som skjønner disse ord. For meg finnes det to store band i rockehistorien; the Band og the Beatles. Når det gjelder førstnevnte, så er denne hjemmesiden en utmerket side for å holde seg oppdatert på gruppen og musikken. Når det gjelder the Beatles så prøver vi nå å lage en side som vi skandinaver (alle andre er selvfølgelig også velkommen) kan møtes for diskutere the Beatles og beslektede grupper/musikk. Håper at også du vil hjelpe oss med å få siden til å bli noe mer enn en vanlig side på nettet. Adressen er: https://home.online.no/~thoyerha/acrosstu.html from Bonzo --- Email: thoyerha (at) online.no
  82. [Beatles-A] Feb 1, 2001 "Beatles+Radio= 0" (found site through: google) --- Why arn't the beatles ever on any good stations. The Beatles are legends,they should be treated like legends- from Blake Lovain --- Email: mommys_little_soldier (at) yahoo.com
  83. [Beatles-A] Feb 8, 2001 "fan" --- I am great beatles fan peter from peter --- Email: valent_2000 (at) aol.com
  84. [Beatles-A] Feb 11, 2001 "Inquiry" --- Where can I find a list of all Lennon/McCartney songs used by other British Invasion artist between 1963-1966? Thanks. DrmJ from David R. Moenich --- Email: drmjohnston (at) aol.com
  85. [Beatles-A] Feb 11, 2001 "Beatles song" (found site through: NBCi.com) --- Looking for the Beatles song with the phrase "Beep beep beep beep, yeah! from Kim --- Email: jkstahly (at) maxiis.com
  86. [Beatles-A] Feb 13, 2001 "Questions?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- This site provides a lot of useul information. I am 17 years old and would like to know whether or not you can buy ALL of the Beatles albums on CD (if any). If so where from? from Paul Fairhurst --- Email: paul.lfc (at) another.com
  87. [Beatles-A] Feb 15, 2001 --- More Beatles original pics please I know we have seen them all , but have we. Give peace a chance from Trev Widdowson --- Email: trevornottherev (at) fsmail.net
  88. [Beatles-A] Feb 18, 2001 "CoolHotLinks.com" (found site through: fast search) --- Coolhotlinks.com is the ultimate guide to the coolest and hottest links for the Web's most popular sites, games, jokes, people, products, and more, in all your favorite categories! Visit us here: https://coolhotlinks.com from Flame N. Wong --- Email: info (at) coolhotlinks.com Web Page: https://coolhotlinks.com
  89. [Beatles-A] Feb 18, 2001 "Beatles first hit" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- waSA THE Beatles first hit "love me do"? from vICTORIA --- Email: viccivic (at) hotmail.com
  90. [Beatles-A] Feb 19, 2001 "The Beatles" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- I found this album at a yard sale and bought it for .25 cents, its called "20 x 4" by the beatles. It's on a German record lable called HORWEITE. It is dated 1971. Ever hear of it? Please help! Thankyou, and I very much enjoyed your site! Peace andf Love, Frank from Frank Hernandez --- Email: chelle (at) socal.rr.com
  91. [Beatles-A] Feb 20, 2001 "ever heard of this lp?" --- I bought this Beatles lp at a yard sale for 25 cents, have any idea what it's worth? it's called "20 x 4 " on a german lable called HORWEITE. It's in mint condition. It was released in 1971 and is a compilation album. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Frank from Frank --- Email: chelle (at) socal.rr.com
  92. [Beatles-A] Feb 20, 2001 "school report" (found site through: aol) --- i was wandering if i could interview any of the beatles on the phone for my school report this is very inportant to me .if my report wins i get to go to the state compitions.THis will be my main source .if you could answer it quick it will be helpful. from flora yeaman --- Email: jackfrost401924 (at) aol.com
  93. [Beatles-A] Feb 22, 2001 (found site through: Google) --- Informative website, just surfed in from Liverpool..... from Tom Fox --- Email: foxtunes (at) email.com Web Page: https://www.mp3.com/tomfox
  94. [Beatles-A] Feb 24, 2001 "Number Nine" (found site through: Metacrawler) --- I would like to know if anybody else has heard the Beatle's Number Nine song on the White Album? Backwards? If you have, what did you hear? I figured out how to play it backwards on my computer, but only had the guts to listen to the last bit (since forward it was freaky enough), and it had a man repeating, "Turn me on dead man." from Spryng
  95. [Beatles-A] Feb 25, 2001 ""black Album(found site through: Alta Vista) --- What about the "Black Album" I've been finding references to it all over the place from mike lester --- Email: mlester2 (at) twcny.rr.com
  96. [Beatles-A] Mar 3, 2001 "looking for help getting a job in broadcasting" (found site through: Doug very kindly assisted me) --- I am currently taking swedish lessons in a desperate attempt to obtain a position in radio or television broadcasting. i feel scandanavian countries offer a much higher standard of humane living than the united states. However, any suggestions would be appreciated. I do possess a first class fcc radiotelephone broadcaster's license and a two year diploma from the Institute of Broadcast Arts in Chicago. I want to wish all Beatle fans best wishes all over the world. My favorite Beatle songs are cayenne...hello little girl...yes it is....you know my name; look up the number...things we said today...please please me...nobody told me there'd be days like these.... from mark winokur --- Email: markwinokur (at) freewebemail.com
  97. [Beatles-A] Mar 5, 2001 "beatles 65 and beatles VII" --- How can I get a copy of beatles 65 and beatles VII cd's? from Paul Truncellito --- Email: ptruncellito (at) hotmail.com
  98. [Beatles-A] Mar 7, 2001 "Beatles convention" --- Doug - One of the guys here at our school is taking a day off next week (march 16) to go to the Beatles Convention in Meadowlands, NJ. I showed him your website. He wondered if you knew about this convention. He said you can find out by dialing 1-800-BEATLES. Figured you knew about it but thought I'd pass it on. Sue from Susan Bachman --- Email: Susan_Bachman (at) westport.k12.ct.us
  99. [Beatles-A] Mar 7, 2001 "Lost album" (found site through: yahoo) --- I've heard that there is a lost album called "Everest" which was released by Apple in 1970, it has a picture of the four in front of Mt Everest on the cover. I cannot find any information re this album, does anyone know if it's true or not???? from Spud --- Email: clohan2631 (at) aol.com
  100. [Beatles-A] Mar 8, 2001 (found site through: Black Album) --- Subj: Black Album Date: 3/7/01 Here is a website that tells about The Black Album. Until I got this email I had never heard of this album either. It appears that it was a 3 album set that copied the White Album, but all it was is just a bunch of Get Back Sessions outakes. It was released in 1981. https://www.tacoshell.com/entomology/beatleg/discs/eva2r-75.htm It gives the 3 albums and all the tracks on those albums. from Jonathan - relayed by Doug - Web Page: www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  101. [Beatles-A] Mar 10, 2001 "pics and lies" (found site through: Yahoo) --- This is a really interesting site, you should check out https://www.LiesPeopleTell.com for strange stories and hot pics! from Colin Barnes --- Email: barney (at) goldtrail.com
  102. [Beatles-A] Mar 10, 2001 "Lies" (found site through: Yahoo) --- This is a really interesting site, you should check out www.LiesPeopleTell.com for strange stories and hot pics! from Donna Berry --- Email: donnab (at) liespeopletell.com Web Page: https://www.liespeopletell.com/
  103. [Beatles-A] Mar 10, 2001 "Beatles Song List - A to Z" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Is there a list of every Beatles tune recorded? from Jim Hardiman --- Email: jimnjen2 (at) home.com
  104. [Beatles-A] Mar 10, 2001 "Beatles Songs A-Z" (found site through: my web site) --- Every song the Beatles released anywhere is: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html Every song the Beatles played anywhere that got recorded at all (for instance on a tape recorder) is: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html If you are asking about every song that they wrote that anyone ever recorded - I have no idea. These "cover" recordings are in the thousands - I can remember when "Yesterday" alone had hundreds of versions. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  105. [Beatles-A] Mar 11, 2001 "complete list" (found site through: apple/excite) --- WOW!!!!!! Just what I was looking for. What a great, complete list. Thanks a million. I just wish they would make the CD's like the albums they released in the USA. Like "Yesterday"...And Today (with the trunk) from Greg Bell --- Email: gbell1 (at) socal.rr.com
  106. [Beatles-A] Mar 12, 2001 "Total World sales" (found site through: Hotbot) --- Hi there ; So, IS there no way to determine some sort of "ballpark" idea of how much the TOTAL World record sales comes to? Even a good approximation would be nice. thanx ; ---jesse from Capt. Jesse Carnes --- Email: jesse.carnes (at) juno.com
  107. [Beatles-A] Mar 13, 2001 "song title" (found site through: google) --- I'm certain I have heard a song about a dancing bear by the beatles. I don't remember how it goes but I thought if I knew its name I could find it and check it out again. from Roland Blum --- Email: smillen (at) eisa.net.au
  108. [Beatles-A] Mar 15, 2001 "beatles" --- I have a copy of an original vinyl recording, date 1977, of the Beatles double album, Live at the Star Club, pressed in Hamburg Germany, 1962. Recording Company Bellaphon, in immaculate condition, does anybody out-there know if this would be considered as a collectable item. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated Asap. from paul --- Email: slowcoach2000 (at) aol.com
  109. [Beatles-A] Mar 17, 2001 "1st hit for the Beatles in the United States" --- Their first hit in the United States was "I Want To Hold Your Hand." That is the song that prompted the Beatles to come to the United States and perform on The Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964. from Jonathan Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html
  110. [Beatles-A] Mar 18, 2001 "Total Record Sales" --- I did find one page that estimated the total world record sales at 500 million. This is the only figure I could find. from Jonathan Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html
  111. [Beatles-A] Mar 20, 2001 "about my picture" (found site through: yahoo) --- Back in 1966 I have received a picture from Official Beatles Fan Club/ Liverpool-UK.It is 3x5 inches,B&W picture of all 4 guys.It is in excelent condition and Ihaven't been able to find/see another one.Each of them have signed their first name only on it.The hand signatures are made with a blue ballpen.I would like to find out how much this would be worth(just about).Also,I am looking for some one who would like to purchase it.Where can I find an expert in Beatles appraisals? from marian nicolescu --- Email: mario1 (at) ptd.net
  112. [Beatles-A] Mar 21, 2001 "Most Logical Beatle Song American Playing Order " (found site through: Yahoo) --- I'm trying to put together a concise recording of all The Beatles' songs as MP3s on a single disc(for my own use of course, I own all of the CDs). I want to put them in a logical order by American release date favoring (Capital) album sequnce order with singles not included on albums and not entirely Capital, wedged in between. I'm having a tough time deciding if I should use "The Early Beatles", "Introducing The Beatles" (#1 or #2). Looking at this site, apparently "Introducing The Beatles #2" was the most popular of the 3 original releases, although I would have to skip "I Saw Her Standing There" as it is contained in "Meet The Beatles". Comments appreciated, please. from Stu --- Email: sjnykiel (at) home.com
  113. [Beatles-A] Mar 21, 2001 "Beatles" (found site through: google) --- Thanks for keeping up the memories.....Beatles forever Herbert www.rockmuseum.de from Herbert Hauke --- Email: HHauke1493 (at) aol.com Web Page: https://www.rockmuseum.de/
  114. [Beatles] Mar 23, 2001 --- hi there i have never been on you site befor but i think that it is good iam mad about the beatles and i will coming on your site more than once it is a shame about John lennon
  115. [Beatles] Mar 23, 2001 --- Hi just wanted to tell you that my favorite band are the beatles my friend Kelly intruduced me to the Beatles and now they are my favorite band i went out on the 22nd of march ( yesterday ) and bought one of the beatles singles on the 22nd of March ( yesterday ) my favorite two songs are HELP!and PENNY LANE i know all the words too both love your band from grace the dream maker from GRACE
  116. [Beatles] Mar 23, 2001 --- Hi just wanted to tell you that my favorite band are the beatles my friend Kelly intruduced me to the Beatles and now they are my favorite band i went out on the 22nd of march ( yesterday ) and bought one of the beatles singles on the 22nd of March ( yesterday ) my favorite two songs are HELP!and PENNY LANE i know all the words too both love your band from grace the dream maker from GRACE
  117. [Beatles] Mar 23, 2001 "the hast a son album" (found site through: yahoo) --- i have this album but cant find any info on it from elrob --- Email: elrob (at) together.net
  118. [Beatles] Mar 29, 2001 "BEATLES.....WHAT" (found site through: yahoo) --- beatles are no question the best band ever......jimi hendrix and the beatles are who made music today......without there contributions i dont think music would be where it is now from SLOPPY ---
  119. [Beatles] Mar 30, 2001 "incredible book about specific beatles music" (found site through: yahoo) --- The very best book by far on the Beatles is called "Beatles, the Musicians" /revolver, because it has a composer-writers perspective: It actualy tells who wrote each song (what everyone wants to know), with analysis and contextual story & reflections. Its has "aesthetic insight". Eagan! from Eagan ---
  120. [Beatles] Apr 1, 2001 "Live At BBC" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Do you know anything about an album of early, early Beatles songs which were done live on the BBC? from Jeff Congdon --- Email: congdon (at) startel.net
  121. [Beatles] Apr 2, 2001 ""junk" is not on ram" (found site through: yahoo) --- The song "junk" is not on the ram album. I promise! its my favorite p. mccartney album, and im positive its not on ram! have a good day! Torrey Dunn from Torrey Dunn --- Email: dunn200 (at) yahoo.com
  122. [Beatles] Apr 2, 2001 "Very informative site" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Thank you for some very interesting facts about the beatles. I've been a fan since 1980 when I was 12 years old. You're right when you say that the Beatles trancend generations. Even my 3 year old daughter is quite captivated with my Beatles collection, and loves the song Drive My Car and sings it whenever we're in the car. Thanks again! from Suresh Mukhi --- Email: iknowledge (at) vasia.com
  123. [Beatles] Apr 2, 2001 "Anthology III - Get Back" (found site through: beatlelinks.net) --- Is this the version from the rooftop? from mschaefer --- Email: matthewschaefer (at) hotmail.com
  124. [Beatles] Apr 4, 2001 "Beatle's White Album" --- I have a Beatle's White Album, never opened from the plastic. Worth anything to collectors? Contact me by email. from Ron --- Email: FLYER412 (at) aol.com
  125. [Beatles] Apr 7, 2001 "The title of a song" (found site through: aol) --- I want to know the name of the song with the lyrics "Baby I'm amazed.. from Deborah --- Email: [Beatles] Apr 7, 2001 "Beatles-site" (found site through: beatlelinks.net) --- Hi Beatlesfans! Please have a look at https://www.kkbeatlesphotos.com Here you will find lots of interesting items and photos of The Beatles (e.g. the works of Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann), the Star Club and the Hamburg Sound as well as many other great names of the music world. Real cool site! from Thomas --- Email: damp2000 (at) gmx.de
  126. [Beatles] Apr 9, 2001 "instrument" (found site through: yahoo) --- I need to know in what key and what tipe of harmonica john lennon used in I Should Have Nnown Better.Please help me. Thank you. from gerardo campos --- Email: genluxuria (at) yahoo.com
  127. [Beatles] Apr 9, 2001 "if you know a lot about the beatles then answer this" (found site through: yahoo) --- what is the name of the obscure song that sounds similar to hard day's night but they keep on saying "yes it's true", i haven't found it on any of the 3 anthologies and it's not on the red or white album from tmac ---
  128. [Beatles] Apr 10, 2001 "Last Night at Hamburg CD" (found site through: https://www.Yahoo.com) --- hello! i have a question...i have a copy of a live Beatles CD titled "Last Night at Hamburg" and i don't recognize most of the songs. The first track is "I Saw Her Standing There," the ninth is "Twist and Shout." Is this some sort of bootleg disc or no? if not, what's the setlist? thanks! -d from davy --- Email: davya (at) webtv.net
  129. [Beatles] Apr 11, 2001 "THANKYOU!" (found site through: MSN) --- I'm an (almost) 15 yr old girl from England who's a massive fan of the Beatles, and I'd like to say THANKYOU for the long and utterly comprehensive list of Beatles albums -- I've been in search of such a good list for a while. Now I can go down to my record store and give them the actual titles of ther correct CDs, since I've been asking them to order CDs that don't even exist! THANKYOU!! THANKOU!! *Good Day Sunshine* from Ele Roscoe --- Email: moffrocka (at) mail.com
  130. [Beatles] Apr 12, 2001 "Beatles Book" (found site through: Web Ferret) --- I have a Beatles book It was a Monthly Issue called the Beatles Book This is September 1963 Book #2 A Tale of Four Beatles wondering if there are many of these out there? If anyone has seen one it was printed in the UK of course from bub --- Email: bubski100 (at) hotmail.com
  131. [Beatles] Apr 12, 2001 "Lyrics" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I need the lyrics to the song "In my life" from the Rubber Soul album. can you please email them to me?? THANKS from Dana Bachman --- Email: dbachma (at) kimball.com
  132. [Beatles] Apr 13, 2001 "john lennon card" (found site through: jeeves) --- how can i find out the value of a 1963 personally signed john lennon card in great shape from dawn iverson --- Email: shortround68 (at) hotmail.com
  133. [Beatles] Apr 13, 2001 "Message" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Nice site. Now come see mine. from Promoter --- Web Page: "https://paulsbrain.kiwitown.com/paulsbrain"
  134. [Beatles] Apr 16, 2001 "beatles (duh!)" (found site through: my buddy) --- The beatles rocked man. im only 13 and i listen to them. the only thing that scares me is that paul macartlney thhing. oohh...scary. well the sites it cool. lataz! *michi!* from Michelle ---
  135. [Beatles] Apr 18, 2001 "thank you very much" (found site through: YAHOO) --- thank you so much for making this site! I wanted to have the list of songs on each album, and everything on this site is so organized! I love it, this site is SO on my favorites list!! Thanks again! ~elise from Elise --- Email: e1i5e (at) hotmail.com
  137. [Beatles] Apr 22, 2001 "A cool web site" (found site through: Yahoo.com) --- Hi ! I'm a french man. I visit yout web-site today, and I appreciate It. In France, I've got my own beatles-website who is available at https://www.yellow-sub.net : You can find on it very rare interviews, bootlegs, MP3 and videos..... from Clive --- Web Page: "https://www.yellow-sub.net"
  138. [Beatles] Apr 24, 2001 "double-tracked vocals" (found site through: www.smartengine.com) --- Could you explain to me what doube-tracked vocals are? Thanks! from Kevin Ngo --- Email: dkngo (at) hotmail.com
  139. [Beatles] May 1, 2001 "Beatles" (found site through: Yahoo/Google) --- Still listen to the Beatles regularly. You can never get tired of them. They've inspired my music completely. I can't think of anyone who hasn't been inspired by the Beatles. I know Fountain of the Sun owes them too much for inspiration. Sincerely, Neil Gunter from Neil Gunter --- Email: fountainofthesun (at) yahoo.com Web Page: "https://www.geocities.com/fountainofthesun"
  140. [Beatles] May 2, 2001 "album releases" (found site through: yahoo) --- great site...your hours of work saved me hours of research. Is there a way to tell which albums on your list were US releases? Some songs appear on more than one LP!? Are there any singles that were not on an album? If this is an involved answer, can you recommend the best reference book? thanks jmac from John McIntyre --- Email: jmac (at) remotedatasystems.com
  141. [Beatles] May 3, 2001 "Beatles Records" --- Hello, I have 2 albums from the beatles and I would like to know how much they are worth now. The Beatles "Beautiful Dreamer" & "Dawn of the Silver Beatles". Any help would be good. Thanks Melissa from Melissa --- Email: cordell (at) ptw.com
  142. [Beatles] May 3, 2001 "HELP!!" --- I'm on a search for Beatles Love Songs on CD or casette. Do you have any idea if such a thing exists? Please let me know. Your site is great by the way. Love Peg from Peggy Scott --- Email: scot8577 (at) georgian.edu
  143. [Beatles] May 3, 2001 "what nasty comment did paul make after being informed of johns death" (found site through: dogpile) --- i would like to know what exactly did paul say when asked for his reaction to johns death? i know it was said to be pretty nasty. from timothy laufer --- Email: timbig (at) aol.com
  144. [Beatles] May 5, 2001 "Beatles Mania" (found site through: Yahoo.com) --- Are there some other songs from the Beatles which are not yet released up to now? from Julius Memar J. Ngoho --- Email: jmngoho (at) yahoo.com
  145. [Beatles] May 6, 2001 "Hey Jude Album" (found site through: Beatles link) --- I have a copy of the original album released in 1970. Is it a collectable? I have not run across a cd copy or any other info on it until now. Any info will be appreciated. from Allen --- Email: allen_W_edwards (at) hotmail.com
  146. [Beatles] May 9, 2001 "history of the Beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- Which Beatles-related website has the most comprehensive history of the fab four? from bong concepcion --- Email: hconcep (at) yahoo.com
  147. [Beatles] May 11, 2001 "" --- Could anyone tell me what songs by the beatles have been used for any commercials? thanks! Greetings from Amsterdam, jeroen from Jeroen van Renesse --- Email: jeroen (at) vanrenesse.com
  148. [Beatles] May 11, 2001 "Searching for a very special CD" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hello, Have anyone heard of a CD containing all Beatles-songs? You can choose the LP first, then the specific song. Then the song will be played and the lyrics can be read on your PC. Can anyone tell me where I can get this CD? from John Inge Hals --- Email: jinhals (at) sensewave.com
  149. [Beatles] May 15, 2001 "Beatles Rooftop concert" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Is there a CD that has the music from the so called "rooftop concert" that the Beatles did in Liverpool? from Dave Dimmick --- Email: dimmickd (at) ptd.net
  150. [Beatles] May 15, 2001 "Beatles Applause Porcelain Sgt. Pepper's dolls" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Anyone know how much the set of four Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Porcelain dolls are running? I am interested in selling the set and want to have some idea of their value. Mickey Thompson from Mickey Thompson --- Email: mickeykthompson (at) mindspring.com
  151. [Beatles] May 16, 2001 "Carry That Weight" (found site through: yahoo) --- Went to a trivia night last night & the question was who sang a song & the name of the song. We were right that it was the Beatles but they said the name of the song was the first line of the song & not Carry That Weight. According to your website Carry That Weight is correct. Could you confirm please. Thanks Robyn from Robyn Thorncroft --- Email: Robyn_thorncroft (at) royalsun.com.au
  152. [Beatles] May 16, 2001 "Looking for Lyrics in erery albums" --- i'm only 28 but i know you since i was 5 you guys are really amazing !!! from Budi "Bidhoe" Christianto --- Email: Bidhoe (at) yahoo.com
  153. [Beatles] May 18, 2001 "the BEATLES ROCK" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- wow thats guys i really love the beatles and i was going a report on them for a english class and you really helped me out on that Lindsey from Lindsey Mensch --- Email: vadiamarie (at) hotmail.com
  154. [Beatles] May 22, 2001 "Rare Album...Need Info. PLEASE!!!!!!!!" (found site through: msn) --- I have a Beatles Album... Dated 1962 on the Mr. Pickwick Records label. The title of the album is...The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan. The album cover states that it is a British Import and it is printed in England. The songs are as follows: side one..... 1. Ain't She Sweet 2. Cry For A Shadow 3. Let's Dance 4. My Bonnie 5. Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby 6.What'd I Say Side Two.... 1. Sweet Georgia Brown 2. The Saints 3. Ruby Baby 4. Why (Can't You Love Me Again) 5. Nobody's Child 6. Ya Ya IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION REGAURDING THIS ALBUM...AND IT'S VALUE....PLEASE E-MAIL ME...I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND ANY INFO. ON IT AT ALL....I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANYTHING ABOUT IT WHATSOEVER!!! Thank you....Ace711 (at) msn.com from Chris A. Trowbridge --- Email: Ace711 (at) msn.com
  156. [Beatles] May 28, 2001 "Computer Crime Problems Research Center" (found site through: Internet !) --- Hi, I liked your Site and I had found lot of helpful information for myself. Thank you. from Vladimir Golubev --- Email: golubev_061949 (at) yahoo.com Web Page: "https://www.crime-research.org/eng/"
  157. [Beatles] May 28, 2001 "Gold discs?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Could you please tell me how many gold discs the Beatles won? from Ruth Jones --- Email: ruthjones (at) tesco.net
  158. [Beatles] Jun 1, 2001 --- I have some Beatles 33 Lp for sale , If somebody have any interest, please send me an email.One of the record is: The Beatles Live at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany 1962. Good Condition.By Bellaphone BLS 5560. from Emilio Vazquez --- Email: millenium_1_us (at) yahoo.com
  159. [Beatles] Jun 2, 2001 "Intristing" (found site through: Altavista) --- My favorite Beatles song is the "Yellow Submarine" FLORA from Flora Domonkos --- Email: fonema (at) mail.tiszanet.hu
  160. [Beatles] Jun 2, 2001 --- Good! from Nelson Reis --- Email: casca (at) argo.com.br
  161. [Beatles] Jun 5, 2001 "vote upcoming unsigned bands vote my choice" --- There is mind-blowing music by new unsigned bands at www.beer.com You guys check it out. You can even vote for your favorite band and get to meet Pam. from darrick --- Email: darrickno (at) yahoo.com Web Page: "https://jamwithpam.com"
  162. [Beatles] Jun 5, 2001 "record search" --- Why isn't Rock n Roll Music Volume I on CD? If it is , where can I purchase it? from Bruce Trtanj --- Email: bruce.trtanj (at) wcg.com
  163. [Beatles] Jun 5, 2001 "NEED PIC OF FAN!" (found site through: google) --- Hi, I was just wondering if ANYONE had a picture of one of the screaming girls at a Beatles concert (such as Ed Sullivan). I wanted to use it to make a logo for my computer project. If anyone knows where I could find one, PLEASE let me know! THANK YOU!! =) from Beckie --- Email: Beckie4918 (at) aol.com
  164. [Beatles] Jun 5, 2001 "Little help?" (found site through: Dogpile) --- Did the Beatles ever sing the song "Take Good Care of my Baby"? I have an mp3 and it sounds like them, but I cannot find any record of them ever recording that song. It is very possibly someone else because the vocals are pretty questionable, but I wanted to check. Thank you, Tony Pomicter P.S. Great Site!! --- Email: tonyp (at) psu.edu
  165. [Beatles] Jun 6, 2001 "Let it Be guitar solos" (found site through: look smart) --- Why are ther two different guitar solos for Let it Be. The album and single versions contain different guitar solos and I've never found an explanation as to why that is. Do you know the scoop? from Don Uwani --- Email: dons (at) kramerprinting.com
  166. [Beatles] Jun 6, 2001 "free as a bird" (found site through: yahoo) --- 1. is there any way i can get this song without buying the whole anthology? i already have a lot of their music. thank you... from sam jones
  167. [Beatles] Jun 19, 2001 ""For No One"" (found site through: Netscape) --- anyone know the origins of "for no one"....what inspired the song, etc. from victor neufeld --- Email: neufelv (at) abcnews.com
  168. [Beatles] Jun 24, 2001 "info on a beatles lp called "buried treasure"" (found site through: yahoo) --- i came across an lp entitled the beatles " buried treasure".i can find no information on this 2 record album.any help you can give me would be appreciated. thank you from lou nani --- Email: landrew106 (at) aol.com
  169. [Beatles] Jun 25, 2001 "love" (found site through: Google) --- There you Are like a swan in the sun, and then you are the sunlight. by Poet Author Scott G. Betton from Scott --- Email: Scott (at) poetland.com Web Page: "https://www.poetland.com"
  170. [Beatles] Jun 25, 2001 "a fan for 38 years" (found site through: google) --- What can I say that hasn't already been said? What they thought was "just a band" was so much more. If Sgt. Pepper's had been released only last week it would still be ahead of its time. Maybe it's because I'm a musician that I can appreciate their music on so many levels. I'm just glad that I was around when it all started and have been able to enjoy it all for so many years. from richard ---
  171. [Beatles] Jun 27, 2001 "Album Information" (found site through: Weebcrawler) --- I have a Beatles Album that a friend told me is valuable. I wonder if you could help or advise me who I might contact to get an idea of the value of this record. The Album is: A Hard Days Night (United Artists UAL3366). The cover was lithographed in Canada. The Album is in mint condition & the plastic is still not broken on the jacket. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Les from Les Parsons --- Email: lesp (at) birdstairs.ca
  172. [Beatles] Jun 29, 2001 "miss u" --- i no all your songs i am 6 years old im in 4 grade i from alex
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  174. [Beatles] Jul 4, 2001 "5 years" (found site through: Google) --- 5 years of this web page - amazing! from Doppler --- Email:
  175. [Beatles] Jul 4, 2001 "General" (found site through: Yahoo serach engine) --- Beatles is one of the greatest group in all these years & they will always be the best!!!!! There is noyone like them & there never will be anyone like them. I am a great fan of the BEATLES.I will always like them from Nikita --- Email: nikitakandath (at) hotmail.com
  176. [Beatles] Jul 5, 2001 "" --- Beatles rules from Edward Ridonas --- Email:
  177. [Beatles] Jul 7, 2001 ""HELP" album cover" (found site through: Google) --- On the cover of the album 'Help', the fab four appear to be spelling out something in semaphore. However, on closer examination they are actually spelling out either "R..U..J..V" or "N..U..J..V" Do these initials have any special meaning to the Beatles? Why didn't they just spell out "H..E..L..P" Why they weird message? Please don't tell me it somehow links to "Paul is dead" or someother crap or I'll hurl! from Dan King --- Email: japanww2 (at) pacbell.net
  178. [Beatles] Jul 7, 2001 "Happy Birthday Ringo Starr " (found site through: www.Google.com) --- July 7, 2001 Ringo Starr 61 Birthday I just wanted to wish you a verry happy birthday on this very special day and Im so glad that your still playing the drumbs. Ringo your exstrley insprational I love you lots and listen to you all the time. Have a wonderful birthday form a die heart Beatles Fan. Malia Anne Ferry 8teen from MaliaFerry --- Email:
  179. [Beatles] Jul 9, 2001 "Great site !" (found site through: MSN Search) --- While on a trip this past weekend I got into a Beatles trivia conversation with my younger cousins and uncle. They were telling me that I was wrong about something relating to the Beatles and almost had me convinced that I was wrong. I started my Beatles collection in third grade. I am now 34. I knew deep down inside I was correct, but your website helped me so much. I just wanted to thank you for listing every single album and song. They were telling me that there was no such album as Hey Jude, and that the song Hey Jude was on Let it be. The silly bastards. from Stephen --- Email: face (at) alteredmindz.com Web Page: www.alteredmindz.com
  180. [Beatles] Jul 10, 2001 "hello" (found site through: my school search engine) --- i thin the beatles are great and could you send me a vido of the beatles to down load to my computer from Russell freddy --- Email: russellisfat
  181. [Beatles] Jul 10, 2001 "Who sang "Something"?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I recently discovered that George wrote "Something", but my guitar player is insisting that he also sang it on the Album. Is this true? Gary from Gary --- Email: drumhand (at) alavista.com
  182. [Beatles] Jul 11, 2001 "The Beatles Festival" (found site through: yahoo) --- Hi Everyone I am contacting people around the world who share the in the same appreciation of music, with regard to: The International Beatles Week and The Mathew Street Music Festival hosted in Liverpool. Could you please show your support for this special occasion simply by informing your member¡¦s and visitors to your site that if they cannot attend the festival in Liverpool they can still see and hear it all ¡§live¡¨ on the internet by logging on to¡K¡K www.livelink2000.com „h INTERNATIONAL BEATLE WEEK ACTIVITY „h 300 BANDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD PLAYING „h SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES „h LARGEST GATHERING OF BEATLES TRIBUTE BANDS „h 6 OUTDOOR STAGES IN LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE „h THE CAVERN CLUB „h STREET ENTERTAINMENT AND STREET ACTIVITY „h ACTIVITY FROM CITY CENTRE BARS AND RESTAURANTS „h THE LARGEST MULTI MUSIC WEBCAST IN HISTORY „h CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS „h ALL OF THE ABOVE ¡§LIVE¡¨ People can see it all ¡§live¡¨ on the internet, and this is in direct association with the Festival organisers in an effort to make the Festival rank as the largest and best Festival in the world as a tribute to the greatest band the world has aver known ¡§THE BEATLES¡¨. We have created a ¡§hotlink¡¨ to our website this can be uploaded onto your website home page. If you send us a ¡§hotlink¡¨ of your website URL we will reciprocate. Please join us in our beautiful city and be part of our special annual event , the people of Liverpool are ready to welcome you to our city and share in part of our heritage, support us and log on to¡K.www.livelink2000.com PLEASE, PLEASE ME¡K¡K. AND LOG ON ! KIND REGARDS P.S. Please pass this message on to your friends and fellow Beatles and music lovers from George --- Email: george (at) telcomanagement.co.uk Web Page: www.livelink2000.com
  183. [Beatles] Jul 13, 2001 "Question re: "Norweigan Wood"" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Me and my boyfriend have a bet - perhaps you can settle? I say "Norweigan Wood" is a love song about Lennon's affair with Yoko Ono. My boyfriend claims it's about some guy who sets fire to his lover's furniture/apartment. Who's right? Can you clear this one up? Cheers. from Chrissy --- Email: catbird9 (at) hotmail.com
  185. [Beatles] Jul 14, 2001 "doody ass" (found site through: phphph.com) --- Texarkana is a cool town. The beatles are cool too. from texarkana joe --- Email: marlboroman69 (at) buweiser.com
  186. [Beatles] Jul 15, 2001 "Let it Be" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Was "Let it Be" written about John Lennon's mother because she used to say that to him? from Karen Carroll --- Email: carroll377 (at) taconic.net
  187. [Beatles] Jul 16, 2001 "the beatles kick ASS" --- THE BEATLES KICK ASS...how many of them are still alive? and how can you get the beatles records as a cd?? from Kelli --- Email: kmorsey (at) home.com
  188. [Beatles] Jul 17, 2001 "The Valkyries" (found site through: Ask jeeves) --- OK, this is not a beatles question, but a friend of mine used to play drums with the Valkyries back in the early 60's. They released a record on Parlophone in 1964, called Rip it up/ Whats your name? label number was R5123. Does anybody out there have a copy, and/or can they tape it for me? I would be most grateful for any help with this. Thanks in advance, Willie. from Willie Dunlop --- Email: williedunlop (at) cwcom.net
  189. [Beatles] Jul 19, 2001 "beatles lyrics" (found site through: yahoo!) --- how can i find the lyrics for the white album? thankx steve from steve --- Email: mykidsst (at) netscape.net
  190. [Beatles] Jul 22, 2001 "value of Beatles records" (found site through: yahoo) --- I have several original Beatles albums and I would like to know their value. I also have many other albums such as Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. from Jim Snyder --- Email: Jim1863 (at) msn.com
  191. [Beatles] Jul 23, 2001 "identification of an album" (found site through: yahoo) --- I have a 3 record album that is all white with "the beatles" in the upper left corner, at the bottom dead center it reads "the silver beatles the beatles live in hamburg >>three records<<. the albums have red labels marked 'the beatles live' and in a circle 'beatles historic beatles. two of the albums are marked side one through side 4 and the other is marked face one and face two. Looking through your list of albums i found something close but it did not include the songs on the third record. Is this album common or do i have something rare? Thanks for any help, Rick. from Rick Fellows --- Email: rickmapleleafs (at) yahoo.com
  192. [Beatles] Jul 23, 2001 "beatles albums" (found site through: google) --- Hi there, great site. I'm trying to collect the Beatles albums, and I'm just kind of confused with some of the earlier albums. What's the difference between "Please Please Me" vs. "Introducing the Beatles" or "With the Beatles" vs. "Meet the Beatles". I'm also confused about Beatles VI, Something New, Beatles 65, The Early Beatles, Yesterday and Today--what are these albums and why so many songs are repeated? For example, "Day Tripper" appears on the "Yesterday...and Today" and "A Collection of Beatles Oldies" album, yet your album list says it appears on only the 1962-1966 (Red), the Beatles 1, and Past Masters 2--all of which are compilation albums in some form or another, aren't they? Wouldn't the song had to have been released on an album at some point prior to its release on a compilation? If you could shed some light on this subject for me and/or list all their unique albums, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm just confused as to why these early albums seem to repeat so many songs, and which albums are originals that I need for my collection (or maybe I need all of them). Thank you for your time. Matt (MMaruna (at) aol.com) from Matt --- Email: MMaruna (at) aol.com
  193. [Beatles] Jul 28, 2001 "love" (found site through: google) --- Please read this greate love poem about tahitian travel at https://www.poetland.com/island.html from scott --- Email: scott (at) poetland.com Web Page: https://www.poetland.com/island.html
  194. [Beatles] Jul 28, 2001 "Congratulations" (found site through: Google.com) --- I would just like to say how pleased I am that Sir Paul, who is, in my opinion, a fine upstanding and talented man, has found happiness with Heather Mills. I'm sure that his late beloved wife, Linda, would be very happy for them. Once again, may I wish Paul and Heather many congratulations on their engagement, and a long and happy marriage. They make a great team together, and I greatly admire all the good work they do in the world today; long may it continue! You have a great website. Very best regards, Patricia Gough from Patricia Ann Gough --- Email: patricia (at) anngough60.freeserve.co.uk
  195. [Beatles] Jul 30, 2001 "Beatles Bloopers" (found site through: Google) --- HELP! Just before Napster's demise, I downloaded some Beatles "Bloopers" that were fantastic! There were identified by the Napster user as Beatles Blooper Medley 1,2,3. However, I cannot find this anywhere, and I've been to every search engine. Do you know anything about this? Thanks -- your site is cool. Darryl from Darryl --- Email: djboyett (at) yahoo.com
  196. [Beatles] Jul 30, 2001 "Mary Hopkin" (found site through: yahoo) --- On the single by Mary Hopkin "those were the days...", did the beatles play back up or sing on it? from C.davis --- Email:
  197. [Beatles] Aug 1, 2001 "you're gonna lose that girl" --- i love paul and john! ringo makes my world go round and yeah george is great. the beatles live on in all our ears and someday i will see paul in the flesh....until then, keep rockin ya whackers. from Jennifer "McCartney" --- Email:
  198. [Beatles] Aug 2, 2001 "Love the Beatles" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Check out the InfoQuest* for Truth site. Love the Beatles! from InfoQuest* for Truth --- Email: infoquest (at) netreach.net Web Page: https://users.netreach.net/infoquest
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  200. [Beatles] Aug 3, 2001 "" (found site through: AOL Keyword "Beatles") --- I LUV the Beatles! Ringo Rules! His All-Starr Band is okitay, but not as cool as The Beatles! Rock on Ringo! from Melissa Barthel --- Email: PolarBear6227 (at) aol.com Web Page: www.hometown.aol.com/polarbear6227/myhomepage/nascar.html
  201. [Beatles] Aug 5, 2001 "jeejee!" (found site through: None,my friend told me to visit this site!) --- your page great!Please visit my page and guestbook too! from Wargåth & Argasagath --- Email: Saunasilli (at) iobox.fi Web Page: www.iaksirampautunut.homestead.com
  202. [Beatles] Aug 7, 2001 "other guest e-mail contact" (found site through: google) --- This is my fist time to vist your web site ? from prince willams --- Email: prince_willams21 (at) yahoo.com
  203. [Beatles] Aug 8, 2001 "Long and winding walrus on the hill!" (found site through: Google) --- The Beatles changed my life completely. I was so moved by their music and style. I knew then that I HAD to become a musician. If the Beatles were a hat, they'd be a top hat! from Mutant --- Email: sexualvomit (at) antisocial.com Web Page: https://www.btinternet.com/~j.spence/vom/index.html
  204. [Beatles] Aug 11, 2001 "question of value" (found site through: explorer) --- I have a Beatles album titled "I want to hold your hand- Beatle Mania- The schoolboys". There are characitures of FIVE original beatles on the cover. On the back there is a Palace label with the number 778 above it. Printed in the USA. The write up on the back refers to them as the Liverpool moptops. Can anyone tell me what the approximate value of this record is? I'm not interested so much in selling it, I would just like to know what it's worth. Thank you so very much. from Sandy Allen --- Email: sandya (at) ovis.net
  205. [Beatles] Aug 15, 2001 "" (found site through: Yahoo/Beatles) --- Great site for World's Greatest Group. Beatles changed my life in 1964 at age 11. Would like to see more on European and Asian albums and picture sleeves. Hope to see Beatle collectors at Austin show in October. from Clint Mueller --- Email: icun77005 (at) yahoo.com
  206. [Beatles] Aug 22, 2001 "Beatle album from '64" (found site through: yahoo) --- Please help my grandad has found an album in his attic from '64 and no one seems to have heard the songs on this, which included I'm a loser, baby's in black adn eight days a week. Most of the songs are sung by John Lennon. I would be grateful for any help you can provide me. thanks from Kerry Haynes --- Email: kezz.haynes (at) btinternet.com
  207. [Beatles] Aug 29, 2001 "Good job." (found site through: Teoma > About.com) --- This is the most thorough FAQ I've seen. It would be easier to read if there isn't any background graphic. I'll have to give you an "A" for content though. from Brian --- Email:
  208. [Beatles] Sep 3, 2001 "Hey Jude Album" (found site through: Excite) --- I thought I was going crazy but this sight helped me realize the truth. Every couple years or so I will look through my CD collection for the Hey Jude CD and not being able to find it I get kind of desparate and run out to the stores to try to buy it. I have even decided to get angry at someone who might have stolen it from me. Then it dawns on me that there is no Hey Jude CD. Then I start to wonder if I am crazy or if there really was a Hey Jude Album that I had once and the record companies just never bothered to put it out in CD form. Your web sight has made me realize that I was right all along and I am not crazy. There was a Hey Jude Album once. Thank you. Now why does my Rubber soul and Revolver look funny ? Got to keep checking my collection ! from gary amstutz --- Email: amstutzGAR (at) aol.com
  209. [Beatles] Sep 3, 2001 "i'm missing something on your site" (found site through: www.google.com) --- Hello, Wow! You've done a lot of work!!! But I really miss something. I've got a LP titled "The Beatles in Italy" and another Picture Disc of the Early Hamburg Recordings which I can't find in your list. As I am a Buddy Holly Fan so our ways are crossing. Please visit my Holly-collection on my homepage. Thank you, Wolfgang from Wolfgang Zschauer --- Email: webmaster@zschauer.de Web Page: www.zschauer.de
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  212. [Beatles] Sep 14, 2001 "We are fans over here." (found site through: lycos) --- You have our support. from Douglas Cornelius --- Email: dcornelius (at) avalontest.com Web Page: https://www.avalontest.com
  213. [Beatles] Sep 14, 2001 "Newbie" (found site through: Google) --- Great site, just what we've been looking for. from Purses 123 gang --- Email: Web Page: https://www.artsandcraftedgifts.com/guestbook.html
  214. [Beatles] Sep 17, 2001 "AMERICA" --- Hi, My prayers are with the Victims of the Trade Center Attack on Tuesday Sept. 11th 2001.. Please take a moment to look at the Loving tribute web site & song 'America The Beautiful' as sang by Elvis Presley... Thank you~ Dee from Lil Me --- Email: Web Page: https://sites.hsprofessional.com/Loxi/9_11_01.html
  215. [Beatles] Sep 17, 2001 "AMERICA" --- Hi, My prayers are with the Victims of the Trade Center Attack on Tuesday Sept. 11th 2001.. Please take a moment to look at the Loving tribute web site & song 'America The Beautiful' as sang by Elvis Presley... Thank you~ Lil Me from Lil Me --- Email: Web Page: https://sites.hsprofessional.com/Loxi/9_11_01.html
  216. [Beatles] Sep 25, 2001 "Value Search" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am seeking the value of a John Lennon/Yoko Ono 45 rpm record, recorded in England on a BMI label. The tunes are Touch Me by Ono on one side and Power To The People by Lennon on the other side. Do you know of this recording and what value might it have as a collectible?? from Vincent Giordano --- Email: vingio (at) attglobal.net
  217. [Beatles] Sep 28, 2001 "" (found site through: www.altavista.com) --- Very interesting website...very good from Andrea Feliziani --- Email: andreafeliziani (at) tiscalinet.it Web Page: www.cropcircles.it
  218. [Beatles] Oct 1, 2001 "Beatles White Double mono UK pressing 1968" (found site through: All The Web) --- I have a mono copy on vinyl of the 1968 release of the Beatles ( aka Double White Album ). It is in excellent, near mint condition. The opening is at the top of the sleeve, it contains black innersleeves, the serial number is 0044235 ( which is not very high as you take in consideration that over 4 million copies were sold). It was pressed in the UK, ofcourse it contains the 4 photos and the poster. Anyone interested? Send offers to ruurd58 (at) xs4all.nl from Ruurd --- Email: ruurd58 (at) xs4all.nl
  219. [Beatles] Oct 3, 2001 "Beatles are the best!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am a HUGE Beatles fan and would like to say they are the best band that has been and ever will be!! The songs and the way all the members contribute is amazing Long live the Beatles John George Paul and Ringo from Terry Naufzinger --- Email:

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