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Beatles Guest Book Part 2

[Beatles photo] Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book part 2: April 1 1997 through December 31 1997. Each guest book item includes the sender name, web address (if any), the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. Click on the icons below to visit my home page or any of the sites in my Web Site Ring.

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Douglas Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 2

  1. Apr 1, 1997 "seaching for report info. Would like response." (found site through: Webcrawler) --- I am considering doing my 5th grade project on the Beatles. Do you have any information that I can use in my report? from Jillian Ferris -- email: ferrisgw (at) post.drexel.edu
  2. Apr 1, 1997 "I lOve George:-)" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- cool web page!! My friend & I love the Beatles!!! L8r! from Courtney Floyd -- email: INT:PWood (at) nconline.com
  3. Apr 1, 1997 "The Beatles Rule" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- I really love the Beatles! My favorite songs are "Because & Paul McCartney's "yesterday". Thanks:-) from Bonnie Stovall -- email: wstov898 (at) InfoAve.net
  4. Apr 1, 1997 "I lOve Paul" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- I love every song song by the Beatles. I just can't explain how much I love Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would do anything to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Danielle Gargus at email: wstov898 (at) InfoAve.net
  5. Apr 1, 1997 "you Know" --- Beatles rock Canada! from Gerry Bell -- email: gwtbell (at) ice.lakeheadu.ca
  6. Apr 1, 1997 (found site through: WebCrawler) --- I enjoyed your page. I have a question. Is there a site somewhere on the net that I can get Beatles sheet music? I can play most of their songs on piano and guitar by sound, but I want to find the music. I know there are books with their sheet music in it, but I guess I am cheap and want to get the music without having to pay 80 bucks for the book with all their music in it. from Bill -- email: fool_on_the_hill (at) hotmail.com
  7. Apr 2, 1997 --- Beatles forever! Beatles are the greatest band ever. from email: Brinellskolans
  8. Apr 2, 1997 (found site through: kvasir) --- I'm looking thru you Were did you go I thought I knew you What did I know You don't look different but you have changed I'm looking thru you You're not the same from Mads J K -- email: kildal (at) sn.no
  9. Apr 2, 1997 "missed album?" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I just wanted to tell you that "yesterday","imagine",and "something" are all on a compilation cd put out for BMI's 25th anniversary.... I don't know if it was sold to the public but I own it so I thought you should know...your page is really great and has a wealth of information for those in need...keep up the good work!!! from brokengirl (at) usa.net at https://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/7049/thescape.html
  10. [Beatles] Apr 2, 1997 (found site through: all) --- so very good for ever. do you speak spanish. good, please sendme a letter song, please. thank, from gustavo --- Email: gustavogamarra (at) hotmail.com
  11. [Beatles] Apr 2, 1997 (found site through: excite) --- The Beatles are the best!!! from Sarah Bower --- Email: matt.online (at) edwpub.com
  12. [Beatles] Apr 2, 1997 (found site through: Metacrawler) --- I also have a Beatles fan club. I think that The Beatles rule. My hangout spot is at www.freetown.com in the under8een section. I will be Sgt.Pepper. To talk more about this issue I will meet anyone there late nights everynight. Thank you. from Geoff (Sgt.Pepper) Bartlett --- Email: Pepper (at) thezone.net Web Page: https://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/palms/7623/
  13. [Beatles] Apr 3, 1997 "My posted life" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I love this webpage it's real neat, well gotta go but please try my webpage and leave a note in my guest book. from tdanna --- Email: tdanna (at) cbcc.bcwan.net Web Page: https://members.wbs.net/homepages/d/a/i/daisey11.html
  14. [Beatles] Apr 3, 1997 --- The Beatles are cool! from Sarah Gallegos
  16. Beatles Love Songs --- 97-04-04 --- My mother has the original tape of Love Songs by The Beatles. It is the best tape, just one problem - the tape is now so warped thatit stops in the middle of songs. I have tried to order a new tape through various music stores and I have searched through second hand stores, only to come to dead end after dead end. My question to you is if you know of any way I could get another copy of this great tape. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time. --- Shana Bryant (Shana.Bryant (at) Internex.NET) I would suggest trying to contact TOWER Music or THE WALL or another record store that can order old material. You could also try posting a request on the Beatles Bulletin boards - but I fear that tapes are always subject to failing so a used copy could be risky. I used to own the vinyl records - but I believe that the "Love Songs" collection was never released on CD.- Doug
  17. [Beatles] Apr 4, 1997 "Beatles" --- i love the Beatles and always will. i love ringo... he is so adorable........ i love every Beatles fan.................. from allison lamm
  18. [Beatles] Apr 5 97 "Vee Jay Counterfeits" --- "How can I tell if my copy is a counterfeit? Are there any serial numbers. I used your list to find my copy but how can I be sure it is not a fake? really did enjoy your web site. Thanks!!" diente (at) worldnet.att.net I believe that the record pricing books identify the features to distinguish originals from the counterfeits. - Doug
  19. [Beatles] Apr 7, 1997 "john" (found site through: an angel) --- I love you. Who's yer fave? --- from john
  20. [Beatles] Apr 7, 1997 "you guys" --- you guys are very cool man I wish i was you from joey perez
  21. [Beatles] Apr 7, 1997 "you guys" --- are cool --- from david v.
  22. [Beatles] Apr 7, 1997 "picture covers" (found site through: forgot) --- Thanks to my high quality scanner, I can make all my friends 45 & ep covers for Christmas. Told a friend to come over and look at one I just found at a yard sale,four by the Beatles, showed it to hom and ask him what he thought of it,as he replyed COOL , I tore it up right in front of him. He was shocked untill I told him I did it on the scanner! HA,HA! from Paul Childress --- Email: pchildress (at) prodigy.net Web Page: https://www.vinylweb.com/childress/
  23. Apr 7 1997 "Lennon Interview" --- I would like to read the entire interview with Lennon in which he makes the comment, "we are more popular than Jesus" to see the context in which it was said. How can I go about finding a copy of this interview. -- Patrick O Wildermann (wilderpo (at) jmu.edu) A very detailed discussion of this issue, including the quotation, is available at: https://kiwi.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/public/files/saki/btrod.html - Doug
  24. [Beatles] Apr 8, 1997 "junk" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I have been looking for Paul mcCartney's "junk". I have no idea where to start looking, but ti is a great song. I thought that it might be on Ram? well, if you have the time or the answer I'd appreciate it. thankyou ;*) from jasmin --- Email: gimnpess (at) hotmail.com
  25. [Beatles] Apr 8, 1997 "Baby It's You" (found site through: (I wrote the page)) --- Here are the words to "Baby It's You" hat were requested earlier. "Baby It's You" ( Hal David, Barney Williams, Burt Bacharach ) Sha la la la la la la la Sha la la la la la la la Sha la la la la la la la Sha la la la la It's not the way you smile that touched my heart. (sha la la la la) It's not the way you kiss that tears me apart. Uh, oh, many, many, many nights go by, I sit at home alone and I cry over you. What can I do. Can't help myself, 'cause baby, it's you. Baby it's you. You should hear what they say about you, "cheat, cheat." They say, they say you never never never ever been true. (cheat cheat) Uh oh, It doesn't matter what they say, I know I'm gonna love you any old way. What can I do, and it's true. Don't want nobody, nobody, 'cause baby, it's you. (sha la la la la la la) Baby it's you (sha la la la la la la) Uh oh, It doesn't matter what they say, I know I'm gonna love you any old way. What can I do, when it's true. Don't want nobody, nobody, 'cause baby, it's you. (sha la la la la la la) Baby it's you (sha la la la la la la) Don't leave me all alone... from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  26. [Beatles] Apr 9, 1997 "Paul McCartney - 'Junk'" (found site through: (I wrote it)) --- In response to the recent question, Paul McCartney's "Junk" is available is on the Beatles Anthology 3 album. It was originally released on the April 1970 McCartney solo album - probably entitled "McCartney". The cover is black with a white stripe down the middle and fruit. - Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  27. [Beatles] Apr 9, 1997 "Addresses" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- My daughter (age 12) is a second-generation Beatles fan. She'd like to write to the surviving members of the group. Any addresses or suggestions where I can find them? from Tim Petersik --- Email: petersikt (at) mac.ripon.edu
  28. [Beatles] Apr 9, 1997 "Eaglebrook elective" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Question --- How many years did they do concerts ?? How many songs did they actually publish ?? from Rob Benson, Devon Yawney, Alex Perry --- Email: EPHSticky (at) aol.com
  29. [Beatles] Apr 9, 1997 Hello from Marcos Ortiz
  30. [Beatles] Apr 10, 1997 "Beatles Beatles rah rah rah" (found site through: webcrawler) --- without the Beatles life would seem meaningless and useless, life was dull untill the came into, mmmmm thank you Beatles :) from sabrina --- Email: echogirl (at) hotmail.com
  31. [Beatles] Apr 10, 1997 "all you need is love..." (found site through: webcrawler(rules)) --- does anybody know where i can find some pictures of jane asher? from sabrina --- Email: echogirl (at) hotmail.com
  32. [Beatles] Apr 10, 1997 "Jane Asher" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- In answer to the question about Jane Asher, I quote the following historical note. "1968 saw the gradual build-up of pressures within the group. They flew to India to seek relief in the study of meditation. On their return John Lennon was sued for divorce by his first wife Cynthia, and married Yoko Ono in 1969. Almost simultaneously, Paul McCartney's much publicized relationship with Jane Asher ended, and he married Linda Eastman." Hope this helps. Web Page: https://www.tld.net/users/ervin/Beatles.htm
  33. [Beatles] Apr 13, 1997 "Classical Guitar" (found site through: free sheet music) --- Thanks from Ryan Sigmon --- Email: Siggy1997 (at) aol.com
  34. [Beatles] Apr 13, 1997 "John Lennon" (found site through: WebCrawler) --- Just wanted to say thanx! you do good work keep it up! from Zac Beeston --- Email: beeston (at) emarkt.com Web Page: https://www.bag.home.ml.org/
  35. [Beatles] Apr 14, 1997 "horses" --- none at this time from danny dedonder
  36. [Beatles] Apr 14, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- HOW CAN I FIND A COPY OF THE BEATLES LOVE SONGS? from VIRGINIA CLOER --- Email: scloer (at) alltell net
  37. [Beatles] Apr 14, 1997 "Beatles Rule" (found site through: Metacrawler) --- The Beatles are the greatest. from MarieRose --- Email: MarieRose (at) hotmail.com
  38. [Beatles] Apr 15, 1997 "hey rock'n'real guys!" (found site through: webcrawler) --- rock'n'real guys: i got your email but when i tried to email you i got my email back! so i don't know whats goin on, but i could write a letter(snail mail) or something! i hope you guys get this message... from sabrina --- Email: echogirl (at) hotmail.com
  39. [Beatles] Apr 17, 1997 "BEATLEMANIA....." (found site through: yahoo) --- i'm frm s'pore.....and i think.... the Beatles are the best band ever.......Beatles forever........WHOA!! from boon --- Email: arbooni (at) hotmail.com
  40. [Beatles] Apr 18, 1997 "atl" --- Beatles! are there any better. are there any bigger. are there anyone except Beatles. no itll never be. thanks Lennon McCartney Harrison Starr H Lind. from Henrik Lind --- Email: alpha92W (at) hotmail.com
  41. [Beatles] Apr 18, 1997 "The Beatles, what else..." (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Another awesome page for not just another group! from Nina Palazzolo --- Email: Bpalazzolo (at) mail.UTEXAS.edu
  42. [Beatles] Apr 19, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- My son, who is now 16 years old, has taken a liking to the Beatles. We have a few on CD, and I wanted to buy some more. I searched for a list of all the Beatles albums, and this list is excellent. Thanks for providing it. P.S. Please don't put my email address on any lists. from Bob Morris
  44. [Beatles] Apr 22, 1997 "Beatles mail order catalog" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Please check out our new site at https://www.Beatlemaniashoppe.com We'd like to link to your site and have you linked to ours. We offer the largest collection of licensed Beatles stuff. Send your mailing address for a free color Beatles catalog. Imagine from Mike Leyland --- Email: rocknreal (at) netaccess.on.ca Web Page: https://www.Beatlemaniashoppe.com
  45. [Beatles] Apr 22, 1997 "cool" (found site through: Yahoo) --- My mom loves the Beatles. She listens to them everyday on the radio!! from Jenna Wilhelm
  46. [Beatles] Apr 23, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- BEATLES RULE FOREVER from Harry Graham --- Email: egraham (at) gecko.ljhs.or1.k12.co.us
  47. [Beatles] Apr 23, 1997 "Happiness is a Warm Gun" --- I would just like to remind all of you people how, oh, how should one phrase this? how GORGOUS the Bealtles really are. I have been a fan of theirs for about four years and I know everyting their is to know. I love each and every one of them equally. Well, So long all o you Beatlemaniacs! from Linda and Yoko --- Email: rdmunro (at) utah.uswest.net
  48. [Beatles] Apr 24, 1997 "origanal Beatle records" (found site through: webbrowser) --- My fiance's mother has two original records. They were not popular in the US. These records were before they became popular. Can get more details for you, she wants to sell. from Chris herring --- Email: Chrish (at) mailgate.seer.com
  49. [Beatles] Apr 24, 1997 --- I love the Beatles! from Erin --- Email: Badger (at) wr.net
  50. [Beatles] Apr 25, 1997 "BEATLES" (found site through: WebCrawler) --- HI, I'm a musician, I play guitar & bass (bass being my main noize) and if you or someone else can put me on to some tabulature for Beatles' songs (guitar & bass),it would be most appreciated. Also, I know pretty much of the Beatle catalog (musically anyway) and if anyone needs any help with some chord arrangements or runs (mostly bass) feel free to e-mail me, I will do my best to get back to you.Thanks. P.S. I really like your site.There's never too much BEATLES... from TERRY L. ANDREWS --- Email: andrews (at) seascape.com
  51. [Beatles] Apr 25, 1997 (found site through: I think it was Webcrawler) --- The Beatles are the best! One of my favourite songs by them, is "I'll Follow the Sun" I am doing a project on them for my english writing class. If you have any information for me, I would really appreciate it! If you email me, I will email you right back. from Jenna Robinson --- Email: jcarobinso (at) ess.scbe.on.ca
  52. [Beatles] Apr 25, 1997 "hi" (found site through: internet web explorer) --- I just wanted to get some Beatles tablature and I didnt find any, If anyone has any can you contact me please? Sincerely Danielle from Danielle Puckett --- Email: Aristophanes (at) worldnet.att.net
  53. [Beatles] Apr 26, 1997 (found site through: yahoo) --- this is a really intressting page that helped me find sth for my work.. 10x alot from maayan --- Email: noraa (at) post.tau.ac.il
  54. [Beatles] Apr 27, 1997 "Thanks" (found site through: Stumbled on it while looking for something else) --- Mighty Qyuine,.......? Very cool, this site. Obviously a labor of love. Love of the kind that caused me to devote 18 years of my life to playing drums professionally. I never found the magic that I did as a kid on the grooves of my Beatle albums but that just makes thir music all that much more special. Keep up the good work. from Matt O'Neil --- Email: moneil (at) concentric.net
  55. [Beatles] Apr 27, 1997 (found site through: web crawler) --- i'm a big fan of the Beatles and you're web page is one of the better i've seen on them! from Jessica Baquol --- Email: jess (at) juno.com
  56. [Beatles] Apr 28, 1997 "YES" (found site through: John ) --- We love you Beatles, oh yes we do... A warm & sincere greeting to all my fellow Beatle-lovers. Hello to Karen, Heather, Susan, Pattie, Yuri, Becky, Marilyn, Gail, Missy, Laurie, Donna, Mary L., Eve, Nora, Tara, Sandy, Jane, Allison, Hannah, Paula, Mary P., and everybody else!!! Luv ya lots!!!XOXOXOXO from RENEE
  57. [Beatles] Apr 28, 1997 (found site through: Net Search) --- The Beatles ruled. Hi to all folks, who was member of that great experience called The Beatles. See you. --- from Nagy Gabor --- Email: szivar (at) ursus.bke.hu
  58. [Beatles] Apr 29, 1997 (found site through: yahoo) --- do you have a mailing list...? if so, pls add me to it...im kinda a newbie, and i dont know how to request properly! thankyou! from David Steel --- Email: 96066148 (at) csunt2.napier.ac.uk
  59. [Beatles] Apr 29, 1997 "I love the BEATLES" (found site through: web browser) --- I have loved the Beatles since I was little...When I discovered that my mom had their White LP i played it all the time....I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!! from Amanda --- Email: tlawler (at) arn.net
  60. [Beatles] Apr 29, 1997 "I Ask You" Who is the vocalist on 'Dig It' in Let It Be album? I think it's Mick Jagger, but I'm not sure. --- KEE WOONG LEE Email: kiwoong.lee (at) kic.re.kr
  61. [Beatles] Apr 30, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: webcrawler) --- This web page is awesome! from Joan Sincoskie --- Email: imwalrus9 (at) hotmail
  62. [Beatles] Apr 30, 1997 --- awesome page from Charlie Ford --- Email: cford26488 (at) aol.com
  63. [Beatles] May 1, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: aol..keyword..music..Beatles) --- can i download any of music clips such as song Please Please Me..? thank you, Linda from Linda Ellis
  64. [Beatles] May 1, 1997 "-" (found site through: WebCrawler) --- You are awesome for loving the Beatles! I'm 14 and until two years ago I hated music! Now no one can keep me away from it! from Taryn Woodfield
  65. [Beatles] May 2, 1997 (found site through: Webcrawler) --- There should be more pictures of the Beatles in this site! The Beatles are the greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Derrick Fechtner ---
  66. [Beatles] May 2, 1997 "Hi!" (found site through: James McCartney) --- Where can I get information and pictures of Paul's son, James? from Jessi --- Email: Jessi707 (at) aol.com/
  67. [Beatles] May 2, 1997 "Beatles" --- I love the Beatles! yes sure i am a young and new fan of 13 years of age but i 've looked into the fab four. sinse the anthologys came along i feel like i know more then any other first generation fan. which,in most cases i do. i know their full names.their birthdates,names of their parents and wives and kids. i think its awesome how there are more amd more fans everyday. but it doesn't take a long to love them. there charming young men and handsome in many ways. but i love lennon. he's my fave. now.because of john i'm in to peace and if weren't for i wouln't know the meaning. and now i've started a transendental meditation cult. of finding inner peace. and i'm doing some sort of bed-in for peace this summer with friends who are supporting my dream of peace. i know for a fact that john is still alive in the hearts of everyone.in fact, all the Beatles make up some part of any person. no matter if they like the Beatles of or not. everyone has ringo cause he's always happy and smiling and everyone has to smile once in a while. George,everyone must be honest sometimes. paul,everyone is friendly sometimes. and john,everyone should have a little peace at heart for if you have none you are the devil. you may not see it on the surface but at heart there is some hope at peace on earth.for i feel john with me sometimes its a warm feeling but first its cold. and i know he's near for he wants me to finish his peace mind. his peace plan and therefoe i am from Lucy S. Diamond ---
  68. [Beatles] May 3, 1997 (found site through: Web Crawler) --- It must have taken a long time to find the list of Beatles songs . I haven't heard of a lot of them , and I'm a big Beatles fan . I think it's amazing how they performed so many songs . from Eryn Hunt --- Email: vickyhunt (at) aol.com
  69. [Beatles] May 5, 1997 "Favorite Album" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Your Discography was great.Very informative.Which album is your favorite,im fairly new at the Beatles,i have Sgt.Pepper and love it,what is the best album...in your opinion from Chris Nobles --- Email: PrplHaze69 (at) aol.com
  70. [Beatles] May 6, 1997 "the Beatles" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I think your page is fab!!! I truly loved your faq's. I would also enjoy a few pictures . from barbra tucci ---
  71. [Beatles] May 6, 1997 "N/A" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Terrific page! I'll visit often. from Scott O'Toole --- Email: otooles (at) mops.wl.com
  72. [Beatles] May 6, 1997 "lennon" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Hey.. i love this site. I was wondering if you had any information on Lennon's solo work, mainly "Imagine". I'm doing a paper and can use any information you have. Critics opinions would be thankfully accepted! Thanks! from Amber Starbuck --- Email: starbuck (at) istal.com
  73. [Beatles] May 7, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- neat website from kim --- Email: tkb (at) datasync.com
  74. [Beatles] May 8, 1997 --- George Harrison is the greatest songwriter ever from Christian "Harrison" Solvang ---
  75. [Beatles] May 9, 1997 "Looking for a Pen Pal" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Hi. Looking for someone (single male, or a friend) to write to. E-mail me at: justdowhat (at) hotmail.com I am a 5"6 tall(duh), smart, blue eyed, brown haired, and single girl. Girl's I am looking for friends on the web. Please e-mail me. Thank you! from Girl --- Email: justdowhat (at) hotmail.com
  76. [Beatles] May 9, 1997 "The Beatles" --- Hey- nice Beatles page....be sure to check out my page from Traci --- Email: tracilyn (at) juno.com Web Page: https://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/4792/
  77. [Beatles] May 10, 1997 "Beatles fan" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- You, my man, are cool! You Rock!!!! from Seth Mosby Hinkle --- Email: wmhinkle (at) ptld.uswest.com
  78. [Beatles] May 10, 1997 "?" (found site through: ALTA VISTA) --- THIS IS A VERRY NICE SITE! from LINN WICKLUND ---
  79. [Beatles] May 10, 1997 "all" (found site through: alta vista) --- nice page! from Linn Wicklund --- Email: bedncmd (at) foto.infi.net
  80. [Beatles] May 11, 1997 "I NEED LYRICS FOR youve got to hide yor love away- ASAP!!!!" (found site through: WEB CRAWLER) --- I NEED LYRICS IF YOU CAN GET THEM FOR YOUVE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY- IT IS REALLY BUGGING ME BECAUSE I CANT FIGURE OUT ALL OF THE WORDS!!!! HELP!!!!! from Shaun Bowles --- Email: bonejump69 (at) AOL.com
  81. [Beatles] May 12, 1997 "what year did yall record your frist hit" (found site through: song tilit) --- i injoy yalls miuis from robin j mcclanahan --- Email: patti (at) flex.net
  82. [Beatles] May 13, 1997 "FAQ" (found site through: WEB CRAWLER) --- CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE TIME TO E-MAIL ME AT MY E-MAIL ADRESS. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!! from TRAVIS MCLAREN --- Email: W$mclarent (at) brandonsd.mb.ca
  83. [Beatles] May 13, 1997 "Happy hippy loves everyone that loves the Beatles." (found site through: AltaVista) --- I love the Beatles, simply. Especially John Lennon. Favourite Beatles songs are Come together, Here comes the sun and All you need is love. Peace to you all. from Happy hippy --- Email: yosci2 (at) hotmail.com
  84. [Beatles] May 14, 1997 "The Beatles!!!" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- This is a really great Beatles site! Lot's of info!! I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!! from Kim Bethel --- Email: kbethel (at) sprintmail.com
  85. [Beatles] May 14, 1997 (found site through: Music Space) --- I LOVE The Beatles. If you ever have anything cool on them...e-mail it to me. Great page keep it up. BEATLES FOREVER from Nikki Walter --- Email: RSTARR14
  87. [Beatles] May 16, 1997 "Beatles Unreleased Recordings site" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I am unable to access the above listed Beatle site. My main question is this: My husband claiims that he read many years ago, in Rolling Stone magazine, that the Beatles had made an album called "Hot as sun", but that someone had stolen the master copy and it was erased when said person went through airport security. Do you know anything about this? I love all the Beatle stuff on your site! Thank you! from Nancy A. Craig --- Email: nancy320 (at) juno.com
  88. [Beatles] May 17, 1997 (found site through: Yahoo) --- Great web page. the only problem is my family gets a fit when I try to print something out from this. I always and forever will get "sarah! Your a Beatle maniac!" Well slap my wrist. from Sarah Lewis --- Email: clive1 (at) earthlink.net
  89. [Beatles] May 17, 1997 (found site through: Searched for Beatles-stuff) --- When I was younger, so much younger than today...I am a fifteen year-old Beatles-fan from Sweden, and it is sad that I did not live in the sixteeth, when Beatles played and John was alive.But I really do love them anyway. Bye. from Sara Sjöström --- Email: ESjost2327 (at) aol.com
  90. [Beatles] May 18, 1997 "Beatles (Paul)" (found site through: Paul McCartney) --- Is there an address what I can write to Paul McCartney or email him.. Thank you from Dancerjazz --- Email: Dancerjazz (at) aol.com
  91. [Beatles] May 18, 1997 "Beatles Song List" --- When I looked at the guest book I noticed that someone had wondered how I got all the songs on my list. Well, I thought that it might be appropriate that people who look at it might wonder how the list got to where it is today. Here is what I thought should be added to the top of the list as a note from the creator of the list. This list was started in an unusual way. I was real bored in class and had all these Beatle songs going through my head. So I decided to write down all the ones I could think of. When I got home I wrote all the ones I didn't have from the backs of the records that we had. That was about September of 1996. I found Dr. Quine's web page and wrote down the rest. He said he would post the list for me. By that time I had found a web page with unreleased songs from the Get Back sessions. He then posted it and I've been adding songs ever since. So all the songs you see on this list I've found since then. from Jonathan
  92. [Beatles] May 18, 1997 "Hot As Sun" (found site through: (I wrote the page)) --- I don't know anything about an erased album. I find online that Paul McCartney has a song called "Hot As Sun" I also found online the story of "Hot As Sun" album according to: https://cip2.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de:8080/hyplan/gernhard/Beatles/boots/gbj2_history.html History of "Get Back" Bootlegs For over 20 years, the collecting public has been fed a continuing stream of bootlegs drawn from the Twickenham sessions. These have usually been chopped up, placed out of sequence, and presented in inferior sound quality. Of course, bootleggers can only work from material at their disposal, and in the beginning the only material available was the film "Let It Be". The first Twickenham material to appear, then, came from the soundtrack of the film on a double album called "Cinelogue: Let It Be", which was released in February, 1974 by Contra Band Music. Of course, this was back in the days before home video, so fans were more delighted to be able to enjoy the "Let It Be" soundtrack on record! The release of the "Let It Be" videotape in 1982 provided a new audio source, and bootlegs produced after that date were mastered from the video soundtrack, rather than film. The first of these was "In a Play Anyway", a 2 LP set on Circuit Records (matrix number TWK 2262). A further reissue by Beeb Transcription Records (on a new plate TR-2170) was titled "The Last Blast". It was released in 1988 and its sound quality is slightly inferior. Of course, most of the film soundtrack from Twickenham is completely useless because longer source tapes have surfaced (and the few bits that you would still need can be found on this set ("Get Back Journals Vol. 2") and "Get Back Journals"). In late 1974 the first completely unreleased Twickenham outtakes surfaced on the legendary "Sweet Apple Trax" LPs. These were originally released as two two-LP sets by CBM using the Instant Analysis label (matrix numbers 4185 - REV-2000 and 4181 - STD-2002). This phenomenal series was among the most enjoyable vinyl bootlegs of its era, and many of us listened to it for hours on end, leading to a lifelong addiction to this stuff! By the way, these LPs were originally announced under the title "The Apple Treasure Chest Masters, Vol. 1 & 2". When they finally appeared, they had "deluxe" printed sepia-toned jackets. A late 70s repress from the original plates came with blank white labels and black and white covers which were copies of the originals. The "Sweet Apple Trax" LPs were copied almost immediately by Kornyphone, which combined the material onto a single double set called "Hahst Az Sun" (TAKRL-2950). This prompted CBM to remaster their own release as a double album in order to compete. It was distributed under the title "Hot As Sun" (matrix number 4216 REV 2000 / 4217 BLD 2002) on the Instant Analysis label. In 1980 single LP repressings ings of "Hot As Sun" were distributed as "Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 1" and "Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 2". It might be noted that the Kornyphone issue "Hahst Az Sun" rearranged the songs and omitted a few seconds here and there. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  93. [Beatles] May 19, 1997 (found site through: Web Crawler) --- Everybody is a Beatles fan nowadays. When will the madness end. When will the suffering stop? Just because they're old and made a lot of movies in order to sell themselves does not make them the best band on earth. I enjoy their XXXXX, mostly covers. But do not worship their existence. 2421 SW Bradbury Ave. Topeka Ks, 66611...If you have further comments. h8 me. from Angel (Antichrist) Borden ---
  94. [Beatles] May 19, 1997 "The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- The Beatles music is the best. from Aaron A. Boone --- Email: TSAEDSAAB (at) aol.com Web Page: https://members.aol.com/TSAEDS/emergency.html
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  99. [Beatles] May 23, 1997 "Guitars" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Who actually taught the Beatles how to play guitar? Did they use a book? Or was there someone they knew who taught them the basics. from Adam Felson --- Email: afelson (at) nyx.cs.du.edu
  100. [Beatles] May 26, 1997 "I love John!" (found site through: webcrawler) --- This is the best Beatles page I've ever seen, and I've seen them all. Because of this page you keep our dear John alive. THANK YOU. from Sarah --- Email: suicidaljuliet (at) hotmail.com
  101. [Beatles] May 27, 1997 "Beatles Anthology 4 Question" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- A question was recently asked about a possible Beatles Anthology 4 album. When the Beatles Anthology series was originally announced, three albums were planned. All three have now been released and there is no indication that any further albums are planned. Since the albums cover the span of the Beatles' recording sessions, I would not see any obvious opportunity for a 4th release. Sorry. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  102. [Beatles] May 28, 1997 (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Nice Work!!! have enjoyed it emmensely! We will copy this and match it with bootlegged tapes made years ago bye from ana & nellie --- Email: anapoet (at) hotmail.com
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  108. [Beatles] Jun 1, 1997 "Beatles "Love Songs" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- Subj: Re: question The Beatles Love Songs was a double album released by Capital. It was only available on Vinyl. The album was very widely available so I would not expect it to be of any great value. The funny thing is that a number of readers of this page have been requesting it recently. Any record pricing guide (try a bookstore or library) should have the listings. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  109. [Beatles] Jun 2, 1997 (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Your musics sucks!!!!! from Iman --- Email: tiggerrr (at) hotmail.com
  110. [Beatles] Jun 2, 1997 "Re: Question about Love Songs album" --- That Beatles double album is worth $5-$30 without the song book. With the song book it is worth $7-$35. The copywrite on this book is 1995. from Jonathan Rubke --- Web Page: https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatlesj.html
  111. [Beatles] Jun 3, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: Yahoo) --- There's certainly a lot to learn about the Beatles. I'm glad I found your site, and I'll do anything I can to help you on information if I learn it. from hiphats --- Email: hiphats (at) aol.com
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  128. [Beatles] Jun 25, 1997 (found site through: I just surfed on in!) --- Does anyone know Paul's E-mail or regular address??????????HELP!!!!! from Sadie --- Email: pmorton (at) lopez.wednet.edu A number of people would like to communicate with the former Beatles but I do not know of any E-Mail addresses. The normal recommendation is to write to them care of their record companies. - Doug
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  136. [Beatles] Jun 27, 1997 "Beatles white album" --- I am looking for an answer to a question. I found a Beatles white album at a garage sale but it has no printing or embossing anywhere on the cover or the album. Are you familiar with this? Appreciate any info. Sherrie at SAatScat (at) aol.com Certainly I recall the abum labels being standard printed Capitol labels. If you hear the Beatles songs when you listen to the albums then I would suspect that you have a bootleg albums - see my Beatles Frequently Asked Questions: "beatfaq.html" Does the song list match the Beatles White Album? - Doug
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  149. [Beatles] Jul 9, 1997 "https://members.aol.com/BeatleDay1/index.html" --- Nice Beatles page! You might enjoy this one: https://members.aol.com/BeatleDay1/index.html BeatleDay1 / Hall of Fame from BeatleDay1 --- Email: BeatleDay1 (at) aol.com Web Page: https://members.aol.com/BeatleDay1/index.html
  150. [Beatles] Jul 9, 1997 "The Day John Met Paul" (found site through: My home page) --- The Day John Met Paul, published by Penguin in 1996, was written by Jim O'Donnell, who spent eight years doing research and interviews. Employing a dramatic you-are-there style, the author reconstructs the hour-by-hour events of July 6, 1957, when Lennon and McCartney first met in Liverpool. from Doug - Web Page: https://www.quine.org/index.html
  151. [Beatles] July 9, 1997 "Hey Jude / Beatles Again" Looking at your Beatles Album list for hey jude - I found the following:
  152. The Beatles Again
          (US) Apple SO 385 - February 26, 1970
     Hey Jude
          (US) Apple SW 385 - February 1970
          Parlophone PCS 7184 - May 11, 1979
          Side 1
          Can't Buy Me Love
          I Should Have Known Better
          Paperback Writer
          Lady Madonna
          Side 2
          Hey Jude
          Old Brown Shoe
          Don't Let Me Down
          The Ballad Of John and Yoko
     What is the 'hey jude' starting in the left margin under the first (US)
     Apple?  What is the SO 385 vs SW 385?

    Thanks for the Web page. Very good question. Hey Jude was the official name for the album, although a few albums were released with The Beatles Again title. Very few albums are known to exist with The Beatles Again title. The answer to the other question is that SO 385 was used for early releases of this album but later they used SW 385. Both SO and SW were used for Hey Jude while Beatles Again used SO. The Beatles Again albums are worth $1000-$7000. - Jonathan

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  154. [Beatles] Jul 13, 1997 "Beatle Songs Inspiration" Do you know of a site that has a listing of the inspiration behind the Beatles songs. I vaguly remember a listing in Playboy back when John gave an interview, but I cann't seem to locate an internet site that has a more complete listing from the authors of the songs. Peter Email: pwlofa19 (at) idt.net
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  156. [Beatles] Jul 14, 1997 "bootlegs" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi, folks! Great site for fans. Did you know that 99% of the tracks on Beatles bootlegs are transferred to CD at the wrong speed? And what's more, there are mastering errors that could have been eliminated if the people who make them were recording engineers. I have bought, and also had designed and built, equipment that allows me to correct these problems. If anyone would like to find out more about this, and have an opportunity to hear this music in the way it's supposed to sound, please send $2 for postage etc. to: Ken The Engineer, 315 East 38th Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8V 4G4. Thanks, and happy collecting! from Ken Smith
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  162. [Beatles] Jul 29, 1997 "Looking for a fan story..." (found site through: Web Crawler) --- A while back (we're talking around January here) while I was surfing Beatle's pages (and by God there are ALOT of them) I came upon an article written by a gentleman who had had a garage band in the 1960s. His mother helped the band get a recording contract and they went to London to record at none other than Abbey Road. The author talked about meeting Mal Evans, who was flattered that they knew who he was, and exploring the room where the Beatles kept their equipment, and having a few encounters with our musical heros. Anyway - I've been this detailed hoping that someone can tell me where this article is located because I'd like to read it again and possibly print it out and I can't find it. If anyone can tell me where it is - or better yet if someone who sees this wrote it, PLEASE let me know, I will be forever grateful. E-mail me at heretkau (at) aol.com. Thanks. from Justine Warren --- Email: heretkau (at) aol.com
  163. [Beatles] Jul 30, 1997 "Beatles Greatest - Beatles Parlophone/EMI Lp" --- Hi, I can't seem to find any info on the above LP titled 'Beatles Greatest' on the Parlophone label. The songs contained are: SIDE 1- 1. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND 2. TWIST AND SHOUT 3. A HARDS DAYS NIGHT 4. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK 5. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER 6. LONG TALL SALLY 7. SHE LOVES YOU 8. PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN SIDE 2- 1. I FEEL FINE 2. ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC 3. TICKET TO RIDE 4. PLEASE PLEASE ME 5. IT WON'T BE LONG 6. FROM ME TO YOU 7. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE 8. ALL MY LOVING The record # is-7C 038-04207 from RConary673 --- Email: RConary673 (at) aol.com
  164. [Beatles] Jul 30, 1997 "Beatles Greatest" --- Parlophone did release it, probably in England. Odeon, Apple, and Crystal released it in Germany. That's all I could find. from - ---
  165. [Beatles] Jul 30, 1997 (found site through: metacrawler) --- the Beatles were the greatest band of all time-bar none. i will put your site in my favorites. from mike volmert --- Email: bmpuly (at) webtv.net
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  172. [Beatles] Aug 13, 1997 "Beatles Questions (and Doug's first thoughts)" --- 1. Remember all that stuff about Paul being dead? Was that orchestrated (by Lennon, no doubt) or was it some kind of mass-fantasy on the part of the fans? (I would attribute it to the power of rumors and ambitious fans seeking hidden messages in the records; people loved to play with the records because it was known that the Beatles inserted elements into the records at various speeds and backwards just as they placed interesting visual elements in the album covers - Doug) 2. Are there any Beatles chat-rooms? (I don't know - Doug) 3. Quite apart from their historical role as 60s icons, do you think that the music of the Beatles merits historical immortality on aesthetic grounds? (Yes, I believe that some of their lyrics qualify as poetry and that some tunes are "catchy" and melodic against a timeless standard. They also set the tone for a time period and for a generation of youth. Of course I'm no more qualified than anyone else to decree the "correct" answers to these questions. I'll be interested to see what others say - Doug) from James --- Email: agjjpearce (at) worldnet.att.net
  173. [Beatles] Aug 13, 1997 "...." --- This registration is a gift to a good friend...please drop him a line to let him know about your page....tell him Catherine sent you. from Mike Berry --- Email: mberry (at) pe.net
  174. [Beatles] Aug 13, 1997 "...." --- This registration is a gift to a good friend...please drop him a line to let him know about your page....tell him Catherine sent you. from Mike Berry --- Email: mberry (at) pe.net
  175. [Beatles] August 14, 1997 "New Beatles Fiction" Hi! Come read the first chapter of my Beatles fantasy novel, With Strings Attached. More chapters will appear in the near future. You can find it at Writer's Cramp: https://www.geocities.com/athens/6954/ Enjoy! Aviva Email: DAvivaR (at) msn.com
  176. [Beatles] Aug 17, 1997 "Have a guess this is a BEATLES Guest book" --- Eurhm (PAUL, at the start of hard/night film) I cannot think of anything to say. I just wrote this to sound distiguished, like. Were you quite prepared for that eventuality? Do you think that John was bigger than Jesus? Well I do and I want to start a Cult called "John the Jesus " or something. Anywayz if you wanna, ride in my cadillac (If you wanna, Flaming Pie) or join this proposed cult, then please leave your comments on this guest book. Bye then. Should I go now? Probably, well , but I don't really wanna. OKAY I Will shut up clare go now bye John Is God/Jesus Whatever Love ya + Leave ya Frank John Paul Ringo George Fogarty from Frank John Paul Ringo, George Fogarty ---
  177. [Beatles] Aug 18, 1997 "the Beatley ones of course" (found site through: myself) --- "do you want to know a secret it's been a hard day's night and maybe i'll love you (beep beep beep beep yeah!). help me if you can i'll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright so come together over me and i love her. you like me too much nowhere man she loves you all you need is love. hey jude don't let me down roll up for the mystery tour with the face that she keeps in a jar by the door. good\ day sunshine i don't know why you say goodbye i say hello." from rjm --- Email: mccoy (at) ns1.tlk.net
  178. [Beatles] Aug 19, 1997 "find picture The Beatles" (found site through: webcrawler) --- Its very god !!!........... Very Very G O D .............!!!!!!!!! from Dedy Murtala --- Email: exozet (at) hotmail.com
  179. [Beatles] Aug 19, 1997 "find picture The Beatles" (found site through: webcrawler) --- Its very god !!!........... Very Very G O D .............!!!!!!!!! from Dedy Murtala --- Email: exozet (at) hotmail.com
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  184. [Beatles] Aug 23, 1997 "i love the BEATLES" (found site through: MSN) --- Hi! I am 13 yrs old and I love THE BEATLES! My mom has a lot of their records and I have about six c.d's. I also have a poster of them hanging on my wall and Paul is my favorite of all of them but they are all awesome. They will always be my favorite band! Thanks for haveing this guest book and webpage it is really great! from Emily Civalier --- Email: Civalier3 (at) msn.com
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  186. [Beatles] August 23, 1997 "Beatles 45 ... Swan Label ...S-4152-S... "She Loves You"/"I'll Get You" Dear Folks; I have the above 45 in my collection and saw ot being offered for $500. Don't know how to offer mine for sale, but thought your site might be a means, since Beatle fans must access it often. Any thoughts? Thanks for a great site 7 any help you can offer. Bob Eck --- Email: ARMAGH PM (at) aol.com
  187. [Beatles] Aug 23, 1997 "blarg" (found site through: infoseek) --- I just thought you might like to know that there is a song called "You Are Here" by the art-rock band That Dog whose lyrics are almost entirely composed of Beatles song titles. That's about it. from mike.
  188. [Beatles] Aug 28, 1997 (found site through: just looking up the Beatles.) --- I think this is great.I'm only 12 and in love with the Beatles and this is about the only way I can learn about the Beatles. from Elizabeth Bryar Armstrong
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  190. [Beatles] September 1, 1997 "Hey Jude" Hey, I saw your site and liked it. I was wondering if Hey Jude exists on CD and if so, on what label? " Email: dan (at) wwisp.com My Beatles song site : Beatles.html shows the following albums contain the song "Hey Jude"
  191.   Hey Jude                               Beatles 1967-1970
      Hey Jude                               Past Masters 2
      Hey Jude (rehersal)                 Anthology 3

    The album by that name duplicates others and is not available on CD to my knowledge. - Doug

  192. [Beatles] September 1, 1997 "where did they go?" The last time I was at your page you had a Beatles A-Z lyric list I can't seem to find it. If you don't have it anymore" -- Stephanie Email: jkl255 (at) hotmail.com [ALSO] hosaka (at) geocities.com The lyrics sites keep closing down because of copyright problems. The last that I knew of was https://www.inm.ras.ru/users/nickm/Beatles.html#1 "https://www.inm.ras.ru/users/nickm/Beatles.html#1" (Beatles Lyrics - Nick Mikhailovsky's rock archive) My Beatles FAQ page discusses the method for obtaining lyrics from songs using search engines. "beatfaq.html" - Doug
  193. [Beatles] Sep 2, 1997 "sheet music" --- hey gang. Any word on where I can find some lyric sheets and more importantly the copyrights? I'm writing an article and want to give some props as to who has the rights to some songs. Thanks from kyle webb --- Email: perfesser91 (at) hotmail.com
  194. [Beatles] Sep 3, 1997 (found site through: Net Search) --- I have been a fan of the Beatles since there start and I've educated my children to like the music of those times. Thanks for putting me in the guest book from Peter D Folk --- Email: folk (at) folk.com.au Web Page: https://www.folk.com.au
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  197. [Beatles] Sep 4, 1997 "you know" (found site through: Web Crawler) --- I don't spose anybody could give me Yoko's thing I mean I cant find hardly anything on her Might as well go right to the source, right? from Rant --- Email: Rant (at) GTE.com
  198. [Beatles] Sep 4, 1997 "The Beatles" (found site through: Lycos) --- The Beatles rule. John Lennon is growing inside my soul. from Jason Douglas --- Email: jason_douglas (at) loomis.pvt.k12.ct.us
  199. [Beatles] September 6, 1997 "1st sgt. pepper album" The 1st sgt. pepper album had a person on it that was quickly taken off, but not before many albums were released into the stores. who was taken offf and why. what is an album worth if it is the first version? thanks gecfly (at) aol.com. I don't know off-hand. My Beatles FAQ (beatfaq.html) explains how to obtain prices for any album. - Doug
  200. [Beatles] September 8, 1997 "Beatles Question" i have a question and a comment first is a question that has been boggoling me for years. this man is mentioned in the song sgt. peppers the movie the yellow submarine in a john lennon song i'm the greatest and in other places my question is who is the one and only billy shears???????????? my comment is that at the end of stawberry fields you say john says cranberry sauce cranberry sauce well i believe that he acually says i'm very tall i'm very small please e-mail me for your reply thanks ---Gerald -- email: gafspi (at) postoffice.worldnet.att.net My source is striking out on this one. He says "Actually I don't know who Billy Shears is. I watched the making of Sgt. Pepper and still found nothing. Sorry, can't help with that one.". I would suggest trying the web search engines (such as Alta Vista) to search on the name and see what comes up. Please keep me posted on the answers. - Doug
  201. [Beatles] Sep 8, 1997 "it about the Beatles of corse" --- its good i like the picture at the start from roland phillips --- Email: rolphil (at) hotmail.com
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  203. [Beatles] September 11, 1997 "Yesterday" Do you know what the working title for Yesterday was? Lori - LoriAGu (at) aol.com It was first called "Scrambled Eggs," and had a second line that rhymed, saying "Oh, my baby, how I love your legs." - Jonathan Thank you so much I really appreciate that. - Lori
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  208. [Beatles] Sep 14, 1997 "1st Sgt. Pepper's Cover" --- Subj: Re: 1st sgt. pepper album Doug, I found out the answer. An indian dude wanted royalties for having his picture on album cover, so on future albums they just inked over his face, the one under the palm tree on the right. Thanks for trying - Glenn from Glenn --- Email: Gecfly (at) aol.com
  209. [Beatles] Sep 18, 1997 "Beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (found site through: AOL NetFind) --- The Beatles ARE the greatest band in the world!!! from Clem --- Email: ClemTammy (at) aol.com
  210. [Beatles] Sep 18, 1997 "Beatles" (found site through: AOL) --- Gerald wrote on sept 18 "who is billy shears" on the sgt peppers album. To my best recollection there was no one registered with that name at the time of the album. But that was back in the 60's when I was just a lad and we thought that the Beatles had come up with a name that no one else had. But looking back I think that was just local "yore" or we just had too much time on our hands. It was more likely just a ficticious name of the conductor of the band sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band or the opening act. Anyway, as for "cranberry sauce" this was true according to an interview done with Lennon which I think you can hear at www.liv.ac.uk/ipm/Beatles/bjohn.html thank you I hope that sheds some light. Jim Chevalier from Jim Chevalier --- Email: CHEVAL51 (at) aol.com
  211. [Beatles] Sep 21, 1997 "Beatles Fiction" --- How would you feel if you woke up on another planet, 16 years younger and totally clueless as to why you're there? Come see how the Beatles deal with this peculiar situation in my online fantasy/SF novel, With Strings Attached. Two chapters are currently up, and another will be appearing October 1. You can find it at Writer's Cramp: www.geocities.com/athens/6954/ If you like the story, let me know and I'll put you on the update list to let you know about new chapters and address changes that may occur. You might also want to link to the site to let your visitors know about it. I will link to your page if you do link to Strings. Whatever your opinion of the story is, I'd love to know it. Enjoy! Aviva from Aviva --- Email: DAvivaR (at) classic.msn.com Web Page: https://www.geocities.com/athens/6954/
  212. [Beatles] Sep 22, 1997 "signed photograph" --- I am interested in the possible value of a signed photograph of the Beatles with the envelope stamped and postmarked "Liverpool" 1965. Please advise where I may go to have it evaluted in the New York or Baltimore areas. Thanks from sjohn --- Email: sjohn88155 (at) aol.com
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  218. [Beatles] Oct 6, 1997 "Beatle Genealogy" --- Please write to me at 103-1 Laburnam Crescent, Rochester, NY 14620 or call (716) 442-4947. I am so interested in the Beatles that it includes interest in their forebears. Anyone with a genealogy of JOHN LENNON, JAMES PAUL McCARTNEY, GEORGE HARRISON or RICHARD STARKEY (I believe his original family name was PARKIN) please contact me. from Michael Meggison
  219. [Beatles] Oct 7, 1997 "odd Beatles Parlophone record" --- Nice web page! We have this odd Beatles find. It's a picture sleeve 45, with "Beatles for Sale" on the picture sleeve of the Fab Four. Obviously of UK origin, it has four songs. As part of the original vinyl -- which is mint, by the way -- there's a detachable 45 adaptor piece in the center. What is this thing? It's dated 1964. Was it part of a set? We're quite curious. We found it at a garage sale. from Linda and Ollie in Iowa --- Email: Ittycar (at) aol.com
  220. [Beatles] Oct 7, 1997 "Odd parlaphone record" (found site through: same old one) --- What is this thing? Back in the "olden days" ther were two types of record players that I knew of. I had a old "45" player myself. Of course thats all you could play on them. The adaptor is what you used when you played your record on the console which had a smaller spindle (the size of a pencil) and there were 3 different speeds 78, 45,and 33. I hope this answers your question. Just me again Jim Chevalier from Jim Chevalier --- Email: CHEVAL (at) aol.com
  221. [Beatles] Oct 11, 1997 "Paul McCartney" (found site through: THE BEATLES) --- PAUL McCARTNEY IS MY BABY. from Paul McCartney fan --- Email: Sykes (at) alphalink.com.au
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  223. [Beatles] Oct 15, 1997 (found site through: yahoo) 1. how to get Beatles collection "CD" album.(total)&how much? 2. how many album had they released? from Kitack Ahn --- Email: akt1217 (at) unitel.co.kr Thank you for your message. 1/ The Beatles released about 21 CD's (see the Beatles album list at https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html; in this country they typically cost about $13 each for single albums and about $25 each for the double albums. I am not a store but there are many stores on the Internet including Tower records (I would be careful to be sure that the store is a real business before sending any money); 2/ We are still trying to figure out how many albums the Beatles sold Regards - Doug
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  227. [Beatles] Oct 26, 1997 "Who was the walrus." Could you please clarify: On the song " Glass Onion"(Paul/John) it says: " The walrus was Paul". On the song " God " ( John ) it says:"I was the Walrus, but now I'm John". Question : Who was the Walrus. On a large management meeting at my company, this become a large issue during the night. One of my actions after the meeting, was to clarify this. Regards Hans Ihme-Norway. Email: hihme (at) online.no I would guess that it would be John, since he sang the song "I Am The Walrus" and he says in the song "I am the walrus." That would be my guess. - Jonathan
  228. [Beatles] Oct 31, 1997 "Album Value" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- I recently found an album 'A Hard Day's Night' Parlophone PMC 1230 PCS 3058. Is this of any interest to a collector and what is it's value. Cover is damaged but record is excellent. Thanks from Tom Frederick --- Email: sfrederick (at) worldnet.att.net
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  257. [Beatles] Dec 6, 1997 --- I'm Brazilian, from Cristais Paulista, São Paulo. I saw the Paul MacCartney show in Rio de Janeiro, in a football Stadium "Maracanã", "PAUL IN RIO". It was wonderfull, there were more than 200.000 people, and it was a record in Guinness Book. I've never forget this show. As we say in Brazil: "VIDA LONGA AOS BEATLES". from Jonas Ferreira de Castro Júnior ---
  258. [Beatles] Dec 7, 1997 "Beatles Address" --- Hello. Would you please email the address for Apple Inc. in London? Thank you very much. Here's the address: Apple Records 27 Ovington Square London, SW3 1LJ ENGLAND ----------------------------------- Do you have an address for MPL Communications? (That actually is best.) Thank you. :-) --ar Here's the address: MPL Communications Ltd. 1 Soho Square London W1V 6BQ England - Jonathan from Ava --- Email: afr (at) efn.org
  259. [Beatles] Dec 7, 1997 "Yesterday" --- Hi: I am interested in getting the lyrics for the song "yesterday", I misplaced my tape. Thanks - Kanaka ------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the lyrics: Yesterday ( P. McCartney ) Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it look as though they're here to stay, Oh, I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be. There's a shadow hanging over me, Oh, yesterday, came suddenly. Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday love was such an easy game to play, Now I need a place to hide away, Oh, I believe in yesterday. Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday love was such an easy game to play, Now I need a place to hide away, Oh, I believe in yesterday. - Jonathan from Kanaka --- Email: bhavani (at) escape.ca
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  266. [Beatles] Dec 16, 1997 "video" (found site through: metacrawler) --- i saw a clip of the Beatles on tv, could have been ed sullivan show in about 1968 i think it was a video of the Beatles in their sgt pepper uniforms,i think i can barely remember what a saw, does anyone have any idea what clip this was from jon woodward --- Email: jonw (at) telepath.com
  267. [Beatles] Dec 18, 1997 (found site through: Just came upon it) --- I love the Beatles. They Rock!!!, I used to not like them and thought they were kinda weird. But now I see that I'm wrong. I've liked the Beatles for more than 2 years now. from Candace ---
  268. [Beatles] Dec 20, 1997 "Sgt Peppers Video" (found site through: Favorite Places) --- The Sgt Peppers video clip you were referring to was probably a promotional video that the Beatles themselves had released. They knew all too well even then that video's were to be a hot selling item which goes to show even today that they were well ahead of everyone else! from Jim Chevalier --- Email: CHEVAL51 (at) AOL.com
  269. [Beatles] Dec 29, 1997 "all Beatles related topics" --- I love any infor about Beatles. They are a band whose soundtrack halped to define different periods of my life. I LOVE THEM. I'm a new computer user, and this is the first place I've looked for info. Thank you for making this available. from Walter Alderete --- Email: crmcop (at) nethawk.com
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