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Beatles Guest Book Part 4

[Beatles photo] Douglas Boynton Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 4 (July 1 1999 to November 29 2000). Each guest book item includes the sender name, web address (if any), the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. Click on the icons below to visit my home page or any of the sites in my Web Site Ring.

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Douglas Quine - Beatles Guest Book Part 4

  1. [Beatles-A] Jul 3, 1999 (found site through: Fireball) --- They were the greatest - They are the greatest - and of course, they will be the greatest FOREVER from Alfredo Cebandt --- Email: cebulon (at) 01019freenet.de
  2. [Beatles-A] Jul 19, 1999 "Homepage" Come visit my Beatles homepage at: http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/tigerlilies/520/ Here, you can find some interesting quotes and information on the Beatles. from Erik --- Web Page: http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/tigerlilies/520/
  3. [Beatles-A] Jul 21, 1999 "hi..." miss your group man.... from R.Shashi kumar --- Email: raja2020 (at) hotmail.com.my
  4. [Beatles-A] Jul 26, 1999 Jimi at his finest - High Times Magazine giving away the stoniest new jams from the master himself - free DVDs, imported vinyl, picture discs, ect. - just click on the Purple Haze image to enter High Times from Kirk --- Email: JimiJunky (at) aol.com -- Web Page: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/experiencejimihendrix
  5. [Beatles-A] Aug 4, 1999 "USPS Beatles Stamp and Yellow Submarine" (found site through: I created the site) --- The United States Postal Service is issuing a stamp celebrating the Beatles as part of the 'Celebrate the Century' series issue for the 1960's. A sheet of 15 different stamps is being issued on September 17, 1999 including one stamp with a picture of the 'Yellow Submarine' from the Beatles cartoon movie and the Beatles logo above. The stamps should be available at local post offices or by mail order from the United States Postal Service at face value of $ 4.95; millions are being printed so there will plenty for everyone. The other 14 stamps in the sheet are: 1/ Martin Luther King, Jr / I have a dream; 2/ Woodstock Music Festival; 3/ Vietnam War; 4/ Peace Corps; 5/ Super Bowl I; 6/ Lasers; 7/ Star Trek; 8/ Green Bay Packers; 9/ Man Walks on the Moon; 10/ Integrated Circuits; 11/ Barbie Doll; 12/ Ford Mustang; 13/ Peace Symbol; 14/ Roger Maris 61 home runs in '61. Later in the fall, the Yellow Submarine movie is expected to be rereleased on video. I'll have further information as it becomes available. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/lps.html
  6. [Beatles-A] Aug 24, 1999 "Another Beatlesfan" Hi!!!! I am a 19-years old girl from Denmark. I have been a Beatles fan for over 4 years. I think that The Beatles are the greatest. But I can listen to other music. I would like to write with other Beatles fan around the world!!! Hej hej... from Milena --- Email: mille94 (at) hotmail.com
  7. [Beatles-A] Aug 24, 1999 from lisa --- Email: lhan (at) webtv.net
  8. [Beatles-A] Aug 25, 1999 "Yellow Submarine Video Release" (found site through: I created the page) --- The Beatles classic movie Yellow Submarine is finally being rereleased after being out of print for years and is also being honored by the United States Postal Service with a new stamp in the 1960's series. It can be ordered through my Beatles FAQ web site's direct link to Amazon.Com at a discounted price. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  9. [Beatles-A] Sep 3, 1999 "Curiosity" (found site through: Fast Search) --- I just want to thank you for having the patience to keep out something like this page. from Hafİ=r Ragnarsson --- Email: hafrag (at) ismennt.is
  10. [Beatles-A] Sep 7, 1999 "Beatles Sheet Music" Hello, I came across your web site while searching for Beatles related sites and noticed that you have a very extensive listing of Beatles albums. I thought your visitors might enjoy learning where they can find Beatles sheet music. We offer sheet music for 216 different Beatles titles not to mention over 268,976 other sheet music titles, the world's largest selection. Since the Beatles are featured on our homepage they continue to be one of our best-selling artists. Best regards, Sheet Music Plus from David Lim --- Email: david (at) sheetmusicplus.com -- Web Page: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com
  11. [Beatles-A] Sep 9, 1999 If you are like me and can't live without "Good" rock and roll then listen up! Chris Cornell, Soundgarden's intense lead-screamer has this groovy page in support of his new album, "Euphoria Morning". Kick-ass new page for a kick-ass new album! The album is mostly just Chris with lots of acoustic jams! "Out with the old and in with the new," I say! Click on Chris to go to the new page. Enjoy the new tunes, Roller Girl from ROLLER GIRL ---
  12. [Beatles-A] Sep 11, 1999 "Price guide to Beatles discography " (found site through: Hotbot) --- I have several Beatles LP albums, for which I can find a price guide, but for the Parlophone EP 45 rpm GEP 8891 "All My Loving," released in February 1964 in the UK, I haven't been able to find any suggested value. I would appreciate assistance in finding such a price guide. from Patrick Ivers --- Email: Pivers527 (at) aol.com
  13. [Beatles-T] Sep 12, 1999 "I HATE THE BEATLES!!!" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- THE BEATlES CAN GO SUCK MY TINY BALD DICK!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO GLAD THAT JON LENNON IS DEAD!!!!! MY HIS ROTTEN SOUL BURN IN HELL, YES I SAID HELL!!!!!! I HOPE ALL YOU BEATTLES FAnS OUT THERE ARE CURSEd WITH BIG HAIRY PENISEs!!!!!! I AM SOO GlAD THAT I HAVE A LITTlE ONE!!!!! from Phillip Front (They call me Tiny Weni) --- Email: p_front (at) yahoo.com
  14. [Beatles-A] Sep 13, 1999 "Beatle Picture Discs" I am a collector of Beatle Picture Discs. Are there any discographies of this type of vinyl? Anyone else out there interested in this subject? from Rick Roy --- Email: rroy (at) voyager.net
  15. [Beatles-A] Sep 14, 1999 "new Beatles book coming" (found site through: Netscape) --- News Item; A new, exciting book is coming October 20, 1999 entitled 'BeatleToons, The Real Story Behind The Cartoon Beatles.' It's the story of the Beatles cartoon series of the 60's. Did you know that the same animation studio that created 'Yellow Submarine' also created the cartoon series? The book is a fest for Beatlefans! There are loads of animation art from the series, interviews with the creators, contracts, telegrams and even exclusive photos of the Beatles at the studio and next to their cartoon characters. The book will be available through wynnco.com and all other major online booksellers web sites. You can also have your favorite bookstore order it for you if it is not in stock. Be watching for 'BeatleToons' October 20th, 1999. from Ed Wincentsen --- Email: wynnpub (at) innova.net -- Web Page: http://www.wynnco.com
  16. [Beatles-A] Sep 20, 1999 "Beatle Picture Discs - answer" ----- Beatle Picture Discs. Are there any discographies of this type of vinyl? Anyone else out there interested in this subject? ------- This website should help out on that. It has the picture discs and a whole lot more. http://www.dermon.com/Beatles/Beatles.htm from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  17. [Beatles-A] Oct 1, 1999 "the greatest Beatles fan" (found site through: Beatles) --- what r my benefits from this? from leon jose ortega --- Email: gagonggwapo (at) hotmail.com
  18. [Beatles-A] Oct 4, 1999 "Fab Mania- A Beatles Tribute Show" Dear Beatles Fan, "Fab Mania" A Beatles Tribute Show is returning to NJ on Saturday, October 16th, 1999 at Avion Restaurant in Medford, New Jersey. Please be sure to call the restaurant at (609) 267-8787 to make your reservations. Hope to see you at the show!!!! Sincerely, "Fab Mania" A Beatles Tribute Show from Rich --- Email: FAAB4 (at) webtv.net Web Page: http://community-1.webtv.net/BABYBRONCO/FabManiaABeatles/
  19. [Beatles-A] Oct 5, 1999 well im a musician,vocalist,singer,song writer,and i just want to say thanks to all of the Beatles for their music,today,yesterday,and the music that will cometo those they have influenced including myself,as a result i have been able to acheive some of my goals in my life,i have been fortunate to have been on ledgendary"clarence gatemouth brown,s last several cd. recordings as a pilot vocalist,thus meeting and recording with some of the greatest musicians across the universe to the BEATLES,i say thank youvery much,sincerely,my name is GENE GUNULFSEN,OF BOGALUSA,LOUISIANA,USA......... from gene gunulfsen --- Email: gunulfsen (at) yahoo.com
  20. [Beatles-A] Oct 10, 1999 "music, sheet" I've always been interested in Beatle music since the sixties, when they released their first albums overhere. Creative, varied old and new blues influences, a free spirit released from the norm of pop music of that time...and perhaps since. i'M A MUSIC MAGER(MINOR), AND AM CURRENTLY EMPLOYED AS A MUSICIAN IN THE USA, SMOKEY MOUNTAIN AREA...iie, AT THE 'GLASGOW COMEDY DINNER THEATRE' IN PIGEON FORGE, TN...WITH AN EXCITING BAND..."THE REBOPPIN SWING DADDIES". from Michael T. Hansen --- Email: jmhzia (at) aol.com
  21. [Beatles-A] Oct 15, 1999 "HELLO" This site is great! I'm a 16 year old High School student in Arkansas, there are very few people in my school and in my community my age that like the Beatles. I can't really talk to anyone about them because they don't know who the Beatles are. This site is great because I love there music and I always want to learn more about them. Thanks, Leann Powell from Leann Powell --- Email: FROGGY183 (at) AOL.com
  22. [Beatles-A] Oct 18, 1999 "Beatles song" (found site through: Internet Explorer) --- Would like list of songs that the Rolling Stones recorded, but were written by the Beatles, Lennon and MaCartney. from Linda Cary --- Email: Linda63252 (at) aol.com
  23. [Beatles-A] Oct 18, 1999 "Beatles Record on Tolle " I have a Beatles Record on Tolle entitled: Twist and Shout on Side A and There's a Place on Side B. Is this record valuable as far as what is may bring if I sell it? Thanks rose from rose beato
  24. [Beatles-A] Oct 28, 1999 "Beatle cd's" Looking to buy Beatle cd's if possible over web site.I am a member with Columbia house and they do not carry them. If you can direct me in the right place I would appreciate it. Thank you. from Craig Nichio --- Email: nich69c (at) aol.com
  25. [Beatles-A] Nov 14, 1999 "searching for Beatles words and music" (found site through: netscape) --- Beatle fan from tom (drummer) --- Email: northpole (at) niia.net
  26. [Beatles-A] Nov 15, 1999 "free groovy mp3s www.thehumans.net/" (found site through: my spirit guide) --- right on from the humans --- Email: humans (at) netjava.com -- Web Page: http://www.thehumans.net
  27. [Beatles-A] Nov 22, 1999 "hello fellow fab four fans" (found site through: i just went a- surfin...) --- great site -- mondo information--- i hate oasis julian's new album kicks (at) ss !!!!! i met him in chicago and he signed it yay!!! love and kisses to you all-- the best music fans out there!! from Annie --- Email: HerMajesty7 (at) aol.com
  28. [Beatles-A] Nov 24, 1999 where can i read about the Beatles from tal ---
  29. [Beatles-A] Dec 3, 1999 (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi! Enjoyed your site very much. You have partially answered my question, which is: on which British release did "I Want To Hold Your Hand" appear? It looks as though it was first released in Britain on the "Beatles Oldies" in 1966. Do you know of any EARLIER releases, in Britain, of "I Want To Hold Your Hand"? It seems like such a big hit in America would have come out much earlier than 1966 in England. Could it have been released on '45? Thanks! Michael from Michael Rodgers --- Email: mrmike (at) getnet.com
  30. [Beatles-A] Dec 10, 1999 "Nice site:)" (found site through: Yahoo) --- hey... thanks for the discography section... very helpful. I'm writing a paper where I have to go through and find specific lyrics but I need a memory jog;) Peace! from Echo --- Email: sgtpprsgrl (at) aol.com -- Web Page: http://listen.to/PaulMcCartney
  31. [Beatles-A] Dec 17, 1999 My friend told me how to get $10 off at spencergifts.com and it worked. I just put TENOFF in as a code during checkout and I got this cool Yellow Submarine lava lamp. from Earl Monroe ---
  32. [Beatles-A] Dec 22, 1999 "THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME-THE BEATLES!!!" I guess its just to easy to say that the Beatles are the best of all time.I know its easy for me to say that!I could go on and on about this debate.Lets face the music,there really is no debate in anyones mind tat really knows what true genius is in musical terms.One thing is for sure,there will never be another group like they were.The GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME! from Ken --- Email: W9YBN (at) webtv.net
  33. [Beatles-A] Dec 30, 1999 "Intruder Stabs George Harrison" (found site through: I created the web site) --- Intruder Stabs George Harrison Couple Attacked in Home; Harrison Hospitalized in Stable Condition By KRISTIN GAZLAY .c The Associated Press LONDON (Dec. 30, 1999) - An intruder broke into George Harrison's Oxfordshire mansion, stabbing the former Beatle in the chest and attacking his wife today, according to his spokesman. The star was hospitalized in stable condition. Harrison, 56, and his wife, Olivia, were attacked when an intruder broke into the house before dawn in Henley on Thames, 25 miles west of London, said the spokesman, Geoff Baker. ''From what we know, George was stabbed in the chest several times and Olivia was hit over the head,'' Baker said. Harrison was hospitalized at Royal Berkshire Hospital in nearby Reading, according to the hospital's chief executive, Mark Gitten. Olivia Harrison was not admitted to the hospital, but was at her husband's side. Gitten said Harrison had not undergone surgery, but had been fitted with a chest drain. ''Since he's been in a hospital bed, he's been getting much better and is comfortable,'' Gitten said. ''Generally, they are very happy and concerned to let the world know they are recovering well.'' Thames Valley police said they were questioning a man in connection with the attack at the palatial Harrison estate, called Friar Park. Press Association, the British news agency, said Harrison and his wife grappled with the intruder, believed to be a 33-year-old Liverpool man, and that they apparently were able to detain him until police arrived. The man was treated at a nearby hospital for undisclosed injuries, but was then discharged into police custody, authorities said. Baker said, as far as he knew, the man was not previously known to the family. The Harrisons have lived at Friar Park, a former nunnery close to the center of historic Henley, for more than 20 years. Security at the walled estate is tight, and it was unclear how the intruder managed to enter the house. George Martin, the Beatles' longtime producer, speculated to SKY-TV that the attack was ''a burglary that went wrong.'' ''The house is a very sort of grand place, with a lot of grounds,'' Martin said. ''I know there's always people trying to get in and that kind of thing, but George always leads a very quiet life. ... I can't imagine anyone picking on George. I think they must have just picked on the house.'' In 1998, Harrison disclosed that he had been battling throat cancer for more than a year and had surgery to remove a lump in his neck. He later had radiation therapy, adding to an experience he said made him think about the fragility of life. ''It reminds you that anything can happen,'' he told the tabloid News of the World. Earlier that year, the three surviving Beatles - Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney - were reunited for the first time in years at a London memorial service for McCartney's wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer. John Lennon, the fourth Beatle, was shot to death in New York City on Dec. 8, 1980. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  34. [Beatles-T] Dec 31, 1999 "Beatles Lyrics Archive" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Great site... Beatles forever!!!! from Sara --- Email: Lennon7 (at) imaginemail.com -- Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Limo/3518/
  35. [Beatles-A] Jan 2, 2000 "great effort" (found site through: www.infoseek.com) --- hi, great effort, keep up the good work from ZAid Yousif --- Email: zaidyy (at) hotmail.com
  36. [Beatles-A] Jan 4, 2000 "Blaues Kreuz, Mülheim Ruhr" (found site through: Dino) --- Als geb. 49er bin ich noch heut ein begeisteter Beatlefan!! Das ich die Seite hier gefunden habe begeistert mich um so mehr. Macht weiter so. Die besten Grüsse aus Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen im Pott Grüsst Euer! Peter from Peter Nürnberger --- Email: 0701 (at) 01019freenet.de -- Web Page: http://www.01019freenet.de/p.nuernberger/
  37. [Beatles-A] Jan 6, 2000 "Beatles history" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Which of the Beatles became a grandparent first? Anymore information on that question? from Darla Panezott --- Email: ddsparty (at) raex.com
  38. [Beatles-A] Jan 9, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- i just wanted to say that your site is exactly what i was looking for. i have been having a hard time finding which album hey jude is on. from mary --- Email: fpsp (at) hotmail.com
  39. [Beatles-A] Jan 15, 2000 "Beatles Ireland" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Dear Sir / Madam, Below is our web site address and if possible could you Please add a link to our site from your site. www.esatclear.ie/~Beatlesireland (A web site for Beatles fan around the world with an Irish input) I am starting a link page on our web site and would be happy to include your site on this. If there is any one who would like to join a link please let me know. from Derek Clarke --- Email: Beatlesireland (at) esatclear.ie - Web Page: http://www.esatclear.ie/~Beatlesireland/
  40. [Beatles-A] Jan 20, 2000 hi, folks, is there a possibility, to get the LP "Songs, Lennon/mccartney gave away" from 60´s or 70´s on CD or LP anyway? goodbye a northgernman Beatlesfan Holger from holger besser --- Email: holgerbesser (at) gmx.de
  41. [Beatles-A] Jan 20, 2000 "The Greatest Band In The World........Ever" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- wow from andrew worthington --- Email: opsajw (at) aol.com
  42. [Beatles-A] Jan 22, 2000 "Paul_is_dead" (found site through: alta vista) --- Is Paul really dead or was it a big fake to help them sell their CDs????? from Emily --- Email: daisy_girl44 (at) hotmail.com
  43. [Beatles-T] Jan 22, 2000 "mail me " were can i find the unpublished "let it be" movie from charles sandholm --- Email: c_sandholm
  44. [Beatles-A] Jan 23, 2000 "Beatles" I'm 12 years old but I know many many things about them.The Beatles will be always present in our life because they are the best. from Claudia --- Email: claudi7 (at) altavista.com
  45. [Beatles-A] Jan 23, 2000 "Beatle lps" (found site through: msn autoserch) --- I have collected over the years lps and memorabilia and wish to find out their value. from giuliano gemmiti --- Email: ggemmiti (at) home.com
  46. [Beatles-A] Jan 26, 2000 "Beatles" The Beatles will be always present in our life because they are the best. from Claudia --- Email: claudi (at) mediom.qc.ca
  47. [Beatles-A] Feb 3, 2000 "The Beatles RAWK! :)" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Great Site man... WELL done! I was a young teen when The Beatles first aired on TV. I have listened to their songs ever since. I have a nice collection and add to it regularly. The unreleased tunes are interresting, and show the FAB FOUR are actually human! (some of us oldies thought they just couldn't be!) Keep up the great work! Please get with me on Suzy's Parlour if ya get some time! Thnx! Tunz Forever! Bye.................... :) from "Billy" --- Email: stinger (at) uswest.net
  48. [Beatles-A] Feb 6, 2000 (found site through: Google) --- Hi, I would like to invite you to explore Alaska online... from Linkup Alaska - Alaska Web Directory --- Web Page: http://www.linkupalaska.com
  49. [Beatles-A] Feb 11, 2000 "posters" (found site through: google) --- great site ! would anyone be interested in early fabs posters,most from the u.k between 1961-63 and even some quarrymen! all at a very reasonable price {all reprints} from martyn thomas --- Email: martin (at) hastings365.freeserve.co.uk
  50. [Beatles-A] Feb 11, 2000 "#1 (as I'm sure everyone else that signs in is) Beatles fan" (found site through: AltavistaHOME) --- Where could I find the following: Beatles: Live at the BBC Beatles: Anthology 1,2,3,(4?) I never knew there were so man different albums. from Eric Quackenbush --- Email: djb (at) ioa.com
  51. [Beatles-A] Feb 11, 2000 "BEATLES RULE!!!!!!!!!!" (found site through: AltavistaHOME) --- Also wanted to say for a good website, visit Duke University sports on: http://www.goDuke.com or visit the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) at: http://www.theacc.com Oh, By the way... JOHN'S (Lennon)NOT DEAD!!! from Eric Quackenbush --- Email: djb (at) ioa.com
  52. [Beatles-A] Feb 16, 2000 "Let It Be" (found site through: Google) --- I'm trying to locate a video of the film let it be. Can anyone help? from Ron --- Email: Ron2418 (at) AOL.com
  53. [Beatles-A] Feb 19, 2000 "Beatles Top 40 Book by Hansen's" --- While in Hong Kong in 1965 , I bought a Beatles Top 40 Book by Hansen's. On the front is a early 60's picture of the four in pink shirts and tux's, all songs are 1964 or before. What do I have and what is it worth? Thank you. from Monty Williams --- Email: nana11 (at) internetcds.com
  54. [Beatles-A] Feb 20, 2000 (found site through: Altavista) --- Beatles Rock! What is included in the Beatles box set? from Karen --- Email: lakala2 (at) aol.com>
  55. [Beatles-A] Feb 25, 2000 "Beatles stamps" (found site through: Lynn's stamp page) --- I'm searching for Beatles stamps worldwide.-If u can help me, well...e-mail me.- from Raphaël VANDENBERGHE --- Email: Rafvdberghe (at) hotmail.com -- Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/rafvdberghe/index.html
  56. [Beatles-A] Feb 27, 2000 (found site through: Google) --- Nice Site I am considering constructing a Beatles site myself Best Regards John from John Gilham --- Email: John (at) Johnsworld.co.uk
  57. [Beatles-A] Feb 28, 2000 "Very Good" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- Very, very well done. Greets to all the Beatles Fans out there, from Austria! from GD --- Email: gdaxer (at) gmx.at -- Web Page: http://emacs2k.cjb.net
  58. [Beatles-A] Mar 2, 2000 "Linda's death almost killed me " --- Paul McCartney believed he would be dead within months of his wife Linda passing away in 1998, he has revealed. Macca said he was so overcome by grief that he had not expected to outlive her into 1999. 'I thought I might be dead by the end of the year, it would be just so unbearable,' he said in an interview in Britain's Independent newspaper. 'I half-prepared for that to happen. The nearest I did get to that was with grief and crying. But I thought, no, that's a slippery path. So I tried to counteract that by just going from day to day.' But losing Linda, his partner for 29 years, has obviously left a massive hole. During their marriage Sir Paul and Linda where only ever apart while he was in a Japanese jail after an arrest for marijuana possession in1980. 'It's always good to talk about Linda,' he said. 'If you lose someone there's an ever greater distance between you. So to talk about them lessens that distance, even if it's only for a second.' 'If you're lucky enough to love someone and be in a very strong relationship with them, you grow reliant on each other because you're half of each other's life,' he said. 'So when you lose them, that's the first thing: 'I've lost half of me.' That's the shock.' from Frank Dotmusic --- Email: Corina (at) unmf.com -- Web Page: http://www.dotmusic.com/news/March2000/news13133.asp
  59. [Beatles-A] Mar 2, 2000 "hej anna" --- hej anna hur mår du from lisa --- Email: lizabon (at) hotmail.com
  60. [Beatles-A] Mar 3, 2000 --- from laura ---
  61. [Beatles-A] Mar 4, 2000 (found site through: altavista) --- Anything to do with the Beatles is fine by me!! from Cheryl Lawless --- Email: Parlour15 (at) hotmail.com
  62. [Beatles-A] Mar 8, 2000 "i think this page is very good if you want to lern about Beatles." --- hihihihiiiiiihii from beccie --- Email: beccie_666 (at) hotmail.com
  63. [Beatles-A] Mar 9, 2000 "Thanks" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Thank You from dARRYL lITTMAN --- Email: squ_u (at) hotmail.com
  64. [Beatles-A] Mar 18, 2000 "all Beatles information, memorabilia, etc." (found site through: Yahoo) --- Please send me any free information on the Beatles to my e-mail address! Thanks, John from John Stoneking --- Email: teacherJohn_2000 (at) yahoo.com
  65. [Beatles-T] Mar 24, 2000 --- all you need is Beatles! from Ringo --- Web Page: http://www.freespeech.org/pepperscottinternettv/Beatlestab.html
  66. [Beatles-A] Mar 25, 2000 "Value of 1964 Beatles Washington, DC Unused Tickets" --- Inquiring to determine value of unused tickets for the Beatles first concert in the U.S. held in Washington, DC on February 11, 1964. Anyone with any information or interest please e-mail me. from Molly Rose --- Email: BluEyesSweetLips (at) aol.com
  67. [Beatles-T] Mar 26, 2000 "big fans please read!" (found site through: altavista) --- My little sister listens to that crummy "goth" music. She told me she had a comic book I might like because the Beatles were in it. Well I didn't like it at all! In it, Ringo and the boys get back together by bringing John back from the dead. the image of the man who only wanted to "give peace a chance" as a zombie on the Conan O'Brian show almost made me cry. There's lots of other tasteless garbage in it too. I dont mind a chuckle at the boys expense but Ringo being shot and rioters stealing Johns head is going WAY too far! I told these b******s what i thought and you should too! their email was comixcomix (at) hotmail.com. I think they owe all Beatles fans (in other words, all MUSIC fans!) a big apology! from Mike T ---
  68. [Beatles-A] Mar 29, 2000 "help" (found site through: the song help because I like the song.) --- How did you get the name Beatles from Laura Davis ---
  69. [Beatles-A] Mar 29, 2000 "How Did The Group Get the Name Beatles?" (found site through: I'm the webmaster) --- The best answer that I have seen comes from Barry Miles' biography of Paul McCartney. Briefly summarized, the Beatles were fans of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. This got them thinking about bugs and insects as group names. The name Beetles came to mind which had the nice alternative spelling Beatles - like the beat of the music. Other explanations are also offered there as well as the various names that the group had over the years ... from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  70. [Beatles-A] Mar 30, 2000 (found site through: www.lycos.de) --- I've heard something about an "Imagine Tour 2000". Is there any? Or what is it ? Thank you , yours Anna from Anna Druschke --- Email: AnnaDruschke (at) gmx.de
  71. [Beatles-A] Mar 30, 2000 "VeeJay Beatles album not on your LP list" --- Hello. For Christmas, I received a VeeJay album about the Beatles which is not on your list. The title is Hear The Beatles Tell All, interviews by Jim Steck and Dave Hull. The number in the upper right-hand corner is PRO-202. On the back, it shows pictures of three albums: Songs, Pictures And Stories Of The Fabulous Beatles, The Beatles VS. The Four Seasons, and The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage. At the bottom, it shows pictures of four hit singles: Please, Please Me /From Me To You, Do You Want To Know A Secret?/Thank You Girl, Twist & Shout/There's A Place, and Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You. What do you know about it? Where would you place it on your list? Thanks for your help. from Debbie Horne --- Email: dksh+ctitech.com
  72. [Beatles-A] Mar 30, 2000 "BEATLES ALBUMS" --- I CANNOT FIND A LISTING FOR "THE ESSENTIAL BEATLES " ALBUM. I WAS THE FINISHED ARTIST FOR THE LP COVER AND BACK WHILST WORKING FOR AN AD AGENCY IN AUSTRALIA. I HAVE A COPY OF IT. Contains: Love me do, Boys, Long Tall Sally, Honey Don't, PS I love you, Baby you're a rich man, All my loving, Yesterday, Penny Lane, Mag Mystery Tour, Norwegian wood, With a little Help..., All you need is love, Something, Ob La di..., Let it be. On the Apple label TVSS-8 from Gibsons --- Email: gibsons154 (at) netscapeonline.co.uk
  73. [Beatles-A] Apr 2, 2000 "Beatles are the best" (found site through: OE3) --- Beatles were the best, Beatles are the best and Beatles will be the best forever from Rita --- Email: Ringo_star22 (at) hotmail.com
  74. [Beatles-A] Apr 2, 2000 "Report: Beatles Write Book" --- The Associated Press LONDON (April 2, 2000) - Thirty years after they split up, the three surviving Beatles have written a book setting the record straight about the ``Fab Four,'' a newspaper reported Sunday. The Sunday Telegraph said Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have spent six years writing the 360-page ``Beatles Anthology,'' to be published in Britain and the United States in the fall. The book will provide the frankest account yet of the band's rise to the top of the pop world in the 1960s, The Sunday Telegraph said. No one was immediately available for comment Sunday at the offices of McCartney, Harrison or Starr. The Sunday Telegraph said the book, which will sell for about $80, will disclose new information about The Beatles' drug taking, their sexual exploits, their rivalries and eventual breakup in 1970. ``It will dispel some of the myths ... as every Tom, Dick and uncle of a friend has been writing books on the Beatles since 1963,'' the newspaper quoted McCartney as saying. The newspaper said Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon - the fourth Beatle who was shot to death in New York in 1980 - will receive a quarter of the profits, although she has not been involved with the book. Among other things, the book will counter the widely held belief that McCartney pushed for the band to split up, the newspaper said, revealing that Lennon was the first to walk away, leaving McCartney to make the official announcement months later. The newspaper says the book will also disclose that in 1996, the three Beatles turned down an offer of $175 million to perform 17 concerts in the United States, Germany and Japan. McCartney, 57, Harrison, 57, and Starr, 59, have collected 1,200 photographs, mostly unpublished, for the book, The Sunday Telegraph said. from Doug ---
  75. [Beatles-A] Apr 3, 2000 "Need a lyric" --- Douglas, Hi, My name is PF Sloan: the composer of secret agent man & Eve of Destruction. How are you? Anyway I am doing a benefit concert here in Los Angeles to benefit Linda's Cancer Fund and I have been asked to sing Maybe I'm Amazed. I wonder if you can tell me where on the web I can get the lyric sheet. My Cd's are packed away and tuff to get to right now. The concert is in a week so if I dont hear from you I'll have dug it out some how..... Peace, Phil Sloan from PF Sloan --- Email: sailover (at) earthlink.net>
  76. [Beatles-A] Apr 13, 2000 (found site through: WWW.GOOGLE.COM) --- THE BEATLES ARE THE BEST AND THEY RULE. from LAURA AND RACHEL
  77. [Beatles-A] Apr 19, 2000 "hello" (found site through: yahoo) --- I really like this site!!! from col --- Email: Lennon.mccartney (at) excite.com -- Web Page: http://www.angelfire.com/stars/LennonMcCartney/
  78. [Beatles-A] Apr 20, 2000 --- Eric Heatherly... fans who want some amazing music click on the pic!!! from Sargentpepper ---
  79. [Beatles-A] Apr 26, 2000 "Beatles rock" (found site through: Yahoo) --- THis is an awesome website from Chrissy --- Email: chrissy2003 (at) ccnmail.com -- Web Page: http://www.angelfiretx/2chrissyh
  80. [Beatles-A] Apr 27, 2000 "looking for list of albums for Beatles" (found site through: Yahoo) --- looking for list of albums for Beatles. Foiund what I needed. thanks, Stephen P. Jensen --- Email: steveje (at) agora.rdrop.com
  81. [Beatles-A] Apr 27, 2000 "JOHN LENNON 20th Memorial Project - press release" --- "Thank You For The Music" the upcoming CD-only release by CHRIS pays tribute to the late great John Lennon. This MAXI-SINGLE/EP limited edition release is being produced by singer/songwriter/recording artist Johnny J. Blair (former MONKEE Davy Jones' principal music collaborator...who's music has been critically endorsed by Cliff Richard and Brian Wilson of THE BEACH BOYS) and will contain many surprises that all Lennon/Beatle fans will enjoy...reaching out to a new generation of Lennon/Beatle fans as well as the old. The single will be available just in time for the 20th anniversary of Lennon's death...December 8, 2000. Some John Lennon tributes were done in the form of covers and others written as dedications (i.e.: Elton John's "Empty Garden" and Queen's "Life is Real"), but CHRIS' dedication takes a different approach in that the song summarizes Lennon's life...similar to George Harrison's "All Those Years Ago." THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC samples Procol Harem's "Whiter Shade of Pale" (the organ bit clearly defined from J.S. Bach's "Air On G") which was a favourite song of Lennon's. Beatle-History textbooks recall that when Lennon bought his psychadelic Rolls in 1967, he had a turntable installed and would play the song repeatedly. Even though the single has not been released, it has already received much encouragement and support from Beatle associates and from Beatle fanzines/web-sites worldwide. THIS IS A DEFINITE MUST FOR YOUR BEATLE COLLECTION!!! So, why John Lennon? According to CHRIS, "For almost four decades, John Lennon's music was and still is held in high esteem by many great musicians worldwide (from pop to classical)...especially by his number one fan and early songwriting partner Sir Paul McCartney. John was the PEOPLE'S MUSICIAN...always emphasizing YOU and WE in his music...not singing for himself but singing for us! He was a missionary for peace and love and (like many great leaders before him...from Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King) was executed for his good actions." He, according to Blair, "has been cut as both a dysfunctional rich hippie disconnected from the real world AND as an untouchable proto-Christ, elevated beyond semblance to what he really was. I think of him as neither, and I won't have anything to do with either pole. Nostalgia goads me and veneration of pop stars turns me off. To me, Lennon was an ambitious, talented guy from a single-parent home in a backwater working-class city. He worked his way to the top, earning every dime. He demanded truth and wrote some uplifting songs that made the world a sunnier place. At one point, he challenged us...from his cultural perch, he challenged us to rethink attitudes about art and religion. Beyond that, any estimation of his career leads to futile imaginations and a Frankenstinian remake---which Lennon would have despised." THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC is CHRIS' way of honoring and "giving thanks to the man who gave us dreams for a better future!" There's no better way to celebrate the Millenium than by remembering how we got here. As a bonus, the CD features "Angel Eyes," CHRIS' original tribute to a friend from Montoursville, PA who tragically lost her life aboard TWA FLIGHT 800. Also featured on this disc is "In Cypress Gardens" (a Lennon like song with a Hungarian twist), "Could It Be Forever?" (plugged at the Lycoming County Beatlefest in January), and "Apple Cider Kisses" (which was plugged on "COUNTRY" KC101.5 FM in Libert, PA...in which CHRIS was a "featured" in-studio guest for the SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY with Joan McKenna last September), plus various mixes. For questions or info, contact: PICK PRODUCTIONS P.O. Box 152 Cogan Station, PA 17728-0152 U.S.A. from - --- Email: pickproductions (at) excite.co.uk
  82. [Beatles-A] May 2, 2000 "Beatles Songs" --- Please can you help - I urgently need to find out a) how many records did the Beatles sell as a group and b) how many records did each individual member of the Beatles (i.e. Paul, John, Ringo and George) sell from Lou D'Sylva --- Email: louise.dsylva (at) bt.com
  83. [Beatles-A] May 2, 2000 "Beatles music sheets" (found site through: Netscape) --- It is really cool and a I will keep it in my bookmarks from Sergio Fusi-rubiano --- Email: fusirubiano (at) cwcom.net
  84. [Beatles-A] May 2, 2000 "Hey there." (found site through: Yahoo) --- I wanted to have a large archive of Beatles music, and this discography made them a lot easier to find. from Jesse --- Email: siamesenick (at) yahoo.com -- Web Page: http://wenile.homeip.net
  85. [Beatles-A] May 7, 2000 "Thanx" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Thaks alot for producing a guide, i don't know wether to buy the white Album, Revolver or Beatles Anthology 2. Probably buy them all...... tom from Tom Brook --- Email: tomebrook (at) yahoo.co.uk
  86. [Beatles-A] May 9, 2000 --- my parents knew Paul and co as the silver Beatles,and as the quarrymen too. I would like to know if Paul remembers the founs family from hoylake. My mums name is penelope (Founds)she is an old friend of Johns first wife Cynthia from Harry --- Email: LnHarry (at) netscape.net
  87. [Beatles-A] May 16, 2000 "Beatles" (found site through: google) --- great Beatles site! thanks for the info on sales figures for the albums. do you have sales figures for the Beatles singles? i'd like to have a list showing how many copies each 45 sold. thanks, ronnie poore- greenville sc usa from ronnie poore --- Email: rpoore (at) fox21.com
  88. [Beatles-A] May 19, 2000 "-" (found site through: yahoo) --- cool from robert
  89. [Beatles-A] May 20, 2000 "Thanks for the help!" (found site through: aol search) --- I just want to say thanks for your help. I got great info from your web site that will help me write my paper about the Beatles for history class. You have a great and informative site. Keep up the good work! from ~*~Heather~*~ --- Email: CooLGrL628 (at) aol.com Web Page: http://expage.com/page/heatherspageofgreatness/
  90. [Beatles-A] May 24, 2000 "Discography" (found site through: Dogpile) --- Could you also include a complete list of all legal singles not only in the US or the UK ? I would like to know the release date and other particulars about their single "I saw her standing there" with "Hold me tight" on the flip side released by the Gramaphone Company of India on a 7" from AVIMANYU PYNE --- Email: apyne (at) punjlloyd.com
  91. [Beatles-A] May 24, 2000 "hello" (found site through: yahoo) --- It's great having a Beatles website. I am from Liverpool and I love it.9 forever from Lynn --- Email: ermills (at) lineone.net
  92. [Beatles-A] May 24, 2000 --- does anyone have a copy of "The Inner Light?. from George ---
  93. [Beatles-A] May 25, 2000 "Rubber Soul album" --- I read on one of the Billboard charts that Rubber Soul had passed 6 million in the USA in 1998.Shouldn't it be in your list of top selling albums for the Beatles in the USA? from Noel --- Email: nlstock (at) spacenet.com.au
  94. [Beatles-A] May 27, 2000 "ep value of Beatles first record" (found site through: lycos) --- I want to know the value of the Beatles first ep record from etta --- Email: ettabw (at) netscape.net
  95. [Beatles-A] Jun 6, 2000 "Thank you for the song list" (found site through: google) --- I have been looking for hours for a list like yours. This will be perfect for my computer class project. I love the Beatles and I will use the list to setup a small database that a webpage will connect to. Thanks, Steve from Steve Groff --- Email: sngroff (at) uswest.net
  96. [Beatles-A] Jun 6, 2000 "beatles albums" (found site through: msn search) --- I have 30 Beatles albums and would like to know how best to find the value of them. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me in this matter. Thank You from gary smith --- Email: sooner (at) enid.com
  97. [Beatles-A] Jun 8, 2000 "the album "love songs (found site through: yahoo) --- I DON'T SEE "LOVE SONGS" LISTED ON YOUR WEB SITE? I OWN AN 'LP' OF THIS OF THIS ALBUM, BUT I NEVER SEE LISTINGS FOR IT ANYWERE. I WOULD LIKE A 'CD' OF "LOVE SONGS". DOES IT EXSIST? IF NOT, DO YOU KNOW WHY! ITS A GREAT ALBUM. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME. THANKS, from sal --- Email: svc53 (at) aol.com
  99. [Beatles-A] Jun 11, 2000 "Beatles' songs - original cut length (time=0:00)" (found site through: snap.com) --- I'm putting together a Beatle medley for my single gig. I'd like to have the original song length (recorded cut time - 0:00) of as many or all of their songs. Their CDs don't have this info as do most of those you buy today. Can you help me? Thanks. Robbie from Rob StGeorge --- geosound (at) netzero.net Robbie - Most CD players will display the time of each song when they start each song. They can also show time remaining, time played already - just play with the "time" button on the CD player. Good luck - Regards, Doug
  100. [Beatles-A] Jun 17, 2000 "Wanted Beatles Concert Tickets " (found site through: Google) --- Wanted Beatles concert tickets and stubs. Will pay top $$ from John Hansman --- Email: jhansman06 (at) aol.com
  101. [Beatles-A] Jun 26, 2000 "searching" (found site through: google) --- Please, I am looking forward to finding some BEATLES front covers and back (with a good quality)so I can print them and put them on my CDRs.Because in Brasil we are totally ignored when It comes to having bootlegs at our disposal, and when we find any, they are CDRs with a very poor quality cover copy.Would you please be mercifull and help me??????Tell me the names of the cover sites,yours,Alessandro... from alessandro marinho --- Email: taj.mahal (at) uol.com.br
  102. [Beatles-A] Jun 26, 2000 "searching" (found site through: google) --- Please, I am looking forward to finding some BEATLES front covers and back (with a good quality)so I can print them and put them on my CDRs.Because in Brasil we are totally ignored when It comes to having bootlegs at our disposal, and when we find any, they are CDRs with a very poor quality cover copy.Would you please be mercifull and help me??????Tell me the names of the cover sites,yours,Alessandro... from alessandro marinho --- Email: taj.mahal (at) uol.com.br
  103. [Beatles-A] Jun 27, 2000 Not A Second Time" CD" --- I have ordered a new Beatles CD from Amazon.com called "Not A Second Time". It is not available until July sometime. Does anyone have any idea what it is??? from Stan --- Email: segold125 (at) aol.com
  104. [Beatles-A] Jun 27, 2000 "paul mcCartney death hoax" --- need information on the paul maCartney death hoax that took place in the late 60's ....thanks from donnie --- Email: donnieapril (at) aol.com
  105. [Beatles-A] Jun 27, 2000 "paul mcCartney death hoax" --- need information on the paul maCartney death hoax that took place in the late 60's ....thanks from donnie --- Email: donnieapril (at) aol.com
  106. [Beatles-A] Jun 29, 2000 "Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Album" --- How many albums were made and what is there value if they still have the insert? from George Macias --- Email: george.macias (at) honeywell.com
  107. [Beatles-A] Jun 29, 2000 "beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- what was the flip side of the yellow submarine 45? from rita webb --- Email: surfloft (at) aol.com
  108. [Beatles-A] Jul 2, 2000 "Wanted Beatles Concert Tickets " (found site through: Google) --- I will pay top $$ for Beatles Concert tickets and stubs from John --- Email: jhansman06 (at) aol.com
  109. [Beatles-A] Jul 3, 2000 "My favorite band!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Please check out the album and website about my favorite band. They are called Babel Fish and the address to their website is: http://www.babelfishmusic.com from Jane --- Email: jane444 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.babelfishmusic.com/
  110. [Beatles-A] Jul 7, 2000 "lennon / beatles impersonator ?" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am looking for a John Lennon or Beatles impersonator in the Detroit area for an August 11th event. If you, or anyone, knows of one, I would be most appreciative. THANK YOU. from Kat Crane --- Email: katcrane (at) attorneyfind.org
  111. [Beatles-A] Jul 8, 2000 "lies,lies,lies" (found site through: yahoo) --- check out www.liespeopletell.com for a great site! from yvonnekin (at) liespeopletell.com --- Email: yvonnekin (at) liespeopletell.com Web Page: http://www.liespeopletell.com/
  112. [Beatles-A] Jul 15, 2000 "Release Dates" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Downloading MP3's and used your list to date all the song titles. Your information was invaluable and so complete. It helped me to remember many Beatle songs I would never have thought of. Thanks for taking the time to create this wonderful list...Sue :-) from Sue --- Email: Sue3457 (at) aol.com
  113. [Beatles-A] Jul 17, 2000 "across the universe" (found site through: yahoo) --- in the song, "across the universe" what does the lyrics, "j'ai guru de va com" mean? thank you from danielle --- Email: elle943 (at) aol.com
  114. [Beatles-A] Jul 17, 2000 "The Shopliftingangels" --- If you`re in to music that will let you drift away into some super distorted mindsuck, then listen to this!. They will take your mind into a total swirl that will hold you for a long time to come! Do yourself a favor and check out their site and download the songs,you won`t regret it!! http://www.shopliftingangels.com/default.htm Thanx! from peppsy --- Email: percy (at) shopliftingangels.com Web Page: http://www.shopliftingangels.com/
  115. [Beatles-A] Jul 21, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- i would like to have a list of all the records in order where can i find that at from melissa comer --- Email: melissa_comer (at) hotmail.com
  116. [Beatles-A] Jul 22, 2000 "Love Songs" (found site through: Google) --- My best friend mentioned awhile ago that she'd love to get the album "Love Songs" on cd. So I've been searching online for quite awhile now, but with no luck. I'd appreciate any help in advice on how I may find this (just write to my email address). Thanks to all! from Anne --- Email: cn35 (at) iona.edu
  117. [Beatles-A] Jul 23, 2000 "find a song" (found site through: Yahoo) --- 7-23-00 I heard a song on "Breakfast with the Beatles" that had a chorus of "I'll love you as long as you like, I'll love you for the rest of my life" and I don't remember much else except that it was a great song. Maybe you can help me identify it, who wrote it and how I can get it? I'm not sure it was by the Beatles. It could have been an obscure solo recording. from Pat Warren --- Email: warren816 (at) earthlink.net Web Page: http://home.earthlink.net/~warren816/
  118. [Beatles-A] Jul 25, 2000 "Beatles boxed set value" --- I have an original Beatles collection 14 Original full-length British album set that have never been out of their sleves. I was wondering how much this collection might be worth? This was made in Britian I guess you could say it is the British release versions. On the outside of the hard cover box that they are in is the number "BC 13" and the numbers 16253163/53176. If you could ...let me know how much this would be worth. Thank You for your time!!! Tim Frydendall from Tim Frydendall --- Email: tfrydendall (at) elkhart.com
  119. [Beatles-A] Jul 27, 2000 "Song title that I cant figure out" (found site through: aol) --- I cant figure out the name of this song PLEASE HELP!!!! The only words I can remember are: "My love dont buy me presents, My love she is no peasant from ryan perry --- Email: kruz103 (at) aol.com
  120. [Beatles-A] Jul 28, 2000 (found site through: internet) --- how many number one albums do you have in the u.s. and u.k.??? from h
  121. [Beatles-A] Jul 29, 2000 "Downloads" (found site through: micorsoft explorer) --- Excellent Source! Thank you so much for the information. I was putting together a personally favorite anthology of my own before Napster is forced down or into commercial business. There are soooooo many great Beatles songs that I had a hard time recalling them all. Now, with your help...I have my personal life's collection to enjoy. thx! from big daddy cool --- Email: bdc (at) hotmail.com
  122. [Beatles-A] Jul 30, 2000 "Thanks " (found site through: yahoo) --- Thanks for your information. I have a question: How tall are they? Thanks again. from bosco --- Email: boscosu (at) unisono.net.mx
  123. [Beatles-A] Jul 31, 2000 "Paul McCartney" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Sorry, I've sent this question to you already because I didn't see this guest book bit. Same as before, Im feeling lucky and I want to try and get an interview with Paul McCartney so I wondered if you could tell me the name of his agent or how to contact them. Thankyou very much for this great service you provide. from Bernadette McNulty --- Email: bernadette (at) yomiuri.demon.co.uk
  124. [Beatles-A] Jul 31, 2000 "your web page" (found site through: Dogpile) --- this has to be the best Beatles web page ever!!! from Armando Bernal, Tucson, AZ --- Email: aabern (at) uswest.net
  125. [Beatles-A] Aug 3, 2000 "beatles album" (found site through: yahoo) --- I was wondering if you have evr heard of a 3 album set called "The Beatles Yesterday" that was put out by the United Stations Programming Network. It contains interviews with all of the members of the band and was aired on August 30th, 1985. I have it in my possession and was wondering if it was worth anything? from Tim Iden --- Email: Tntnkiden (at) aol.com
  126. [Beatles-A] Aug 6, 2000 "Question on a record" (found site through: Dogpile.com) --- Do you hae any information on a Beatles record called Beatle Mania in the U.S.A.THE LIVERPOOLS? from Tara Murphy --- Email: Glendathgdwitch (at) hotmail.com
  127. [Beatles-A] Aug 9, 2000 "ANYBODY CAN HELP ME ?" (found site through: yahoo) --- Hello everybody,I'm lookin for their first album, edited in Hamburg/Germany 1961 with Tny Sheridan !!! Can anybody help me? Message me please...... from COSMIN --- Email: csirbulescu (at) ubisoft.ro
  128. [Beatles-A] Aug 10, 2000 "Reel to Reel" (found site through: yahoo) --- how can i find the following reel to reel items - the early beatles (capitol/ampex l-2309) - rubber soul (capitol/ampex l-2442) - bealtes '65 (capitol/ampex l-2228) - beaucoups of blues (apple/ampex l-3368) - concert of bangladesh (issued with program insert) (apple zrx-31230) - imagine (issued with lyric sheet insert) (apple/ampex l-3379) - give my regards to broadstreet (20th century fox) promo only, "audio press kit", includes mccartney talk plus a musical montage of 4 songs from the soundtrack). this was a first in a series of audio press kits put out by 20th century fox. included with the tapes was a cover letter, a format sheet with running items, production notes on the movie, an indemnification form, and a "comments" postcard for radio stations to return). - j.l. collection (geffen g-016a/5inch) (promo 60 sec. commercial in box) and - tickets from the premiere of the film "let it be" - the book "can you dig it?" by kent o. shinzaki i will be happy for any information and help. in case someone can offer these items, please contact me by e-mail as follows: monika.poremba (at) oekb.co.at best regards, monika from Monika Poremba --- Email: monika.poremba (at) oekb.co.at
  129. [Beatles-A] Aug 14, 2000 "let it be" --- when was 'let it be' released in the UK and what was it about from wads Ames --- Email: wames (at) umich.edu
  130. [Beatles-A] Aug 15, 2000 "beatles original sgt. peppers in mint cond. price?" (found site through: northern light) --- Could you please let me know what this is worth? I found it in my old albums and was wondering what it sells for today. I bought it new and it still looks the same now as it did then. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. 1967 Sgt. Peppers (it has the little poster inside also in mint cond.) from jay blake --- Email: ace4me (at) aol.com
  131. [Beatles-A] Aug 15, 2000 "Beatles Denver or Portland Concert ticket" (found site through: Article in Time Magazine) --- Help!!!! I need to find and UNUSED ticket to the Beatles Concert in Denver Colorado in 1964 or Portland 1965. Please email me at OMGBOARDS (at) aol.com from Chuck Gunderson --- Email: Omgboards (at) aol.com
  132. [Beatles-A] Aug 15, 2000 "name of a song" (found site through: yahoo) --- I'm trying to find out the name of a song Paul did in a live concert it had bag pipe players in it. would you know the name of it? and where could you write Paul Mccartney an he would get it? thanks for your help. countryjoy5757 (at) yahoo.com from Joy Towery --- Email: countryjoy5757 (at) yahoo.com
  133. [Beatles-A] Aug 18, 2000 --- I would like to thank THE BEATLES on behalf of everyone involved in music . We could`nt have done it without yous lads . ( All You Need Is Love! ) from David Traynor
  134. [Beatles-A] Aug 19, 2000 "beatles album that has the son "Birthday" on it." (found site through: ask jeeves) --- on what album is the song "Birthday" by the Beatles on? from Dennis Beaumier --- Email: denlynbeau (at) aol.com
  135. [Beatles-A] Aug 23, 2000 "Looking for a valuation on a record!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Looking for info on the worth of an old Beatles Album. The vinyl itself is printed with a picture of the Beatles, with Best instead of Ringo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill from Bill McCarty --- Email: missingu (at) tsixroads.com
  136. [Beatles-A] Aug 25, 2000 "album released in germany" (found site through: yahoo) --- I have a mint-condition album (the Beatle's first perhaps?) Introducing the Beatles, that was released in Germany. I was wondering if this is a special album in terms of collector's interests or if anyone has information about this--it's interesting that they cover songs on this one. Thanks! Deb Merskin from debra merskin --- Email: dmerskin (at) darkwing.uoregon.edu
  137. [Beatles-A] Aug 31, 2000 "Abbey Road for sale" --- I have a copy of "Abbey Road" with paul McCartny barefoot on the cover. I wish to sell the album, for the best offer that I recieve. If you wish to make an offer, please email me. from Jesse Scott --- Email: scottje (at) hotmail.com
  138. [Beatles-A] Sep 1, 2000 --- just wanna say thanks for all these great songs that kept me company +took me back at a time when things were so beautifully simple....cos,let's face it.....all we need is love..... from Åëåíá --- Email: la_woman1969 (at) yahoo.com
  139. [Beatles-A] Sep 2, 2000 "You Were Just What I Was Looking For!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I need Beatles songs listed out by album, and you more than filled the bill. All I want to know now is, how do I find stereo versions on CD of the first four albums? from Chuck Hildebrandt --- Email: chasfh (at) excite.com
  140. [Beatles-A] Sep 4, 2000 "questions" (found site through: google) --- how has the beatles changed the course of history and why are they so important? Please email me at sprinkles86 (at) hotmail.com from Jessica
  141. [Beatles-A] Sep 5, 2000 "Early Beatles" (found site through: Google) --- Does anyone have details of The Silver Beatles playing at Christ the Kig Parish Hall (The Kings)in the late 50's/early 60's from Alan Brooks --- Email: Alan.Brooks (at) tesco.net
  142. [Beatles-A] Sep 5, 2000 "Beatles....?" (found site through: Google) --- The Beatles, after seeing VH1 Top 100 Moments in rock said their debut was the biggest, everyone still likes them and Gen Y likes them because of tradition. No one realizes that musically, they were no different than any other pop band, their musicianship and technique and style was never great. The only thing that made them good was the fact they were like clowns to everyone. Everyone laughed because they were liked, and why, because they wrote pop ballads that were essentially the same thing over and over again. They made movies, dressed alike, and everyone loved them. We must soon realize that they aren't as great as everyone says. If you have beef with me, email me. I could name a lot more musicians who are more innovative, original, and powerful than the Beatles could ever hope to be. from David Grisostolo --- Email: Porschephile911 (at) netzero.net
  143. [Beatles-A] Sep 6, 2000 "hey wat's up!!!!!!!!!" (found site through: yahoo) --- tnx for giving me the opportunity for using this page it's quite good!!i hope that some people would open this page somehow~!!!! tnx for making this page from rj --- Email: hcm_18 (at) goplay.com
  144. [Beatles-A] Sep 6, 2000 "Shortest Beatle track" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi, As far as I'm able to tell, the shortest track the Beatles ever released would be "Her Majesty", off A.R. Is this right? Thanks for any help you may be able to give, Will from Will --- Email: swynns (at) sympatico.ca
  145. [Beatles-A] Sep 7, 2000 "THE BEATLES MUSIC" (found site through: WWW.YAHOO.COM) --- WHAT IS THE SHORTEST BEATLES SONG from robert bertrand --- Email: robertbertrand (at) 3WEB.COM
  146. [Beatles-A] Sep 7, 2000 (found site through: YAHOO) --- I just wanted to say THANKS for the great site. It was really refreshing to find a site that had ALL the albums WITH all the songs listed for each one!! Thanks Douglas from Mike --- Email: fbeachguy (at) aol.com
  147. [Beatles-A] Sep 18, 2000 "1st hit for the Beatles in the United States" (found site through: lycos) --- What was the first hit for the Beatles in the United States? What was the first record released in the United States? from vickie --- Email: miniteasets (at) ivillage.com
  148. [Beatles-A] Sep 18, 2000 "Octopus's Garden" (found site through: Yahoo) --- In your song list the writer of Octopus's Garden was simply an "S". Does this stand for Starkey or Starr?...In two music books I have it says Starr but on the album (Abbey Road) it says Starkey - please e-mail me if you have an answer. from Joel --- Email: j_haddley (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.joel.haddley.homepage.com/
  149. [Beatles-A] Sep 18, 2000 "Song Author" --- The two people are the same - Ringo Starr (stage name) is Starkey (real name) ... - Doug from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  150. [Beatles-A] Sep 20, 2000 (found site through: yahoo and lycos) --- Thank you for putting up your excellent site from Bui Tuyen --- Email: tuyenbui (at) hcmuttt.edu.vn
  151. [Beatles-A] Sep 21, 2000 "beatles" (found site through: yahoo) --- hi there, great site,best of all ! go on and on and on....! i´m looking for beatlefans all over the world to trade records with, please mail me ! best wishes from germany heinz from heinz wisniewski --- Email: Hey.Whiz (at) t-online.de
  152. [Beatles-A] Sep 21, 2000 "Shortest Song" (found site through: our site) --- "Her Majesty" is the shortest Beatles song. from Jonathan and Doug Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatfaq.html
  153. [Beatles-A] Sep 21, 2000 "Beatles Shortest Song" (found site through: co-author of site) --- There is something at the end of Sgt. Peppers, but it isn't a song. On the record it is very hard to get to if you have a record player that picks up the needle automatically at the end of the side. It is located at the inermost part of the record right before the center label. If you get the CD, it is located right after "A Day In The Life." It is part of that track so you can't go to the end of the CD and expect to find it. You have to listen to the last song and then you will hear what was at the end of the record. It is just a bunch of jumble. I couldn't make out what they were saying, if they were saying anything. So you are right in that "Her Majesty" is the shortest Beatles song. - Jonathan from Jonathan Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/beatles.html
  154. [Beatles-A] Sep 21, 2000 Gabe's Movie Reviews (found site through: Yahoo) --- I thought this site was great. I was looking for a list of all the Beatles albums and this was a tremendous help. You obviously put a lot of hard work into this site and I applaud you. from Gabe Shedd --- Email: CamMan15 (at) webtv.net Web Page: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/Corleone/
  155. [Beatles-A] Sep 21, 2000 "Beatles question" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I hope someone can help with this question??? I was so sure that the Beatles sang a song called "Flowers on the wall" One of my managers at work said they did but it was released as an EP in England. Two other managers think we are crazy. I went to a Music Store and looked it up. I did not find the Beatles, just Statler Brothers and Nancy Sinatra, and a group or Two that I never heard of. Did the Beatles sing "Flowers on the wall" (That don't bother me at all, smokin cigaretts and watching Captain Kangaroo, now don't tell me, there ain't nothing to do) Please tell me they did????? Beatles fan Tim Brode from Tim Brode --- Email: thebrodes (at) mindspring.com
  156. [Beatles-A] Sep 23, 2000 "Aprassel of old album" (found site through: msn ebay) --- I have an old picture album of the beatles.The album itself looks like the cover of Pictures of the fabulous Beatles.It has the 3 beatles faces on a white background down the right side and 3/4 of the left side is black with the black and white picture of all 4 guys.At the top of the b&w picture is writen "all our best"Under the picture is John Lennon,George Harrison signiture and half of Ringo Stars.It has a VJ Records symbal,no date and no cover.This is in excellent condition and I haven't been able to find another.If you know anything could you please cotact me a Kathleen (at) peoplepc.com. Thank you for your time.Kathleen from Kathleen --- Email: Kathleen (at) peoplespc.com
  157. [Beatles-A] Sep 24, 2000 "Old Beatle LP " (found site through: Megacrwaler) --- Old LP Stereo Beatle Mania In The USA The Liverpools By Wyncote songs by Lenon-McCarty Mann-Strigis Baderak-Straigis Appell Would like to know app. value from Chester Yeakel --- Email: Snowking (at) zdial.com
  158. [Beatles-A] Sep 28, 2000 "HELP THESE ANIMALS" (found site through: altavista) --- Hi, This one is for Paul.My name is Yasmin and i am from Bangalore, India.I belong to an animal organisation.We are trying our best to do waht we can but face so many problems.Please can you help.Here animals suffer a lot, far more than you can imagine.Dogs are starved, a dog who came to our shelter had been blinded because he barked too much, i could go on.Please Mr McCartney, i'll give you all the details, information you need.Please e-mail me at yasmin (at) bgl.vsnl.net.in. thanking you,yasmin. from Yasmin --- Email: yasmin (at) bgl.vsnl.net.in
  159. [Beatles-A] Sep 29, 2000 --- Good site from Camille Frank --- Email: cthebomb (at) hotmail.com
  160. [Beatles-A] Sep 30, 2000 "the beatles rock & roll music" (found site through: google) --- is the beatles mid 70's "rock & roll music" album on cd. i can't find it on the traditional cd stores. thank you very much. and i think the st. louis cardinals will win the 2000 world series. from tom brady --- Email: njtdb (at) onenet.net
  161. [Beatles-A] Oct 1, 2000 "The Beatles' Second Album" --- I have an Excellent copy of The Beatles's Second Album. I am interested to see if it has any value and if I may be able to sell it. from Karl Wolf --- Email: bougie (at) gateway.net
  162. [Beatles-A] Oct 1, 2000 "All girl band influenced by the Beatles" (found site through: google) --- Hi, Just wanted to mention that The Catholic girls - all girl pop band has always named The Beatles as one of their biggest influences with regard to melody, harmony, and John Lennon's rhythm guitar. from The Archbishop --- Email: the_catholic_girls (at) yahoo.com Web Page: http://skymarshall.com/catholicgirls/
  163. [Beatles-A] Oct 3, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- THE BEATLES ARE THE BEST!! from Teresa Badillo
  164. [Beatles-A] Oct 3, 2000 "Chapman denied parole" --- John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole By CAROLYN THOMPSON .c The Associated Press ATTICA, N.Y. (Oct. 3) - State parole officials rejected a bid for freedom Tuesday for ex-Beatle John Lennon's killer, saying Mark David Chapman hadn't lost his interest in publicity, a drive that fueled his ``most vicious and violent act.'' It was Chapman's first attempt for parole stemming from the December 1980 shooting death. Chapman won't be eligible for parole for two more years. Chapman was interviewed for 50 minutes Tuesday morning at a closed hearing at the maximum-security Attica state prison by three parole board members, said Tom Grant, a spokesman for the state Division of Parole. About four hours later, Chapman was given the board's one-page determination beginning: ``Parole is denied.'' The board called Chapman's killing of Lennon ``calculated and unprovoked.'' In addition to being one of the most famous musicians in the world, Lennon was also a ``husband and a father of two young children,'' the board said. ``Your most vicious and violent act was apparently fueled by your need to be acknowledged,'' the board said. ``During your parole hearing, this panel noted your continued interest in maintaining your notoriety.'' In a recent interview, Chapman said he believed that Lennon would have approved of his release. But the board concluded that releasing Chapman at this time would ``deprecate the seriousness of the crime and serve to undermine respect for the law.'' The parole board did note that Chapman has an ``exemplary disciplinary record'' while in prison. But it added that because he has served his time in special protective housing, ``you have been unable to avail yourself of anti-violence and/or anti-aggression programming.'' Chapman, 45, is serving 20 years to life in Attica. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June 1981 for fatally shooting Lennon as the rock star and his wife, Yoko Ono, were entering their Manhattan apartment following a recording session. Ono had written a letter to the parole board about Chapman's hearing. Her spokesman Eliot Mintz did not immediately return telephone calls for comment Tuesday. State Sen. Michael F. Nozzolio, chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee, had asked parole authorities to deny Chapman's bid. ``John Lennon represented a vision of hope, peace and love,'' Nozzolio, wrote to Parole Board Chairman Brion Travis. ``Tragically, his positive message and his life were fatally ended by Mark David Chapman,'' Nozzolio wrote. ``It is the responsibility of the New York State Parole Board to ensure that public safety is protected from the release of dangerous criminals like Mark David Chapman.'' Parole board hearings with inmates are closed to the public. The Associated Press filed a Freedom of Information Law request to get the board's determination. A transcript of Tuesday's interview with Chapman by the board will be available late in the week. In Central Park, near where Lennon was slain, some fans who gathered Tuesday at the Strawberry Fields garden dedicated to Lennon said they did not want Chapman to be granted parole. ``I don't think they should ever let the guy out,'' said Rod Hanson. ``It was a tragic loss to everybody, not just Beatles fans.'' AP-NY-10-03-00 1458EDT from Doug
  165. [Beatles-A] Oct 3, 2000 "find a cd for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (found site through: google rocks!) --- i know, because i have seen it on e-bay, that capitol records released promotional only cd of the classic beatles "love songs" lp that was released in 1977. if anyone has a copy that they are wiiling to sell, or knows where i can get one, i'd pay top dollar. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! thank you! from Stephanie --- Email: s_a_l_2000 (at) yahoo.com
  166. [Beatles-A] Oct 5, 2000 "The Figgs." (found site through: Yahoo) --- You should check out the Figgs at www.hearbox.com. You can get mp3s and order CDs. Other than that buisness, nice site. from FiggsEP --- Email: FiggsEP (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.hearbox.com
  167. [Beatles-A] Oct 5, 2000 "beatles albums" (found site through: yahoo) --- im looking for some one who would like to purchase the beatles albums. i have every one ever made, along with a few 45's. all are in mint condition, and looking for a going price. if anyone is interested, please contact me via e-mail at mjmakofske (at) yahoo.com i will be glad to set something up with you. mj from mj --- Email: mjmakofske (at) yahoo.com
  168. [Beatles-A] Oct 7, 2000 "Trying to find a cassette of Love Songs on Capitol 1977" (found site through: www.metacrawler.com) --- Is it possible to get a new (or used) cassette copy of "The Beatles Love Songs" by Capitol Records? The number is 4X2B 11711 on the old cassette sleeve I have. Someone stole my truck, and the only thing I really miss is that tape. from Rick --- Email: khillpub2 (at) aol.com
  169. [Beatles-A] Oct 7, 2000 (found site through: google) --- Join the Beatles again ¡ from maximo antonio montenegro morales --- Email: tlmm (at) mixmail.com
  170. [Beatles-A] Oct 10, 2000 "Beatles Albums" (found site through: Google) --- I have several Beatles Albums and they are in fair condition. Can you suggest a resource to tell me how much they are worth? Thanks Ben from Ben Calhoun --- Email: bendar (at) quiknet.com
  171. [Beatles-A] Oct 11, 2000 "beatles" --- when was the first beatles song released and where did it go in the uk charts from doug --- Email: doug93 (at) hotmail.com
  172. [Beatles-A] Oct 11, 2000 "Beatles Appraisals" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Where can I find an expert in Beatle appraisals that will come to my home to appraise my collection of books, records, photos, etc.? from Susan Allison --- Email: sallison (at) students.tusculum.edu
  173. [Beatles-A] Oct 13, 2000 "Beatles Ballads" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I was wondering if "The Beatles Ballads" has been, or ever was, released on CD? I can't find it anywhere anymore and I would love to have a copy (or on cassette tape). from Byrony Glass --- Email: hammergirl_60 (at) hotmail.com
  174. [Beatles-A] Oct 13, 2000 "Thanks! Love the Beatles!" (found site through: Alta Vista through Searchalot) --- A hearty thanks for doing all the work. Glad to see others like the BEatles as much as I do. from Frank D. Ferguson --- Email: frank.d.ferguson (at) pwgsc.gc.ca"
  175. [Beatles-A] Oct 14, 2000 "For sale - Matthew Street" --- Subj: For sale - Matthew Street Date: 10/14/00 5:44:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: Prg321a To: Dr Quine Hallo, my name is Peter Gifford and I'm part of a consortium that has been set up (including Liverpool Vision (which encompasses Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Tourism Board and the Mersey Hertitage Board) and we are currently doing market research on our idea of "selling" Mathew Street. Basically, the idea is to sell blocks/bricks in Mathew Street, which will then have your name engraved on them, included in the package are a certificate of ownership and also a photograph of your brick. The web-site (www.beatlebrick.com), when published will also contain photographs of the street so you can show your friends on line. If you would be interested in joining the waiting list, please contact me at PRG321A (at) AOL.COM Thanks for taking the time to read this - we hope to go live in time for next years Beatle Festival. from Peter Gifford --- Email: Prg321a (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.beatlebrick.com/
  176. [Beatles-A] Oct 14, 2000 "Beatles Albums" (found site through: Netscape) --- I have the album Rubber Soul, Capitol Records - Meet the Beatles(Mono). Are they valuable? from Darlene Calhoun --- Email: bendar (at) quiknet.com
  177. [Beatles-A] Oct 16, 2000 --- Is there any chronologic (dates of issue) list of all songs, starting from 1962 ?? Please send me a mail if so. Thanks! from Fred --- Email: happyalfred (at) hotmail.com
  178. [Beatles-A] Oct 16, 2000 --- this is a good page!! from Anja --- Email: anja_so_cool (at) hotmail.com
  179. [Beatles-A] Oct 19, 2000 "Beatles tickets" (found site through: yahoo!) --- Looking to find unused or stubbed tickets from Denver 1964 Red Rocks concert. Email me at OMGBOARDS (at) aol.com or call 1-800-822-2443x105 24 hours. Top $$$$ paid! from Chuck Gunderson --- Email: OMGBOARDS (at) aol.com
  180. [Beatles-A] Oct 19, 2000 "bEATLES CONCERT TICKETS" (found site through: YAHOO) --- Looking for any unused or stubbed Beatles concert tickets. North American shows only 1964-66. Top $$$$$ paid. 1-800-822-2443x105 24 hours. or email me at omgboards (at) aol.com from Chuck Gunderson --- Email: OMGBOARDS (at) AOL.COM
  181. [Beatles-A] Oct 22, 2000 "Macca's bass sound" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am wondering how Paul got such a characteristic bass sound. I know that he mainly used his Hofner 500/1 and Ricky 4001 basses, and he utilised different techniques as far as fingerstyle and picking techniques to each song. What amp did he use and what strings. They don't sound like roundwounds to me, but they could have been. Plus, has any idea how it sounded so full, yet it had so little in the mid to top frequency area.Answers on a postcard!(Weird fanatical dobin) from Robin Firth --- Email: dobin_the_spacemule (at) hotmail.com
  182. [Beatles-A] Oct 22, 2000 "$1000 and up Paid for Unused Beatles Concert Tickets" (found site through: AltaVista) --- $1000 and up paid for unused Beatles US and Canadian concert tickets. I am also searching for Beatles concert posters, handbills, ticket stubs, ticket giveaway forms, ticket envelopes, parking passes, photos from the seats, and anything else associated with performances by the Beatles in North America. Especially looking for unused concert ticket to nearly every venue; Forest Hills, Milwaukee Arena, Cincinnati Gardens, Balboa Stadium, etc., etc. Email me direct with any information or questions. I can be reached at kcurran (at) ptd.net I can call you if you provide a phone number and a description of the item(s). Thanks! from Kevin Curran --- Email: kcurran (at) ptd.net
  183. [Beatles-A] Oct 24, 2000 "i am seaching for beatels musik videos" --- hello i searching for musik videos but i don't find anyone can someone help me? cu yuan from Yuan --- Email: Yuan (at) chello.at Web Page: http://www.pc-clan.de/keys/
  184. [Beatles-A] Oct 26, 2000 "movie tickets" (found site through: google) --- I have a movie ticket dated Wednesday, August 26, 1974 from a special preview of the movie "A Hard Days Night". It also has a pic of the Beatles, the theatre name, and admission price. It is a numbered ticket, which was supposed to be surrendered when I went into the theatre, but I managed to keep it somehow. Where would I find out if it's worth more than my sentimental value of being a crazy teen. Thanks !! from Val --- Email: girlies (at) bellsouth.net
  185. [Beatles-A] Oct 27, 2000 "the beatles at the hollywood bowl" (found site through: google) --- Thanks for having a great site! I hope you can answer my question: i once owned the record the beatles at the hollywood bowl. Can a cd version be obtained and if not, is there any info as to the possibility of its release onto cd. I'd even be willing to write someone (capitol, emi?) to let them know there is interest for the release of the cd. thanks, look forward to hear from you! from james huff --- Email: james2001 (at) mailandnews.com
  186. [Beatles-A] Nov 2, 2000 "help" (found site through: yahoo) --- trying to track down an album named ultra ra ra trax vol 1(swinging pigs)i am desperate to find this to complete my uncles collection any ideads would be appreciated from STUART WEMYSS --- Email: wemo (at) ntlworld.com
  187. [Beatles-A] Nov 2, 2000 "looking for a song on CD" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I'm looking for "Uncle Albert, Admiral Halsey" (We're so sorry) on a CD. Did this song get included in any of the Beatles CDs? Thank you Great Web site!!! from Howard Greenlee --- Email: howard.greenlee (at) pvmail.maricopa.edu
  188. [Beatles-A] Nov 3, 2000 "New poetry book of the beatles!!!" (found site through: google) --- hey hey I found a poetry book on the beatles that is great rumor has it that it is written by L. wife and it is good under the ghost name Decheonbae jones!!! There is 2 volumes available titled PEARLS OF JUSTICE AND AT THE TIME OF CREATION, go to borders.com and bn.com and I promise you that you wont be disapointed it has lots of personal iformation and great poems by them !!! the best keep secret is unleash, and I have the scoop !!! check it out !!!! A sure beatle fan from kyn --- Email: puppetsmountain (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.borders.com/
  189. [Beatles-A] Nov 3, 2000 "can we be friends, today?" (found site through: thats yahoo) --- blah blah blah. do you know the beatles? They can make me sing and dance. Maybe for you too? Me write a silly note for you. Where's Ringo? He like to eat cake.Maybe we eat a cake together? Bye Bye from Whoopis frenkinstein --- Email: grazhdanka27 (at) yahoo">grazhdanka27 (at) yahoo
  190. [Beatles-A] Nov 3, 2000 "me like Beatles" (found site through: of yahoo or not) --- Do you yahoo? who do yahoo? Do you do who do yahoo too? do you do vodoo to who do yahoo too, Sue? The Beatles are yahoo, too, Sue! Who are the Beatles? I only know Fred and kranky? Who is this John, Paul, Ringo, and George fellows? Do they like Beatles music? Please answer my important and useful questions, now! from voop --- Email: imissmiketerribly (at) yahoo.com
  191. [Beatles-A] Nov 5, 2000 "introducting the beatles album" (found site through: msn) --- I have this album and bought it new years ago and have authenticated it with the recommended reference source by perry cox and joe lindsay. How much is it worth. It has the bracket logo, black label with gold/yellow band, and list of songs on back and includes ask me why and please, please me. thank you, bevery mays from bev mays --- Email: bmays22 (at) aol.com
  192. [Beatles-A] Nov 8, 2000 "ballad of john and yoko" (found site through: pure luck) --- hi,can anyone help.theres an early lennon solo track that i have nt heard for twenty odd years[god im old] its a bit like the above song ie in diary form,but a little rockier.if you can tell me the album id be very grateful.sorry if im being vague,but is was a long time ago.thanks from john burton --- Email: burt (at) bushinternet.com
  193. [Beatles-A] Nov 8, 2000 "album values" (found site through: netscape) --- I have a friend who owns a mint-condition copy of "Meet the Beatles" and a copy of "The Early Beatles". He asked me if I could find out what they were worth. Any information would be much appreciated. from roger d miller --- Email: ihmiller (at) dmea.net
  194. [Beatles-A] Nov 9, 2000 "Chris' Place" (found site through: MetaCrawler) --- I grow up through years of the Beatles & it is great to see so many young people who are Beatle fans. Cheers to all fans from Chris Carpenter --- Email: winebank (at) pirie.mtx.net.au Web Page: http:tell.net.au/~winebank/
  195. [Beatles-A] Nov 11, 2000 "hello there!!!" --- I just stumbled across this site. Im a bit of a Stu Sutcliff fan actually, so would any thirty-something females like an e-mail chat? I dont bite really, in fact this week is my very first time on the net. I usually just do art.I work with young adults with learning disabilities and Im living in Norwich at the moment. To my shame I was once in a hamburg beatles cover band, woops! anyway I can chat about most things so give me a try... Romeo from Romeo --- Email: set (at) set.org.uk
  196. [Beatles-A] Nov 12, 2000 "Beatles" (found site through: searching beatles sgt. pepper's) --- Hi! My name is Sergio Kozacow, I'm from Argentina and I'm 47 years old. I'm a great fan of The Beatles. I'd like to tell you that I have the Sgt. Pepper's LP picture disc (the first edition, made in USA, the one with the drum in the back page) and I'd like to know how much it costs and if you know someone who would be interested in buying it. The LP is new, I never used it, I bought it only because of the art. from Sergio Kozacow --- Email: bennyros (at) uol.com.ar
  197. [Beatles-A] Nov 12, 2000 "BEATLES LOVE SONG ALBUM" (found site through: Hotbot.com) --- I need to find somewhere, either online or a store, that sells the Beatles Love Song Album. If someone knows where I can ge tit I'd appreciate it if you could E-Mail me!!! (o: THANKS!! from Maureen --- Email: Mable19 (at) AOL.com
  198. [Beatles-A] Nov 12, 2000 "Hard to find Cd's" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Would like to find a couple of cd's, if they exist. #1. Love Songs #2 Rarities from Sal Guerra --- Email: salguerra (at) msn.com
  199. [Beatles-A] Nov 12, 2000 "george harrison" --- which beatle sings the song "Do you want to know a Secret ?". i have bet with my friend and i need an expert to tell him i right. im 100% sure im rite. please confirm. from rose marie --- Email: rosepwr (at) pacbell.net
  200. [Beatles-A] Nov 15, 2000 "tommy moore is my grandad" (found site through: yahoo) --- i have tried and tried to find out if the beatles would remember my grandad! i am a 14 year old school girl and i had never met my grandad but my mum helen hughes tommys daughter told me alot about him! i couldn't belive that my grandad was the orginal drummer for the silver beatles! hes dead now he died of a tumor in his brain so i didnt think you would remember him! my mum told me that if he would of went on there first tour i think it was in germany he would of had enough money to have it removed! i would love to hear from you and i would of love to of told him that his mother (my great nan) has only just passed away. please get in contact with me my adress is 20 rufus gardens, west totton, southampton hampshire, S040 8TA my phone number is 02380661110 thankyou heidi lavery! from heidi lavery --- Email: laveryh (at) testwood.sch.hants.co.uk
  201. [Beatles-A] Nov 16, 2000 --- we need your help. we are looking for a stealers wheel's song sung by the beatles (we think so...) the song is "Stuck in the middle with you" we heard it in the lennon's bar in liverpool and we are sure that were John and Paul. If you can help us pleeeeaaaase write to me. Thank you in advance luv. from Denise Nicoletti e Carolina Berchielli --- Email: sixties (at) ciaoweb.com
  202. [Beatles-A] Nov 17, 2000 "The baetles, why did they split up" --- Please tell me where I can find information on why The Beatles split up???? (cool website) from Sarah
  203. [Beatles-A] Nov 17, 2000 --- Welcome to my site! from Teddy --- Web Page: http://teddy.by.ru/
  204. [Beatles-A] Nov 21, 2000 "beatle trivia" (found site through: lycos) --- Has anybody ever actually heard the tribute album, "All this and World War II" It came out in 1976, I remember my older brother had it. It had artists like The Brothers Johnson, Rod Stewart, Elton John, and of course, the Bee Gees, not to mention Leo Sayer. If it is to be found, I've got to get it. The Dude from The Dude --- Email: globemasterusa (at) netscape.net
  205. [Beatles-A] Nov 21, 2000 "beatle trivia" (found site through: lycos) --- Any one heard of "all this and World War II" ? from The Dude --- Email: globemasterusa (at) netscape.net
  206. [Beatles-A] Nov 22, 2000 "Record value" (found site through: Netscape) --- I have a "Ticket to Ride" 45 that has the phrase "From the United Artist motion picture 'Eight Arms to Hold You'". I know that this was the working title to "HELP!", but I've never seen a value on something like this. Can you "HELP"? from Scott Williams --- Email: swilliams (at) surfsafe.com
  207. [Beatles-A] Nov 25, 2000 "The Song "I Forgot to Remember to Forget Her!" (found site through: Internet Explorer) --- The song "I Forgot to Remember to Forget Her" was written by Stan Kessler and Charlie Feathers. You have it listed as Kessler only. Feathers and Kessler were on the "SUN" lable in Memphis, TN. Along with and before Elvis. Just thought you might want to know. I live in Memphis and Mr. Feathers was a friend of mine.Sorry to say he passed away a couple years ago. "YOU HAVE A GREAT PAGE" keep up the good work.From Memphis, Tennessee- "HOME of the Blues" & "BIRTH PLACE of ROCK N ROLL". Sincerly "Larry Mc"!!!!!!!!!!! from Larry McVay --- Email: lmcvay (at) midsouth.rr.com
  208. [Beatles-A] Nov 25, 2000 "The Beatles" (found site through: Google) --- Hello, It is possible to purchase videos of all, or some of the Beatles hit singles? and if so where? Thanks. Ron. from Ron Gunter --- Email: ron2418 (at) AOL.com
  209. [Beatles-A] Nov 27, 2000 "Abbey Road picture disc" (found site through: yahoo) --- Looking for Abbey Road picture disc to buy for hubby for Christmas.Help? from Fay --- Email: fas (at) zlink.net
  210. [Beatles-A] Nov 27, 2000 "searching for a song" (found site through: yahoo) --- HI, i am looking for a song which the beatles did in french, i think it was in the white album, i'm not sure can you please tell what it is thank you ric from ricardo santos --- Email: ric1 (at) sympatico.ca
  211. [Beatles-A] Nov 27, 2000 "The Beatles last album" (found site through: www.google.com) --- I would like to know which was the last Beatles album to be released. from Andrew Songer --- Email: songerandy (at) aol.com
  213. [Beatles-A] Nov 29, 2000 "Cool site!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- This site has really helped my with research on my school project about the beatles! I just wanted to say, keep up the good work :-0 -Ian W. from Ian W. --- Email: esear_kuin (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://esearkuin.cjb.net/

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