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Triskelion Ltd

- since 1983 -

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Company Overview and History


Triskelion Ltd is a privately held corporation incorporated in 1983. It offers a wide range of professional, programming, Internet, e-commerce, financial, information science, and educational solutions. We may be contacted at: [webmaster]

The Triskelion is an ancient symbol of the Isle of Man, a small island between England and Ireland. It evokes the beauty, history, and cultural diversity of this rich environment. The Greek name "Triskelion" translates into English as 'three legs' -- representative of the multiple professional fields, scientific, and professional skills represented within Triskelion Ltd.

Company Organization (projects detailed below)

Philatelic Division postnet logo

Professional Services Division

Internet Division

Information Science Division

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On-line Advertising Service Payments

Office Products Division

The office products division was the original division of Triskelion Ltd. The division grew rapidly and soon sold a full range of computer supplies and office products. Clients included end users, a major southern university, and other businesses. The New Orleans operation was sold in 1984.

Financial Services Division

Financial services, computer models, financial analysis, and investment advice are developed for internal applications. They are not offered to the public.

Public and Volunteer Service; Contributions

Triskelion Ltd, its management, and employees are strongly committed to public service.

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